Best Christmas Gifts for Carpenters

July 11, 2022 22 min read

Whether the handyman in your life is a carpenter or a builder who enjoys doing it themselves, there are many reasons to appreciate their work! I'm sure you'll agree that these are people we can't live without. Thoughtful Christmas gifts for carpenters and builders will demonstrate our gratitude.

We've meticulously compiled the ultimate list of Christmas carpenter gifts. We'll help you find the perfect gift for both professionals and amateurs, apprentices and seasoned handymen (and handywomen)!

1. Monogrammed Tool Set + Gift Box

A collection of super useful tools in an elegant, custom wooden gift box can never go wrong! It is one of the best gift ideas for the carpenter in your life, as it contains some of the most important items for any handyman worth his salt.

The gift box will contain your personal message for him, adding sentimental value. Give him a reason to smile from start to finish on every DIY project!

2. Leather Belt

Celebrate his passion for all things woodworking with this playful yet functional belt. It allows him to wear his passion with a variety of tools embossed on its surface.

These cool belts are made from heavy-duty leather and a steel harness buckle, making them one of the best and most useful carpenter gift ideas. For the woodworker who has it all.

3. Custom Portrait as Yellow Cartoon Character

Brighten up their workshop with one of these unique woodworker gifts. Yellow cartoon characters have a way of getting right into our hearts. It's no surprise that everyone adores them! Another excellent product at an affordable price! To claim this fantastic woodworker's gift, simply click the " Shop for it Here " button below.

4. Nailed It Desk Organizer

With one of these quality carpenter gifts, you can ensure that the woodworker in your life nails every workday. The "Nailed It" desk organizer is visually appealing and creative.

5. Funny Hourly Rate T-shirt

Dealing with difficult or opinionated clients is one of the most difficult aspects of being a carpenter, builder, or tiler. Whether they choose to hover over him while he works or even lend a "helping" hand, they make his work even more difficult.

So, here's the ideal gift to help the woodworker deal with such situations without offending anyone. This amusing t-shirt depicts varying rates for various levels of annoyance. He'll never want to remove it! Purchase it from the link provided below; it is also available in the navy.

6. Yoda Best Carpenter Coffee Mug

If Star Wars and carpentry are two of their favorite things in the world, here's your chance to get both in one smooth move.

Most woodworkers enjoy their coffee, especially when it comes in a cool funny mug! It is, in fact, one of the cutest gift ideas to demonstrate how much you appreciate their efforts. And if they're just starting out, what a great way to instill confidence in them, Yoda style!

7. Contractor Pen

Nothing beats this multi-purpose contractor tool in the shape of a pen as a gift for a woodworker. It would be a dream come true if it included a ruler, level and plumb bubbles, a magnetic strip, angle and drywall gauges, and a pen.

The superior design of the pen is one of its key features. It can write in virtually any environment, including upside down, at extreme temperatures, on steel, wood, aluminum, and underwater.

8. Leather Suede Construction Worker Gloves

Anyone who enjoys getting their hands dirty in construction would benefit from a pair of tough gloves like these. These rustic leather suede gloves will keep them from working their fingers to the bone.

They are extremely durable, and the textured surface provides a firm grip on tools. Take your gift to the next level by personalizing it and making it memorable.

9. Sawdust is Man Glitter T-Shirt

Make your favorite builder laugh with one of these funny woodworker t-shirts. Nothing captures their zeal better than this whimsical phrase.

10. Custom Carpenter Hammer Keychain

With this adorable keychain, he can show off his dedication and love for all things carpentry. It's sure to become a favorite with its miniature hammer and saw.

The piece also has a single initial charm to add to its sentimental appeal. When you combine the piece's high visual appeal with its functional value, you can be certain he will never lose his keys again.

11. The 13-Piece Grilling Tool Set

Want to encourage the handyman you care about to use the grill more frequently? You won't have to say anything with this grilling tool set. The 13-piece set is the missing piece to your outdoor adventure, designed to make grilling a breeze.

12. The Definition Hoodie / Sweater

With this whimsical definition hoodie, you can show the world why being a carpenter is a calling. As amusing as it is, the definition it provides contains a fair amount of truth about what the job entails.

13. Travel Cup

While it is true that builders can fix almost anything, there are a few things they cannot do. And this mug spells out one of them.

14. Laser Engraved Woodworkers Pencils

Stuck for thoughtful gifts for the woodworker who has everything? They can never have enough pencils, which is why these are such great gift ideas.

They are, however, much more than just a set of pencils. They are made of natural wood and have a side engraving of your choice. Make this aspect of personalization count, and they will cherish the gift for the rest of their lives.

15. A Pink Toolbox

The wash of color and vibrancy offered by this tool box is truly lacking in the world of handymen and women. Not only is it undeniably appealing, but it also provides a welcome break from the monotony that most builders must endure.

This pink box is an excellent choice whether your loved one is a woman or simply has an eye for elegance and style.

16. Pocket Watch Custom with Monogram

Surprise your construction buddy with one of these unique gift ideas. After all, it's not always about getting their hands dirty with home improvement projects. They need to let loose and have some fun every now and then.

17. Monogrammed Mens Leather Wallet

Even builders require a good wallet, and none can compete with this high-quality wallet. It has a sentimental appeal in addition to its high quality value.

A monogram on the front cover and a personalized message inside make it truly unique. It has a simple design but plenty of space for everything he needs. What more could a handyman want?

18. Funny Coffee Mug

A lot of husbands have the annoying habit of starting projects they can't finish. That is what distinguishes woodworkers. This amusing mug is a great gift for a carpenter, giving them plenty of reasons to smile.

19. Vintage Carpenter Tools Patent Prints

One of the best gifts for woodworker enthusiasts would be one that allows them to commemorate their career's history. You can do all of that and more with these vintage tool patent prints.

They make fantastic wall art for the office or man cave. With this wonderful gift idea, you can allow him to demonstrate his enthusiasm for what he does.

20. The F-Bomb Paperweight

When things do not appear to be working out, we must all purge our emotions. But social convention would have us hold it all in! That is no longer the case for your builder friend.

During such times, he can have explosive fun with the f-bomb paperweight. Make tense situations less tense by finding the perfect expletive to allow him to drop truth bombs whenever he needs to.

21. Measure Twice Cut Once Wooden Sign

Any successful builder will tell you that " measuring " is one of the most important rules in their trade. But, every now and then, failing to heed this proverb may cost them far more than they anticipate.

With this amusing wooden sign, you can put an end to that. It serves as a visual reminder of what happens when they disregard instructions. The absence of the letter "E" is both noticeable and amusing!

22. Carpenter Canvas Art

Nothing beats the sight of chaos in the woodworking shop. That is precisely why this is one of the best carpenter gifts.

23. Sawdust is Man Glitter T-Shirt

Share his passion for construction with the rest of the world in the most hilarious way possible. While the girls are looking for reasons to wear glitter, he is looking for an excuse to cover himself in sawdust.

This t-shirt says everything that needs to be said to make the people around him understand his obsession and let him be. And, as an added bonus, one of these unique gifts for carpenters will make his job a lot more enjoyable.

24. The “Fix it Kit”

The disadvantage of having a carpenter friend is the amount of chaos they can bring into your life. Half of the time, they won't complete the projects they start because they forgot one important tool.

They literally have everything they need for their handyman needs around the house with one of these kits. Prepare him for any situation with this handy kit, and your problems will vanish.

25. Rustic Handmade Distressed Wood Carpentry Sign

A rustic, distressed wood sign will take his workshop decor to the next level. The piece is simple yet elegant, and it is sure to draw a lot of attention. Unquestionably one of the best man cave gift ideas!

26. Hammer in 3D, Solid Silver, with Macramé Bracelet

Get them this creative and fun unique bracelet to add a touch of style to their look. The focal point is defined by a solid sterling silver hammer, with macramé on the opposite side adding to the visual appeal, making it a great holiday gift idea.

27. Keep Your Balance – Bubble Level Necklace

The bubble level necklace allows your builder to wear his passion. A miniature bubble level sits in the center, charming everyone around it. This is one of our favorite carpenter gifts!

28. 4-in-1 Screwdriver Tool Keychain

Nothing is more convenient or straightforward than this uncommon screwdriver keychain. It includes a slotted bit, a Phillips bit, and two different sizes of hex wrenches. This keychain is a lifesaver for carpenters because it combines two of the most valuable tools.

Its small size and light weight make emergency repairs simple, allowing them to use it quickly and precisely. We guarantee that your carpenter will be as impressed by this keychain as we are.

29. Tip Kits Woodworking Apron

When it comes to a gift, it appears that no carpenter can resist this charming woodworking apron. The apron has nine pockets for storing various mechanical items while they work.

Furthermore, an embedded magnet on its chest will be useful for firmly sticking screwdrivers. With this apron, we guarantee that their work will be both cost-effective and efficient. Besides, how could they turn down a gift that would be so beneficial to them?

30. Relaxed Carpenter Jeans

Working as a carpenter is no reason to disregard appearance. They can still look fashionable by wearing carpenter-specific jeans. Its loose design will make it easier for them to move, especially for those who need to move quickly. We guarantee that this is one of the most incredible carpenter gifts you can buy.

31. Carpenter assembly tool belt

In order to maintain a steady rhythm while working, this belt will serve the purpose of a tool holder. Spending less time searching for tools when they are all centralized in one location saves time.

32. Personalized wooden tape measure

Allow the length of the tape measure to do the talking. Since the majority of the work involves wood, why not choose a tool that is also made of wood? They will not have something comparable to this stunning tape measure in their collection.

33. Magnetic Tool Wristband

Once it has been wrapped around the wrist, all of the nails and screws will be contained and easily accessible. These items are extremely useful in a variety of contexts.

34. Multi-Bit Screwdriver

They will be able to switch between the bits in less than three seconds with the assistance of this savior.

35. Tote Bag

Give them a bag that has a sizable interior so that they can carry all of the saws, screwdrivers, and hammers that they will need.

36. Pencil set

Give them a durable pencil that can make marks on a variety of different surfaces.

37. Chisel set

This is a tool that carpenters will frequently need to use when carving around the wood.

38. Customizable Branding Iron for Woodworking

It is critical for a craftsman to be able to mark his goods; he deserves to be recognized for his efforts. With this woodworking branding iron, he can add more than just his initials to the item he's proud of. He can select from a variety of sizes and designs to make the best impression on his best work.

39. Bench Cookie Workbench Gripper

This isn't a cookie, but it's just as good as one of a tastier variety. The bench cookie workbench gripper has a non-slip top and clips onto your workbench or sawhorse to keep wood firmly in place while you work. Even if you use a sander, the wood will remain in place.

40. One-Board Woodworking Projects

To make a project, he doesn't need to buy out the lumberyard; all a woodworker really needs is one board. Give him this One-Board Woodworking Project book if he still doesn't believe it. Inside, he'll find 20 designs to make at home, at work, and in the garden using only one board.

41. Rotape Tape Compass

This Rotape Beam Compass is a lifesaver for woodworkers who were not born with the innate ability to draw perfect circles and don't want to fumble with compasses they have to clamp. The tape allows them to precisely measure the radius of the circle they're drawing, and the pin in the center ensures an even circle.

42. Wood Burning Pen

They can use this wood-burning pen to personalize a piece for a friend or relative, or to leave their own unique signature on a piece. It comes with a variety of interchangeable tips that they can use to draw on anything they need to in "ink" that will never fade.

43. Contour Gauge Profile Duplicator

This contour gauge profile duplicator is a woodworker's secret weapon for navigating difficult curves and odd point sides. The curves of whatever wood the 10inch profile gauge is pressed against are captured in exact detail, allowing the woodworker to replicate it seamlessly.

44. 6-in-1 Pen Multitool

When he needs to check if something is level or take a quick measurement, he only needs to reach behind his ear for this 6-in-1 pen multitool. It comes with a flathead and Phillips head screwdriver, as well as a tablet/phone stylus, in addition to the ability to write.

45. The Handy Shop Reference: Useful Facts and Figures for Every Woodworker

Any woodworker, whether he's Bob Vila or just got his first hammer, can benefit from The Handy Shop Reference. The book is packed with useful information on everything from measurements to angles to adhesives to finishing. It's portable, so he can take it with him wherever he goes.

46. Quick Release Band Clamp

When using this quick release band clamp, you'll want to be square. The band is 13 feet long and has corner brackets that can be adjusted to fit the craftsman's needs. The device is more compact than traditional clamps, giving him plenty of working space on the table.

47. Sawdust is Man Glitter Shirt

It gets everywhere, and you'll find it in your hair long after you've taken your 15th shower. Sawdust is Man Glitter, and this funny, comfortable shirt celebrates it. Sawdust, on the other hand, smells a lot better than glitter, so don't be surprised if he's covered in it all the time.

48. Japanese Carbon Steel Marking Knife

This Japanese carbon steel marking knife will get the job done when fine details and minute changes are required. It retains its sharpness for nearly an eternity and is ideal for cutting small holes and shaving things down to a pinpoint.

49. Hand Forged Chisel Set

This hand-forged chisel set will make it easier for a woodworker to extract finer details from the wood he's working with. Choose one or seven chisels to begin or complete his collection. Each chisel is handcrafted from wood, steel, and brass and has a distinct vintage look.

50. Wooden Tie

When it comes time to dress up for the Woodworker of the Year award, a craftsman can do so in this Wooden Tie. The 20.5" tie is made in San Francisco from reclaimed wood and has 10 slats.

51. GluBot Dripless Glue Dispenser

Nothing ruins a project like big gooey globs of sticky nonsense dripping down wood that shouldn't be dripping down or clogging the bottle's nozzle. Applying glue is simple and clean with this GluBot Dripless Glue Dispenser, which dispenses glue horizontally and vertically to reach every nook and cranny.

52. Hudson Durable Goods Woodworking Apron

With this Hudson Durable Goods Woodworking Apron, he will be safer, his clothes will be sawdust-free, and he will have a place to put his most important tools. The tough apron is waxed canvas for extra durability, has padded straps for comfort, two hammer loops, and dust flaps over two of the five pockets to keep sawdust out of the contents.

53. Digital Angle Finder Ruler

They may have been the only ones who enjoyed 10th grade geometry, but it's the twenty-first century, so they don't have to do those figures in their heads anymore thanks to this digital angle finder. The ruler/angle finder combo measures a full 360 degrees and reverse angles, as well as lengths up to 5 inches.

54. Man Crates Knife Making Set

If they prefer furniture and home decor, push them out of their comfort zone with the Man Crates Knife Making Set and give them a new wood carving project to try their hand at. The box contains both the materials and tools needed to make the knife.

55. Universal Angle Ruler for Woodworking

With this universal angle ruler, a woodworker can find and secure the perfect angles. The ruler is made of aluminum alloy, so it's lightweight, and the screw bolts are sturdy but completely adjustable, allowing him to create tile layouts or mark where he needs to make precise cuts.

56. Comfort Bird Carving Kit

If he wants to keep his hands busy when he's at home but knitting isn't his thing, keep him in the woodworking hobby with this comfort bird carving kit. The kit is also suitable for children, as it teaches them how to whittle while they sculpt a beautiful, smooth, stress-relieving bird.

57. Personalized Metal Woodshop Sign

A woodshop is more than just a garage; it's a place where things get done correctly. With this vintage, weather personalized metal woodshop sing, you can honor a woodworker's craft. The sign is available in three different sizes and a gloss or matte finish.

58. Silicone Work Mat

This silicone work mat will be a woodworker's best friend when he has to work with smaller parts. It has 16 tiny pockets to help him keep track of tacks or screws, and it sticks to a bench while he's working but easily removes when he's finished. It can also handle medium-sized jobs.

59. Fred Pizza Saw Wheel

He saws logs all day (and all night), so why not cut into a tasty pizza for dinner? Don't be surprised if he makes buzzing noises while slicing his pizza with this hilarious saw-shaped pizza cutter.

60. Magnetic Clip Magnetic Holder System

Although your ear is a secure place to tuck a pencil, the Magnet Clip Magnetic holder system is even more so. Thanks to its strong magnets, the device easily attaches to the side of a ball cap and holds your pencil or carpenter pencil to the side of your head. Simply add a bracket to the pencil and you're done!

61. Engraved Carpenter Pencils

With these engraved carpenter pencils, you can leave him a message on a tool he always uses. The possibilities for personalization are endless; say "I love you" or crack a dad joke. There are 14 fonts to choose from, and you can add a pencil sharpener to the set so he can start using it right away.

62. Square Check for Tape Measures

Squares must be square, and the best way to check is with this clever tape measure. It sits in an exterior corner and holds your tape measure in place as you check your project's diagonal line.

63. 3D Push Block for Saws

Chefs aren't the only ones who are concerned about losing a finger; woodworkers are also concerned. With this push block, they can protect their hands and avoid kickbacks. It has a strong design and a non-friction surface to keep things in place.

64. 3D Miter Angle Measuring Template

This 3D Miter Angle Measuring Template is a woodworker's key to getting the perfect cut every time at every angle. The device is made of durable aluminum alloy, and the measurement markings will never fade. It also has degree measurements on both sides, so he won't have to flip it over to make a second guide mark.

65. Personalized Mirock Woodworking Ruler

This beautiful handmade personalized Mirock Woodworking Ruler will stand out among the other items in a woodworker's shop. The ruler is made with precision in mind to provide him with a premium experience, and it is made of clear polycarbonate to withstand any job.

66. Handyman Flex Grip Work Gloves

A splinter can completely disable even the strongest woodworker; use these Handyman Flex Grip Work Gloves to prevent them from happening while not obstructing range of motion. If he goes outside on a cool day, they will keep him warm and have a Velcro strap to keep them on his hands.

67. Custom Molded Earplugs

After you give him these Custom Molded Earplugs, his ears will not be ringing when he leaves the shop. The noise-canceling earplugs reduce noise by 31 decibels, making them among the best on the market. They're also moldable to his ear, making them ideal for all-day comfort.

68. Honing Guide

Finding The Tool is similar to finding The One in that you never want to let it go. When the relationship begins to fade, he can use this honing guide to bring it back to life. It is self-centering and adjustable, and it can sharpen tools at nearly any angle.

69. Multi-Function Folding Workbench

He doesn't want to be restricted to the garage workbench when the sun is shining. He can take the work outside with this Pegasus multi-function folding workbench. His bench inside has the same clamps and holding pegs as the table/sawhorse combination.

70. Woodworking Shop Decor

Only a woodworker understands how many small parts are contained in tools that appear simple to the rest of the world. These patent posters for shop decor will add a cool air of scientific sophistication to their shop's walls. For the ultimate in customization, choose from 20 sizes and 6 colors.

71. Woodworking Dust Mask

Sawdust is not good for anyone's lungs, so anyone who is serious about woodworking needs this dust mask to keep them safe. It has anti-fog technology in case they're also wearing goggles, easy-to-change filters, and is comfortable enough for all-day wear.

72. Woodworker's Journal Subscription

Woodworker's Journal is more than just a magazine; it's a source of inspiration for new projects, as well as information on emerging technology and happenings in the woodworking world, and it's perfect for any craftsman. With a subscription, you can give them a year of fascinating facts, stories, and projects to try.

73. Personalized Shop Journal

It's critical to keep track of what's going on in the shop every day, and a woodworker will enjoy jotting down notes in this personalized shop journal. It includes numbered project pages where they can write their ideas or draw sketches, as well as checklists and reference sheets to help them find information.

74. The Complete Silicone Glue Kit for Woodworkers

Working with glue can be a pain, but with this complete silicone glue kit designed specifically for woodworkers, it's a lot easier. After use, the silicone tray and brushes are simple to clean. It also comes with three different brush sizes to accommodate any project.

75. Simpson's Woodworker Portrait

With this hilarious portrait, a carpenter will look dashing dressed up as a character from his favorite sitcom. All you need to provide is a photo of their best side, along with a pet if you want, and you'll get a digital print that looks worthy of the small screen.

76. The Complete Book of Woodworking

If a woodworker has been producing only birdhouses, they may need to add some fuel to their creative fires. They'll have 40 projects with complete instructions to choose from with The Complete Book of Woodworking. For added inspiration and instruction, the projects are accompanied by over 200 photographs.

77. Right Angle Clamp

A woodworker dealing with angles must ensure that they are the right stuff, whether they are making drawers or frames. The issue of uneven angles is eliminated by using this right angle clamp. Even when working with different thicknesses of wood, their angles will be clean and well-formed.

78. Measure Twice Cut Once Novelty Shirt

This "funny because it's true" shirt will make woodworkers laugh. Even if you measure twice and cut once, something isn't always right. But that's nothing a little force can't fix. Choose from ten different colors for the ultra-comfortable shirt.

79. LED Clip on Work Light

When the lights go out in the shop, this LED Clip-on Work Light will keep going. The light has two brightness settings, is dimmable, and emits either warm or white light. The neck is extremely flexible and can be pointed in any direction that is most appropriate for the project at hand.

80. Wood Phone Case

When there's wood on the back of their phone, they can take the woodshop with them wherever they go. They'd better be careful not to put a pair of legs on the underside of this case and call it a table.

81. 12 Piece Woodcarving Set

A woodworker who makes smaller crafts with finer details will have no trouble creating intricate designs with this set of 12 woodcarving tools. The carbon steel tools have razor blades that make them ideal for cutting wood, soapstone, linoleum, and clay.

82. Build-It-Yourself Woodworking Kit for Kids

With this Build-it-Yourself woodworking kit for kids, you can introduce kids to the joys and rewards of woodworking. The set includes tools designed for small hands as well as 80 pieces of wood for them to create their own projects. Making simple toys like birdhouses and trains will help them gain confidence and improve their motor skills.

83. Multi-Purpose Laser Level and Ruler

By combining at least three tools into one, this multi-purpose laser level and ruler will save any woodworker some space in his toolbox. It's ideal for hanging pictures or other decorations because it has the ability to laser level items. There's a small ruler built into the side to help him make small measurements for precise nail placement.

84. Steel File Set with Carry Case

Woodworkers file more than accountants, and they need the right tools to do so. This steel file set includes everything needed to file down the wood for any project. With 16 pieces, it can tackle both large and small projects and keep going; the files are made of steel to be strong.

85. Shinto Rasp Saw

When you need to file something, the Shinto rasp saw will get the job done quickly and smoothly. The 9-inch rasp saw has specially designed teeth to prevent clogging and two sides for coarse and fine grinding.

86. Bluetooth Earplug Headphones

The shop life is loud, and these ISOtuned Bluetooth Earplug Headphones are a great way to keep a woodworker's hearing intact while also keeping him entertained while working on a project. They reduce outside noise by 27dB, have a 10-hour battery life for music playback, and connect via Bluetooth to his favorite streaming devices.

87. Bosch Compact Laser Distance Measure

This small but powerful marvel is his key to ensuring that all his ducks, or drywall hangings, are in a row. It casts a bright, visible laser over a distance of more than ten feet and is also equipped with technology that allows it to measure where the laser stops shining at the end of the beam.

88. The Bucketeer Bucket Tool Organizer

With this bucket tool organizer, you, a friend, and a bucket can become the three Bucketeers. The clever design slides over the top of a 5-gallon bucket, allowing you to fill the inside with larger tools while tucking smaller tools into heavy-duty poly ripstop fabric pockets with loops on the outside.

89. Rasp Drill Bits

When you use this set of rasp drill bits, they'll be able to move and groove with ease. This set of nine tools is ideal for grinding, polishing, shaping, and burnishing softwood. The drill bits have 1/4 shanks and are intended to fit any drill.

89. Measure Twice, Cuss Once Sign

More daring carpenters who have made the mistake of only measuring once will find this sign as amusing as it is relatable. The engraved sign measures 4"x19" and offers words of wisdom that any carpenter would be wise to heed.

90. Mini Magnetic Digital Angle Finder

With this Mini Magnetic Digital Angle Finder, you can eliminate the guesswork and geometry of finding angles that aren't even 90 or 45 degrees. It measures angles from 0 to 360 degrees and is accurate to 0.2°. It also has a large LCD screen for easy reading.

91. Spoon Wood Carving Set

With this compact hobby kit, a woodworker will be churning out unique gifts that will be in high demand. The set includes tools, gloves, and a spoon mold that he can carve into a functional spoon. He'll be ready to move on to bowls or whittling characters like gnomes once he's finished the spoon.

92. Personalized Woodshop Sign

A woodworker's shop is their first pride and joy, and this sign on the door designating their space as theirs will fill their chest with pride. The aluminum sign is sturdy but lightweight, and it can be personalized with the year they began woodworking as well as their name.

93. Bahco Ergonomic Carbide Scraper

This ergonomic carbide scraper is essential for woodworkers who refinish furniture or salvage bits and pieces of one thing to make another. Its dual handle design makes it simple and comfortable to use, even for heavy-duty tasks. And its carbide blade is unaffected by paint, glue, varnish, or rust.

94. All-In-One Aluminum Pocket Hole Jig Kit

The jig is set up to drill uneven bores that go all the way through the board. You can drill the bores with ease using this all-in-one aluminum pocket hole jig kit, and the device can be used portable or clamped to a bench.

95. Safety Goggles

These slick safety goggles are to woodworkers what polarized sunglasses are to outdoor workers. They're cool, they're as chic as they can be, and they'll protect a woodworker's eyes from sawdust, splinters, and more, all while remaining comfortable and anti-fog on the inside.

96. Tools Universal Hand Saw

A woodworker can save time, cut more safely, and remove more material with each cut by using IRWIN's handsaw. Its triple-ground teeth cut wood up to three times faster than the average saw, its pitch design promotes stability, and it has a comfort grip for an ergonomic experience that reduces hand fatigue.

97. 25 Pocket Roll-Up Tool Pouch

Boxes are heavy and difficult to transport. He can carry all of his favorite tools with ease and speed thanks to this 25 Pocket Roll-Up Tool Pouch. It's tough as nails, made of ballistic polyester that won't wear out but also won't damage his workspace. The pockets are graduated to accommodate a wide range of tools, both large and small.

98. Wood Pattern Popsocket

What are they doing when they need to prop up their phone to watch a YouTube tutorial if they aren't using this wood pattern Popsocket as a stand? The deep grain on the back is stunning, and the socket is ideal for using as an extra grip on the phone.

99. Stainless Steel Water Bottle

When wood dries out too much, it cracks and becomes difficult to use; the same is true of people (sort of). With this clever Stainless Steel Water Bottle with wood grain on the outside, they'll stay as hydrated as ever at the shop. Cold drinks will stay cold for 36 hours and hot drinks will stay hot for 18 hours.

100. Wood MacBook Keyboard Decal

A shop owner may need to attend to some personal matters, but this does not require them to leave the shop. They can keep their work on-brand with this Wood MacBook Keyboard Decal because the keys are made of real wood rather than vinyl that peels and sticks on to the existing keys.

101. Wooden Bowtie

Even the coolest hipster can't compete with this wooden bowtie. With this wooden bowtie, he can show off his wood-loving, good-hearted nature when he's not in the shop. He wears a walnut tie with a gray fabric centerpiece that he attaches to his shirt.

102. Twig USB Flash Drive

He doesn't have to abandon his hobby when transferring plans or pictures of his finished product from one computer to another. These ingenious twig USB flash drives make a great on-brand stocking stuffer for any woodworker. Choose between 4 and 16GB of storage space to accommodate the project he has in mind.

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