Best Christmas Gifts for Cheer Coaches

July 11, 2022 21 min read

These are some wonderful ways to express gratitude to an amazing cheerleading coach, and if you have one, you should definitely take advantage of them. These Christmas gifts for cheer coaches are exactly what you need to convey your gratitude to them. In addition to that, each of these things makes an excellent gift idea. This helpful list includes a wide variety of items, from keychains to bags, for your perusal.

1. Keychain

Your cheer coach may use this item as a keychain, attach it to a bag or purse, or use it in any other way they see fit. In whichever form it takes, it will be cherished.

2. Cheer Frame

This is an awesome frame for the cheer coach that all of the team members can sign. This lovely keepsake is a wonderful way to look back on such a successful year.

3. Bracelet

Give her a bracelet depicting a cheer coach. This stunning bracelet set features stacked bracelets and will look great with a variety of different outfits.

4. Gift Basket

This incredible gift basket from a spa would make a wonderful present for someone who needs to unwind. It includes a variety of treats such as body scrub, shower gel, and other goodies of that nature.

5. Megaphone

It's not the easiest job on the planet to have to yell over a group of happy cheerleaders, but it can be done. Your coach's sanity will be preserved if you use a megaphone.

6. Stemless Wine Glass

This wine glass is perfect for your coach to use at the end of a long day as a way to relax and unwind. It shows a lot of thought and cuteness. You could even put candy inside of it if you wanted to.

7. Massage Pillow for the Neck

There is no requirement that each of the gifts feature a "cheer coach." You could also give your trainer something that will be helpful. In addition to that, this will untangle the knots.

8. Candles

These candles are scented with essential oils, and the combination is absolutely heavenly. In addition to that, these are extremely adorable.

9. Blanket

Give your coach a warm blanket so that they can relax and enjoy it when they aren't working with you. This one is so delicate, refined, and endearing to look at.

10. Chocolate

Getting chocolate for your coach is a safe bet and won't ever let you down. This is luscious, velvety, and velvety smooth!

11. Sticker with a Decal

Why don't you get a decal sticker for your coach? It will adhere to the window glass of any vehicle with ease and also has a cool appearance.

12. Create Your Own Custom Tumbler

You can personalize this tumbler by having the name of one of your coaches engraved on it. Additionally, the mug is of very high quality.

13. Peanut Butter Sampler

If your coach has an unhealthy obsession with peanut butter, then this is the perfect present for him or her! It comes in four distinct and delectable flavors.

14. Burt’s Bees Hand Repair Kit

This sweet gift basket is perfect for soothing rough skin on the hands. Your coach will have soft, silky skin, and they will savor every minute of using it.

15. Cheer Coach Journal

The notes and ideas for cheers that you jot down in this journal are a great resource. In addition to that, there is a cute llama depicted on the cover.

16. Gourmet Popcorn

This package of gourmet popcorn comes with both the kernels and the seasonings separately. It's a lovely gift idea, and who knows? Perhaps your coach will give it to you!

17. PopSocket

PopSockets are extremely well-liked, and this particular one is remarkable. It is ideal for your cheer coach and will not put a strain on your finances either.

18. Grilling Spice Set

These seasonings are sure to be a hit with your coach if he or she is a fan of the grill or food in general. There are five distinct flavors, and each one is delectable in its own right.

19. Cheer Bag

A glitter cheer bag is essential for any outstanding cheer coach. It just screams out leadership and a good time!

20. Hot Chocolate Set

After a long and trying day, it's always nice to unwind with a comforting cup of hot chocolate. Particularly during the time of the football season!

21. A Joke Coffee Mug for the Coach

Coaching cheerleaders is a demanding job. If you want to console your trainer, you could get him a funny gift. For example, this amusing mug would make an excellent gift for cheerleading coaches. It has a hilarious quote printed on the front.

There are two sizes of mugs available. They are made of high-quality ceramic and have a lovely glossy finish. Your cheerleaders can use this mug to drink coffee or hot chocolate while comforting themselves and regaining power because they know they are appreciated.

22. Leader Definition Plague

Cheerleaders are all about team spirit, and that spirit should come first and foremost from a coach's outstanding leadership. As a result, it would be fantastic to give this leader definition as an amazing gift for cheer coaches because it will undoubtedly touch their hearts.

Furthermore, you can add your own personalization to the plaque, such as the recipient's name. We believe that this item would make an excellent coach appreciation gift.

23. Personalized Metal Keychain

This one-of-a-kind keychain can help you convey your message to your beloved coach. The keychain is made of high-quality stainless steel, and the pendant is made of wood with printed short messages. You have a choice of four exquisite colors.

The keychain will be packaged in a lovely box, making it an ideal gift for cheer coaches. A special message written on the pendant is said to bring joy to the coaches who receive it.

24. Coach Shirt

We believe that this cheerleading coach shirt, as stated on the shirt, would be an excellent gift for cheer coaches. It has a cooler and more cheerful personality, which is similar to that of a cheerleading coach. So, wouldn't it be nice to make this as a gift?

There are five fantastic colors to choose from. It is made of high-quality polyester and cotton to provide comfort even in hot weather.

25. Helping People Change Book

It's always nice to help others. But there is always a better way to help people; instead of focusing solely on solving problems, we can connect to that person's long-held goal. A cheer coach would benefit from mastering this method of connecting with students' emotions.

As a result, this "Helping People Change" book will be an excellent choice for cheer coaches. It will make an excellent gift for cheer coaches, who help people achieve their goals through training. I hope that this book will help male cheerleader coaches coach more compassionately.

26. Personalized Whistle Keyring

Looking for a unique and useful gift for cheer coaches? This amazing whistle keyring can be personalized with your coach's name and used for training. When you use the keyring, it emits a loud whistle. Whistles are useful for counting dance steps in cheerleading, so this item is an excellent gift for male cheer coaches!

27. Coach Character Definition Tumbler

The best things are always back to basics. This "coach definition" tumbler will make an excellent gift for cheer coaches. When the male cheer coaches travel or accompany the cheerleading team to compete in other places, this tumbler can be their drink-to-go companion.

It is made entirely of stainless steel and has a sliding closure to keep the hot beverages inside. This item would be useful if the coach wanted to bring a drink anywhere he wanted.

28. Bluetooth Headphones

Music is essential for coaches to track dance steps and come up with new cheerleading choreography for the team. These Bluetooth headphones will allow the cheer coach to concentrate on himself while listening to music and thinking creatively about the new choreography.

The headphones have a number of features, including wireless charging, battery percentage information on the pouch, and a comfortable fit. These features are what make this item a great gift for cheer coaches.

29. Cheer Coach Necklace

A nice coach who can provide comfortable training is difficult to find, and she will live on in our memories long after she retires. This cheer coach necklace would make an excellent gift for cheer coaches because it will undoubtedly touch their hearts.

It would look lovely on her neck with a greeting card with a warm message, and who wouldn't be delighted to receive this lovely necklace as a gift? This item could also be given as the best birthday or Christmas gift ever!

30. Coach Journal

After starting or finishing a cheerleading practice, every coach must write a report on the team's progress. As a result, a journal would be useful to track everything she has done to improve the cheerleading team's performance. It can also serve as her archive.

This coach journal can then be considered an excellent gift for cheer coaches to help them keep track of everything. You can even customize the cover color and short written words beneath the title "Cheer Coach Journal." Get it before it's gone!

31. Cheerleader Sweatshirt

As the weather cools, but cheerleading practice must continue, this sweatshirt will help to comfort and warm the coaches. As a result, this sweatshirt would be ideal as a gift for cheerleading coaches.

Made of high-quality soft cotton with a nice print on the sweatshirt, it will add a cool touch to the coaches' look. The sizes available range from small to large, and there are more than three colors to choose from. Should we add this to your shopping cart as a fantastic gift for the cheer coach?

32. Cheer Coach Pouch

Here is a simple gift for cheer coaches that will assist them in packing all necessary items such as a makeup kit and medication. This cheer coach survival kit, as its product name suggests, will help coaches survive while training the cheerleading team. 

The pouch has exquisite and waterproof writing, so it will be safe for the coaches to bring while traveling. As a result, we believe they will be touched because this kit pouch makes their life a little bit easier. Get this item quickly as a fantastic gift for cheer coaches!

33. Aurora Jacket

This aurora jacket would be ideal for cheer coaches to wear while exercising and training their cheerleading teams. There are up to 6 great colors to choose from that can be mixed with any pants. It is made of 100% polyester and has a slim fit design that skims the body.

Furthermore, it has a large size that will fit anyone. As a result, because this item will be useful, the jacket will improve the mood of the coaches! This item is suitable as a birthday, Christmas, or retirement gift for cheer coaches.

34. Planner Book

It's always preferable to have everything planned ahead of time. For example, what are you going to do today, what kind of practice, choreography the team will have, and how long it will last. Cheer coaches will benefit greatly from this planner book because they will be able to plan everything through it. The prompts inside include a to-do list, where to do it, notes, and stuff. With a simple design and a good size book, it will be the best gift for cheer coaches right now!

35. Cheer Tote Bag

Another simple but useful gift idea is this cheer tote bag! The coaches can bring their equipment to practice, team training, or even a casual hangout. You can select from a variety of sizes that you believe would be appropriate for the coach. As a result, having this tote bag as a cool gift for the cheer coach would be fantastic.

36. Personalized Gym Bag

Looking for a one-of-a-kind and amazing gift for cheer coaches? We think you should look into this unique gym bag! You can add your own personalization, such as two-tone color and the recipient's name printed on the bag with exquisite glitters.

Perfect for coaches who exercise regularly at the gym or who attend team training and bring their essential equipment such as a towel, soap, and spare clothes. The coaches would appreciate not having to bring as many bags because everything will fit into this one bag.

37. Brass Ballpoint Pen

A great pen would be required for a coach who must track the progress of each team she trains. When looking for a unique gift for cheer coaches, consider this special brass ballpoint.

You can add an engraved name with a customized font style and gold color to the pen, as shown in the picture, to make it look exquisite and special as a gift. This item, packaged in a lovely gift box, would make an excellent present for cheer coaches.

38. Cheerleader Ornament

A small gift may have a special meaning. This cheerleader ornament appears to be an excellent representation of how cheerful a cheerleader should and will always be. As a cheer coach, she must understand what a cheerleader's journey is like, how difficult their practice is, and other things cheerleaders must do to maintain their body shape and flexibility, as well as their solidarity.

As a result, this ornament would be ideal as a gift for cheer coaches to remind them of how cheerful they are in order to influence the cheerleading team members' performances and feelings. You can even customize the figurine's hair and year of becoming a cheer coach. A simple but distinct one!

39. Personalized Cheer Coach Frame

A fantastic gift should also be memorable. The signing frame is a unique gift for cheer coaches. You can personalize it with your coach's name, school name, and invite your friends to add their sign and a short message to the frame. We believe the coaches will be pleased to receive this frame for their birthdays or retirement. A wonderful keepsake gift as well!

40. Seven Silk Scrunchies Set

A set of silk scrunchies would be a nice little gift for cheer coaches. These lovely accessories will come in handy when the coach needs to perform and practice the new dance choreography that will be taught to the team. Because the set of silk scrunchies is made of genuine silk and strong rubber, it will add a sophisticated look to the cheer coach's hair.

Coaches can wear them to casual hangouts in addition to cheerleading activities. Simply place them in a lovely little gift box, and we believe they will be pleased that you are thinking of them!

41. Athletic Sneakers

It's no surprise that cheer coaches have great body shape, function, and flexibility because they must have exercised frequently and eaten healthily. It would be ideal to bring a pair of these athletic sneakers to support their healthy lifestyle and, of course, their cheerleading training outfit. Obviously, showing a little tenderness will warm their hearts, so get this item before it sells out!

42. Cheerleading Infinity Love Bracelet

Giving one-of-a-kind gifts is always memorable! As a result, we've included this exquisite cheerleading infinity love bracelet that she can wear casually. Female cheer coaches are always passionate about cheerleading, and this bracelet can represent that passion.

43. Smart Ball Pump

This is the ideal gift for your football, soccer, basketball, or even kickball coach! Welcome to the future, guys—no there's need to rely on a clunky hand pump any longer!

This smart pump does everything. All the coach has to do is enter the correct PSI and press the start button, and the pump will automatically stop when the ball is properly inflated. They can use the digital sensor to determine the appropriate PSI if they are unsure.

It's small enough to fit in a bag or pocket, making it ideal for transporting to the field or court.

44. Coach Clipboard

There's no better way to commemorate a successful season than with a clipboard featuring a team photo! This one is personalized with the coveted title of #1 coach and their name and holds all of their practice plans snugly. All you have to do is send in a group photo, and you'll receive a fantastic gift from the entire team.

45. Engraved Whistle

What is a coach without his or her whistle? This whistle is ideal for any important mentor, from softball to baseball to cheer coaches, and comes in a solid wood case with a thoughtful message inside. You've also had your coach's name engraved on the lid.

46. Sideline Chair

Coaching is difficult. Why not provide a rest area for the coach or assistant coach? Football, baseball, cheer, and soccer coaches know that a comfortable folding chair is one of the most valuable things a coach can own, whether it's for regular weekday practices or weekend games. 

This one is lightweight and small enough to carry around with you, and it has all the bells and whistles that a coach could want for a long day on the field. It has mesh pockets, an oversized cup holder, and padded arms, as well as a carry bag and strap for convenience.

47. Wrist Playbook

Football coaches understand how awkward it can be to carry a notebook around to record plays during a game or practice. This handy little gift fits on the wrist and has three windows for easily referencing up to 100 plays, even while the game is in progress.

48. Team Photo Collage

Gather all of your action shots—this coach gift is the ideal way to showcase every memorable moment of the season! This framed, glass front matboard is available in six different colors to highlight the team's colors and can be laser cut to feature any team name. All you have to do is send the photos!

49. Soccer Coach Organizer

Keeping it all together for the soccer coach! A magnetic dry erase board with 25 magnets (12 yellow, 12 red, and one black) to stage plays, a play notepad, and a pen and dry erase marker are included in the zippered case.

50. Athlete's Tropical Team Retreat

When they find out they're going to this tropical retreat, the entire team will go insane. There's a full gym indoors with a relaxed natural vibe, as well as a large yard for practicing stunts and routines. When they're not practicing, they'll enjoy sunbathing and swimming in the indoor pool.

51. The Original Soffe Cheer Shorts

Cheerleaders have worn and swear by this simple cotton pair of shorts for decades. Soffe shorts are the originals, available in every color imaginable, and a stylish pair of comfortable shorts that'll keep her cool during hot practices while never limiting her range of motion.

52. Personalized Cheerleading Typography Poster

A poster like this one for a young cheerleader contains so much meaning. The playful representation of her passion will give her the confidence boost she needs before a competition while also providing her with a piece she will want to show off to her friends. Choose from four different styles and six different cheerleader silhouettes.

53. Multi-Functional Giant Gel Ice Pack

With this gel ice pack, she can target any pain point, large or small. It's a true pain reliever miracle, filled with gel that contours to touch every area where she applies the pack. Straps are also included to keep it in place.

54. Bring It On Six Movie Cheer Pack

Is it even possible to call yourself a cheerleader if you haven't seen Bring It On? With this six-pack of movies, you can ensure that the team is properly educated about team rivalry. The films are sexy, cute, and popular!

55. Parkour Classes

Cheerleaders must be on the cutting edge of all things bouncing and jumping in order to stay ahead of the competition. They can learn new gravity-defying tricks at parkour classes and incorporate them into their routines to earn extra creativity points from the judges.

56. Cameo Call with a Famous Cheerleader

What could be more motivating than a message from a fellow cheerleader before a big competition? Cameo has a slew of big names in the cheerleading world, from girls and guys from Netflix's Cheer to famous NCAA competitors to women who cheer for professional sports leagues.

57. Personalized Bobby Pin Case

You know how a bobby pin can always be found on the floor of the house but never in the bathroom? This is a huge issue for cheerleaders as well, but it's solved by this brilliant case. The case has compartments for bobby pins, a sewing kit, tiny hair bands, and other items. It also bears her name or monogram!

58. A Ton of Hairspray

Hairspray is essential for cheerleaders. No way, there is never enough. Get her the good kind, and you'll be her best friend for life. The staff is a godsend for everything from keeping her uniform in place to keeping every stray hair shellacked to her head.

59. Personalized Cheer Duffle Bag

When she and the girls arrive at competitions with matching personalized cheer duffle bags, the opposing teams will be on high alert. This bag will be a hit as a gift for her or the entire team. It's very spacious and comes in a variety of colors.

60. Bluetooth Sleeping Eye Mask Headphones

With this headphone mask, she can still get a good night's sleep while traveling for a competition. It's small enough to fit in her bus bag and completely blocks out all light. The rechargeable headphones play soft tones in her ears to help her fall asleep.

61. Foot Massaging & Recovery Sandals

Okay, so these aren't the most fashionable shoes in the world, but they are fabulously comfortable. The shoes, which have a foam footbed filled with nubs that massage trigger points, help increase blood flow with every step, reducing recovery time significantly.

62. Personalized Cheerleading Water Bottle

Give these water bottles to the entire team and watch their faces light up. They'll be overjoyed with their matching bottles, which are personalized with their names and a cheery message at the bottom. There are eight different bottle colors to choose from, and each bottle holds 24oz, which is just enough for after-school practice.

63. Custom Cheer Megaphone Necklace

Cheerleaders enjoy accessorizing, especially when it allows them to show off their passion. She'll look as cool as a fly in this custom megaphone necklace, which features a disc stamped with her initial and birthstone.

64. The Original Foot Alignment Sock

You'll blow her mind when you tell her that wearing these socks, which look exactly like post-pedi wear, can help relieve foot pain. The colorful socks separate her toes in a way that has been shown to reduce foot pain, prevent foot injuries, and eliminate foot cramps.

65. Movie Night Popcorn Pack

Get the girls together for a sleepover and break out this popcorn kit to encourage some team bonding. They'll have a great time sampling the popcorn (three varieties) and popcorn seasoning (five options) to see which flavor combination tastes the best. Make the night's main attraction Bring it On.

66. Personalized Cheerleader Earring Holder

A cheerleader has so many studs to keep track of for her various uniforms that she may require some assistance in keeping them together. Enter this fantastic earring. The acrylic piece is shaped like a megaphone and can hold over a dozen pairs of her earrings.

67. Best Cheer Coach Thank You Book

A great cheerleading coach can make or break a group of girls who are passionate about their sport. With this one-of-a-kind book, they can express their gratitude to her for everything. There are a dozen blank pages between the wooden covers for each team member to autograph and leave a message for the coach.

68. I Cheer A Latte Funny Shirt

Everyone on the team will be gushing over the amazing details in the Starbucks design the first time she wears this shirt to practice. There's so much there, from the bows to the jazz hands to the silly pun! Grab an iced coffee and wear it proudly!

69. All Purpose First Aid Kit

Cheerleading is a risky sport, so having a first-aid kit on hand for bumps, bruises, and cuts is essential. This one is small enough to fit in her practice bag and is full of band-aids, antiseptic, ice packs, and other items she can use to help herself or her teammates.

70. Personalized Cheerleading Spirit Stick

There is no greater honor in cheerleading than receiving the spirit stick. Make your team's stick stand out from the crowd by personalizing it. It's embellished with rhinestones and ribbon in the colors of your choice. It's just what the girls need to kick butt.

71. Weekend Getaway to Cheer Camp

Take the entire team on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Woodward's Cheer Camp. The world-renowned camp will have them working with experts to improve their gymnastic skills, timing, and pep, as well as help them grow as a team so they can work as a cohesive unit.

72. Block Cheerleading Night Light

This night light emits more than just light; it also emits positive energy and good luck. The handcrafted lamp is available in a variety of color combinations, allowing you to personalize it for her team. It will be a fun item for her to carry with her throughout high school and beyond.

73. Audition Secrets Pro Cheerleading Book

A girl hoping to make the varsity team will read this book from cover to cover and then again to ensure she's prepared. The book contains advice from famous NFL, NBA, and other professional cheerleaders and covers both the athletic and mental aspects of the sport.

75. Personalized Cheer Keychain

She can flaunt her varsity sport with this shiny, peppy keychain, just like any high school girl should. The glittery piece comes in a variety of holographic colors and four different name options. A tassel and birthstone charm are included for extra flair.

76. Personalized Cheerleader Sequin Flip Pillow

A little room decor that reflects her passion is all a teen girl needs to boost her confidence. This adorable sequin flip pillow features her name (awesome!) and is available in a variety of colors to match the style of her team.

77. Heated Foot Massager

With this foot massager, you can give her something to look forward to when she gets home from practice. It's heated to relieve even more tension in her feet and has a variety of massage settings to provide her with the experience she seeks. It shortens her recovery time, so she'll be ready for her next event sooner.

78. Custom Cheer Medal Rack

She worked hard for those competitive cheerleading medals, and they deserve to be displayed proudly in her room. This metal rack is as sturdy and fashionable as she is, with space for more than a dozen medals. 

79. Variety Of Snacks Care Package

She struggles to find a minute to eat with all of her rushing between school, practice, competitions, and hanging out with her friends! Make it easier by sending her a care package containing 50 of her favorite sweet, salty, crunchy, fruity, and delicious snacks.

80. Glitter Cheerleading Chapstick Holder

A cheerleader's best friend is chapstick. A little swish of the balm can go a long way, so make sure she always has one on hand. Thankfully, this holder attaches to her keychain and comes in a variety of fun colors, so she'll never lose it.

81. Personalized Cheer Team BFFs Print

A squad is more than just a group of people; it is a family. This print of the family is an incredibly moving and heartwarming gift at the end of the season, whether for a coach or a competitor. There are numerous customization options available, so it can be customized to look exactly like her team.

82. Heated Eye Massager

This heated eye massager is a must-have for a coach or one of the girls. The device will assist her in reaching peak relaxation by gently massaging her face, reducing puffiness under her eyes and increasing blood flow to help her look younger.

83. Cheer Queen Shoe Charm

Something as simple as these crown charms can make a huge difference in the lives of a young lady and her teammates. The shoe charms provide a focal point for them to unite and find their identity. They are, after all, cheerleaders. Furthermore, the charms are so small that they will not interfere with uniform requirements.

84. Personalized Cheerleading Throw Blanket

It's essential to have something to cuddle up on the bus home from a competition, and what better than this adorable throw blanket? Her name is embroidered in nearly 50 different colors on a super-soft, extra-thick gray blanket with a sweater-like feel.

85. Cheer Jump Resistance Bands

People will start to wonder if she has springs in her shoes after training with these bands in the offseason. There are four resistance levels to choose from, and her muscles will get stronger as she progresses. She'll be ready to compete and be an absolute boss when she reaches her peak resistance.

86. Weighted Cooling Blanket

Why isn't that a cheer? Stay cool, sleep cool. With this weighted cooling blanket on her bed, your girl will get the best sleep she's ever had. It replaces her comforter but is just as soft as her duvet, but with added weight that relieves anxiety at bedtime and helps her sleep.

87. Warm Up Stretch Bands

When she brings these warm-up stretch bands to practice, the entire team will be begging to use them. The bands come in four different colors and with a guided stretching routine so she can target every muscle that needs to be limber for practice.

88. At Home Cheerleading Tumbling Mat

Tumbling passes, in particular, can earn a team the most points and be a game changer in competitive cheer. With this 8' long mat, she can practice at home. It is inflatable, comes with a pump, and is made of high-quality PVC that will not rip or leak.

89. Cheer Jump School Bands and Training Kit

Jumping and doing the splits in the air may appear impossible to the average person, but to a cheerleader, it's all in a day's work. With Cheer Jump School's training kit, you can make it simple for them to keep improving their impressive stunts. Because fashion matters, there are six band colors to choose from, as well as an instructional booklet.

90. 200 Piece Cheer Sticker Pack

A cheerleader requires 200 stickers in order to share them with all of her friends! Have you ever met a cheerleader? At competitions, they're all about chit-chatting with other girls. With this super pack of empowering vinyl stickers, you can help her create memories.

91. Cheer Chalk Grip Enhancing Liquid

She requires Cheer Chalk to avoid sending her flyer in the wrong direction. The grip-enhancing liquid binds fatty acids on her hands, making them extra grippy without making them feel gross.

92. Over the Door Leg Stretcher

Stretching before practice isn't enough to keep you limber. All she needs is a door to get the best stretch ever with this over-the-door leg stretcher. It operates on a pulley system, is simple to set up, and comes in a bag so she can transport it.

93. Flip Master Tumble Trainer

The Tumble Trainer will be the reason her team wins their next competition by a few hundredths of a point. The judges look for small details like pointed toes, and this small Velcro band safely assists a cheerleader in mastering all types of tumbling moves.

94. Inflatable Back Handspring Tumble Trainer

Back handsprings are a cheerleader's bread and butter, so mastering the technique is essential. This inflatable trainer is simple to use (it comes with a pump) and can be used by cheerleaders of all heights and builds to improve their form.

95. Cheer Charm Zipper Pull

With this zipper pull, you can give her practice duffel bag the finishing touch it needs to match her big, bold, peppy personality. The pull is handcrafted with ribbons of varying textures and widths and is available in a variety of colors. It can also be personalized with a ribbon embroidered with her name.

96. Neck And Back Massager

Her back, shoulders, and neck are all extremely strong, which means her muscles are in desperate need of love. This massager features a series of rotating, heated nodes that spin at her preferred speed to massage away aches and pains.

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