Best Christmas Gifts for Dad under $10 or Less

June 22, 2022 6 min read

Christmas Day is right around the corner, which means it’s time for you to pick out a gift that perfectly expresses how much you love and appreciate your dad — no pressure, right? Instead of spending a lot of money on an extravagant gift, you can choose one of the Christmas gifts for dad under $10 that won't only fit in your budget but will show your dad just how much you care.

Just because you're looking for cheap Christmas Day gifts under $10, though, doesn't mean you love your dad any less — it just means you learned valuable budgeting skills from him. He would probably rather you save your money for student loan payments or house savings accounts than spend it on him because that's just the kind of guy your dad is. And it's because your dad is that kind of thoughtful person that you want to get him a gift, which you can still do on a budget.

Sports, the outdoors, music — no matter what your dad's interests are, there's a cheap and thoughtful gift out there with his name on it. In case you still need to get your father a gift, here are 31 fun and sweet Christmas Day gifts under $10 perfect for every kind of dad.

1. Bass Fishing Lure

If your father is the outdoorsy type, fishing gear is always a good choice for a Christmas gift for dad under $10. Instead of a bucket of worms, give him something unique that is related to his favorite hobby, such as this bass fishing lure.

2. A Phone Wallet

This silicone card holder that sticks to the back of a smartphone is ideal for the busy dad (or the one who constantly misplaces his wallet). It's thin and flexible, and it can hold up to five cards and cash.

3. A Personalized Handkerchief

Give the formal father a set of dad-styled handkerchiefs. This thoughtful and useful Christmas gift features a monogram.

4. Custom Beer Mug

Doesn't your father deserve something a little fancier to drink out of than a plain old can when he cracks open a cold beer after a long day at work? This custom etched beer mug will elevate his drinking experience. The Knot Shop has a variety of custom designs available, ranging from a simple letter to a "Best Dad Ever" design.

5. Dress Socks

You're probably thinking of socks? What a pathetic gift. But, as any father will tell you, you can never have too many necessities. Choose a pair that your father will appreciate, whether it's a pattern or a simple sock like this pack, depending on his personality.

6. Retro Playing Cards

Give vintage playing cards to the father who enjoys card games. With a variety of retro styles — lighthouses, birds, and plants — your father will enjoy playing with these one-of-a-kind and personalized cards.

7. Single-Brew Coffee Bags

If your dad can't live without his morning coffee, consider these single-serve steeped bags with honey and blueberry notes. He'll be able to make this light roast whether he's traveling or at the office.

8. Whiskey Stones

If your dad can't live without his morning coffee, consider these single-serve steeped bags with honey and blueberry notes. He'll be able to make this light roast whether he's traveling or at the office.

9. Personalized Ice Cream Spoon

Everyone enjoys ice cream, including your dear old father. Give him his own spoon so he can dig in with flair.

10. Star Wars Keychain Flashlight

Darth Vader isn't the best father figure, but your Star Wars-obsessed father is. Give him the power of the force with this portable flashlight, which is ideal for your geeky guy.

11. Hand-Stamped Guitar Pick

If your father is a professional or recreational musician, he could always use another guitar pick. Get him one that he won't be able to lose. A sweet message is hand-stamped on this beautifully crafted, hand-stamped pick. He'll be reminded of you with every song he plays with this pick.

12. Golf Glove

If your father prefers swinging the golf club to other dad-like hobbies, get him a Christmas gift he might need: a golf glove. Though not overly sentimental, it's at least a gift you know your dad will get used out of. 

13. Vintage Fishing Poster Prints

This fishing patent print is a modern take on the traditional Christmas Day fishing gift. Home decor may not be the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to Christmas Day gifts, but this poster is perfect for the dad who enjoys fishing. Your father will proudly display this in his man cave at home because it is simple and nautical.

14. Mini Batman Bat-Signal

Give the man who has always been your hero a signal honoring his favorite superhero. This mini Bat-signal will look great in his home office or workshop.

15. Super Dad Socks Set

Sometimes the most practical gifts are the best, and the man in your life could probably use a new pair of socks. Give him a set of these durable, long-lasting, and fun superhero-inspired socks to replace his mismatched, hole-filled socks.

16. Birthday Cake Cookies

It's not his birthday, but these cookies are cause for celebration. These vegan and gluten-free treats are ideal for the dad who enjoys sweets but prefers to eat healthily.

17. Personalized Grilling Tools

Dads and grilling go together like dads and wine, let’s admit it. Why not upgrade dad’s dirty old grill tools with personalized ones that make him think of you every time he flips a burger?!

18. Face Mask

They may claim that they are unconcerned about self-care, but I guarantee that if you get Dad a face mask, he will never go back. And, after trying out these charcoal pore masks from this awesome brand, he'll probably join you and dad on your weekly self-care nights.

19. Hot Sauce

Give Dad something he can eat! The great thing about the hot sauce is that there are so many different flavors and varieties that it never gets boring. Consider including one of these mini bottles in a gift bag for Dad if he enjoys a little zing on his meals.

20. Chocolate Bar

Another edible gift for dad: Sol Cacao dark chocolate is the ideal little treat for father's day. Be warned: this one will most likely satisfy his sweet tooth.

21. Catchall Bowl

This is one of the best Christmas gifts for dad under $10 because a catch-all for men is easily overlooked. This charcoal bowl would look great on Dad's bedside table. He can put whatever he wants in it and may wonder why he didn't have one before!

22. Round Of Golf Passport

This round of golf passports is a unique and entertaining gift that any golf-obsessed father will appreciate. This mini passport includes 20 entry logs for your father to record the important details of each game. What could make this better? Taking part in that golf game with Dad!

23. Beard Brush

This brush is made of 100% natural wild boar bristles and will quickly become a trusted way to keep your father's beard looking neat. It also travels in size, so he can take it with him wherever he goes.

24. Pocket Notebooks

These small notebooks were created with men in mind. Consider this: Dad keeps everything in his pocket. He's probably not overly cautious. "Don't be nice to these notebooks," Bespoke Post even says. They're tough and flexible enough to carelessly stuff into your pocket because a notebook should be tough and portable." How ideal?

25. Antique Nail Clippers Set

These antique copper-nail clippers, a practical gift with a sweet message, will remind your father how much you love him every time he grooms himself. What could he possibly want more?

26. Magnetic Pickup Tool

This gadget is a handyman's dream because it allows you to retrieve items without having to use your hands. He can use it for car maintenance, camping, boating, fishing, and other activities.

27. Budweiser Hat

Beer-loving fathers will adore this baseball cap with a pre-curved brim and adjustable back strap. You and your wallet will both appreciate it at less than $5.

28. Natural Wood Grilling Wraps

Give the king of the grill a great Christmas gift of flavor with these wraps that add a smoky flavor to his favorite foods. These wraps are food-safe and free of unwanted additives, with flavors derived from Pacific cedar and alder.

29. A Funny Coffee Mug

Whether you're your father's IT person or he's simply the wisest person you know, he'll appreciate this mug that pretty much labels him as a genius.

30. Large Ice Cube Tray

If your father enjoys a good cocktail, he'll appreciate this gift. The tray creates four 2 1/4" cubes, ensuring his old-fashioned stays colder for longer.

31. Beer Bottle Planters

These handcrafted planters, made from repurposed beer bottles in drinking glasses and shot glasses, are ideal for beer-obsessed dads with a green thumb. You can even order a custom bottle to match what's in your father's refrigerator.

32. Beer Drop Membership

Beer Drop is a modern take on the traditional Beer of the Month Club. Because each Beer Dropbox is unique and personalized, he will enjoy every beer he receives. He'll also be able to change the flavors and add beers whenever he wants. A Beer Drop membership includes 10 cans of beer from five microbreweries, personalized recommendations, and a monthly newsletter for $4 per beer. That is unbeatable!

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