Best Christmas Gift for Dad Under $30

June 22, 2022 7 min read

Dad always prioritizes his family, and he offers support, encouragement, and wisdom when you need it the most. In short, he is the best, and you want to show him how much he means to you this Christmas Day. The only issue? He's a nightmare to shop for! Finding the perfect Christmas gifts for dad under $30 can be difficult, whether he's the type who always buys what he wants or you're just having trouble thinking of cool unique gifts to match his interests. Of course, Famvibe can assist you!

Whether you're looking for Christmas Day gift ideas for a new dad, a seasoned dad, a stepfather, or a grandpa, we have many to choose from—for every personality and every budget. And, of course, no matter what you buy, don't forget to add a thoughtful card to your gift and plan a special Christmas Day activity with him.

How we chose the best Christmas Day gifts

These Christmas gifts for dad under $30 suggestions are based on overall reviews, affordability, and whether or not we believe Dad will truly appreciate it. We skipped the items he'll rarely use in favor of sports equipment, grilling essentials, tech gifts, and other gifts for men that will make him feel more cherished than ever. Quality and utility were at the top of our list of requirements, followed by the lowest possible price and positive user reviews.

So, what are you holding out for? Start shopping for an extra-special gift for Dad and start celebrating the best guy around. Short on funds? No worries: Everything on this particular list is priced at just $30 or less.

1. Ultrabright headlamp

Is dad still reaching for his phone when he needs a light? This headlamp is far more convenient, as it provides hands-free illumination wherever he points his face. This Christmas gift idea is bright, rechargeable, water-resistant, and fully adjustable, with a lifetime warranty and a $2-off coupon you can clip on the product page at the time of writing.

2. Smart Plug

Every dad has something he enjoys that isn't "smart." A favorite lamp, a stereo system, or anything else they'd like to be able to turn on and off remotely. Smart Plug provides that capability while remaining incredibly simple to use. You can get it for a low price and add it to almost anything to make life a little easier.

3. T-shirts

There are a variety of T-shirts for dad and grandpa, some funny and some celebratory. If shirts aren't his thing, he can also get some amusing coffee mugs.

4. City of Thieves by David Benioff

Why does the author's name sound familiar? Oh, he's just the co-creator of the HBO show Game of Thrones. This was the first novel, and it has "Dad" written all over it: Two young men are sentenced to death in war-torn Russia. Their only hope is to finish an impossible mission for a crazy colonel. The first page of City of Thieves is riveting, but it's also funny. Dad will appreciate this Christmas gift idea.

5. Reusable notebook

Does your father enjoy taking notes? Sketch ideas? Doodle? Consider giving him the last notebook he'll ever need. The Rocketbook is a clever, reusable spiral-bound pad that can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. It also works with the Rocketbook app to save all of Dad's notes in the cloud.

6. Spice kit

The spice of life is variety, but spices add variety! (I made that up.) I'm not sure if it's genius or not...) There are sources for hundreds of unique and interesting blends, herbs, salts, powders, and the like – plenty to help Dad up his cooking game.

7. Personalized Engraved Leather Wallet

If he's in need of a wallet upgrade, this is an excellent Christmas gift. What's better? It includes a personalized engraving that you can personalize with "Dad" or his name in one of 20 font options.

8. Staruby Cooking Tongs

If Dad cooks a lot of meat or loves his grilled cheese, these tongs are a great gift. They're also dishwasher-safe, making cleanup a breeze.

9. Ice Cream Maker

If he's a midnight snacker, he can whip up his own tasty treats right in the kitchen. Mini ice cream makers can make a personal pint in just 30 minutes, giving him complete flavor control.

10. LED Neck Reading Light

This is for all of you bookworms out there! If Dad enjoys reading at night but doesn't want to bother others, get him this wearable LED reading light, which will allow him to do so in peace.

11. Table Topics Conversation Cards

If he says he only wants quality time as a gift this year, these conversation cards can spice things up. For some classic fun, you can select from a variety of topics ranging from "family" to "teen."

12. Detox Mask 

Who says men don't appreciate a good face mask? This skincare essential, made with purifying ingredients like charcoal powder, kaolin clay, and argan oil, will leave his skin radiant and renewed.

13. Bluetooth tracker

If Dad is prone to forgetfulness, this Bluetooth tracker is an excellent Christmas gift for dad under $30. He can attach it to his keys and track its location in the app, or he can tap the Tile twice to make his phone ring wherever it is.

14. Wireless Charger

This is such a thoughtful and useful gift for some extra charge wherever Dad needs it — on his desk, by the couch or even in the kitchen when he's cooking and following recipes on his phone.

15. Car Vacuum

If Dad takes great pride in the condition of his car, give him a portable shop vacuum cleaner. This handheld device plugs directly into his vehicle's cigarette lighter and eliminates dirt with a powerful 12V motor and a flexible 3-foot-long hose. The vacuum also comes with four attachments to help him reach those hard-to-reach places.

16. Gym Bag With Shoe Compartment

We recommend a streamlined workout bag for the dad who does it all (goes to the gym, squeezes in a pick-up game with friends, and still has time to chase after his kids). This stylish duffel has a large zippered compartment for a change of clothes, two mesh bottle pockets, and a lower storage compartment for tennis shoes. You can even choose from seven different colors to match his style.

17. Self-Watering Herb Garden Planter

If he appreciates the finer things in life (read: fresh herbs), surprise him with this self-watering herb garden planter. The sleek metal unit has a small footprint, allowing him to place it on the counter or windowsill, and it uses innovative hydro-felt pads to rehydrate the roots. The planter is also dishwasher safe.

18. Personalized Photo Keyring

How awesome is this? With this personalized photo keychain, you can give Dad a piece of you to carry with him wherever he goes. The brown leather strap can be personalized with his favorite title (such as Pop or Grandad) and will look great with his everyday essentials.

19. '100 Drives, 5,000 Ideas' Book

What do you get from the man who is constantly on the move? Attempt 100 Drives and 5,000 Ideas. This informative travel guide describes 100 epic journeys through 50 states and ten Canadian provinces to provide new road trip ideas for your adventurous Dad. He can read the book at home or keep it within reach on the passenger seat.

20. Golf Ball Retriever

Give your favorite golfer the ultimate Christmas gift: A ball-retrieving stick to save him from bending down on the green. The plastic tube is designed to fit inside his bag and is extremely light, so it won't be a burden on his shoulders. The best part? The shagger can hold up to 23 balls at the same time!

21. Bookmark

If he enjoys reading, surprise him with this amusing bookmark. The bookmark is held in place by a magnetic closure, and the soft faux-leather shell protects the pages from damage. The useful gift can also be used on legal pads, notebooks, and other stationery.

22. Sofa Essentials Side Pocket

When in doubt, add this Sofa Essentials Side Pocket to his favorite seat. The heather gray flap tucks into the arm of the chair and serves as a handy storage caddy for the remote, his iPad and other tech, reading glasses, and so on. Dad can even run charging cables through a small opening on the bottom if he needs to charge his phone.

23. Xscape Safety Dual USB Car Charger

This is a Christmas gift for dad under $30 that he didn't realize he needed. With this two-in-one USB charger, you can provide Dad with the tools he needs to escape a roadside emergency. He'll find a safety cutter for slicing through seatbelts and a hammer for shattering car windows inside the sleek shell. He can either plug the device into his cigarette lighter or keep it in his glove compartment.

24. Self-Cleaning Water Bottle

Self-Cleaning Water Bottle will allow him to drink water confidently wherever he goes, whether he's hiking, camping, or jogging around the neighborhood — its self-cleaning mode activates a purifying UV light every two hours!

25. Cast Iron Grill Press

This cast-iron grill press is ideal for use both inside and outside on the grill. He can sear steaks and chicken, griddle bacon, and make perfect paninis with it.

26. Whiskey Wedge

This whiskey glass/ice mold set ensures that your man's favorite spirits are enjoyed in style. The silicone mold fits perfectly in the glass to form an ice wedge that melts slowly; simply leave the mold in the glass overnight to freeze.

27. Silicone Rings

Give the guy in your life who leads an active lifestyle some silicone rings to protect his wedding band and hands from potential injury, whether he's always working out or working in his workshop. These best-selling rings are available in a variety of sizes and styles, and the durable, hypoallergenic silicone is designed to break away when excessive pressure is applied.

28. Triple Charging Dock

A triple charging dock for his iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods will make his life easier and his desk more organized. This handcrafted accessory is both beautiful and functional, as it is made of solid wood and finished with ecological oils.

29. Whiskey Peaks Glasses

If your man prefers to drink at the top of a mountain, he'll adore these one-of-a-kind, hand blown whiskey glasses, which feature a raised topographic impression of some of the world's most beautiful peaks, such as the Rockies and Grand Tetons.

30. Black Groove Belt

The Groove Belt is serious business, with a 94-year warranty. This will become his go-to belt for the office, the trail, or a night on the town. The heavy-duty design includes a buckle with neodymium magnets for quick snap-on/snap-off, proprietary webbing, and just the right amount of stretch for an ultra-comfortable fit.

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