Best Christmas Gifts for Dad under $20 or Less

June 22, 2022 7 min read

Every year, your parents may tell you that they don't need a gift for Christmas Day. Even if it's something simple, chances are you still want to get them a gift for everything they do for you. You don't have to worry about Christmas gifts for dad under $20 to show that you're thinking of him and appreciate everything he does. He doesn't have to babysit, gourmet hot sauce, and pampering grooming products are all great gifts that won't break the bank.

1. Non-fussy phone charger

Best for: Dads who value convenience.

When he uses this wireless charger, he can place his phone (case and all) on it and charge it by touch.

2. Wi-Fi range extender

Ideal for: Dads who despise Wi-Fi outages.

Wi-Fi signals do not always reach every corner of your home, which can be frustrating and difficult if your entire family is present.

3. Milk frother for perfect lattes

Best for: Coffee or latte-loving dads

We love this low-cost milk frother for making cafe-quality drinks at home, and Dad will too. We believe it is the best overall milk frother available.

4. Movie-themed cookbook

Best for: Dads who enjoy both movies and cooking.

Remember "Saturday Night Fever's" heavenly double-decker New York-style pizza or "Stand By Me" blueberry pie? Dads who love movies can now peruse over 40 recipes inspired by their favorite iconic moments on the big screen.

5. Curated coffee subscription

Best for: Dads who are tired of drinking the same coffee every day.

Select how frequently your father will receive a new bag of whole bean coffee from this popular artisanal brand. A coffee-tasting subscription allows him to sample four expertly curated coffees, whereas a coffee bag subscription ensures that a cup of joe is never far from his cupboard.

6. Low-key herb garden

Ideal for: Dads who like to sprinkle fresh herbs on everything.

These planters, which can grow popular herbs like basil or mint, use a passive hydroponic system that allows Dad to easily maintain their mini garden. All he has to do is pick the seeds, plant them, fill the reservoir with water, and place the jars near a sunny window; the rest is magic.

7. Set of dice to inspire easy workouts

Ideal for: Dads who never miss a workout.

Workouts at home have never been more enjoyable than with this fitness dice set. Every roll represents one of 45,000 possible routines, with no special equipment required.

8. Plastic takeout containers

Best for: Dads who enjoy eating out (but not the packaging)

Serve food in this handmade bowl instead of plastic or paper takeout containers. Dad will use the glazed bowl and chopstick set to make his favorite noodle, soup, and rice dishes.

9. High-quality thermos

Best for: Dads who despise lukewarm food.

The Rambler Lowball is an insulated stainless steel cup designed for campfire and lakeside gatherings, keeping cold drinks cold in the summer and hot drinks hot in the winter. If he's going to be outside, he'll want to keep this cup close at hand.

10. Ticket stub album

Ideal for: Dads who treasure every live event

Whether Dad enjoys a good Broadway show, goes to games, or saw every "Avengers" movie, this sleeved ticket stub book captures his favorite memories.

11. Luxury shaving kit

Best for: Dads who love a nice self-care routine

This shave set from Harry's is as sleek as it gets. The kit includes a signature handle with a textured rubber grip, three German-engineered blade cartridges, foaming shave gel for a rich lather, and a travel cover to protect the blades when he's on the move.

12. Set of ski-themed glasses

Ideal for: Skiing fathers

Remind Dad of his favorite days of backcountry skiing on mountains with fresh powder and clear blue skies. If he's more of a National Parks type, there's an equally good option here.

13. Box of goodies tied

Best for: Dads who belong to fandoms

A well-curated gift box, like a geek culture "crate", is far from a cop-out. The gift crates contain collectibles and merchandise related to fandoms like Marvel, "Harry Potter," and "Star Trek," and the under-$20 options contain socks, shirts, and underwear featuring a variety of pop culture icons. 

14. Moisture-repelling golf cap

Best for: Dads who will play all 18 holes

The golf cap keeps his head dry and comfortable under the glaring sun, while the interior sweatband is soft and absorbent. Whether he's on the first or 18th hole, he'll stay cool and collected. 

15. Fun, beer-themed planter

Dads who are devoted to their favorite beer brand

Here's an unusual indoor garden concept: Choose any beer bottle brand to be cut, sanded, and polished into a one-of-a-kind planter.

16. Beard oil that reduces flakiness or itchiness

Ideal for: Bearded fathers

This beard oil, which contains nourishing oils like jojoba and argan, will revive his scruff in no time. It quickly relieves any flaky, itchy skin under his hair while also smelling nice.

17. Fresh set of Allbirds laces

Best for: Dads who have worn out their Allbirds.

If he already has a pair of Allbirds, a lace refresh will make them feel brand new. This kit includes gray, white, and black, but there are four limited-edition packs with brighter colors available.

18. Custom photo book

Best for: Dads who insist on spending "quality time with their children."

In this softcover book that looks like a classy coffee table magazine, you can bring all of your mobile photos with Dad to life. It has a textured eggshell cover and interior matte pages that highlight your favorite memories.

19. Comfy socks specifically designed for golfing

Ideal for: Golfing fathers

Socks are a universally appreciated gift. Socks are a cult favorite among direct-to-consumer brands because they provide cushioned support and practicality. This pair is specifically designed for golf performance wear.

20. Gift card

Best for: Dads who enjoy a good movie night.

Nothing beats taking his kids to the movies. If you can't get to the movies right now, gift cards can also be used to rent movies and TV shows.

21. Smartphone armband

If your father is a runner, he will require equipment that can keep up with his routine. This neoprene armband fits a smartphone, allowing him to listen to music on the go. There's no need to remove the phone to change playlists, either, because the touch screen works through the protective clear cover. The strap is washable and durable, and it has a hidden pouch for a house key as well as a reflective strip to keep him safe while jogging at night.

22. Newspaper subscription

Without a doubt, the digital age has arrived. While many fathers now get their news online, some still prefer the old-fashioned way. Indeed, even the most advanced computer technology has yet to provide a replacement for a time-honored weekend morning ritual—sitting in the kitchen or on the porch, sipping from a large cup of strong coffee.

23. Leather luggage tag

Whether he travels for work or pleasure, your traveling father would appreciate a one-of-a-kind luggage tag. The tag, made of leather with wrinkles and scars to add character and authenticity, can be emblazoned with a name and address, virtually any design or logo, or even a family joke whatever you think Dad would enjoy! It's a keepsake that will last at least a lifetime.

24. Camping hammock

Wrapping up a hammock is the ultimate gift for the dad who spends every waking and sleeping moment in nature. This travel hammock is made of parachute fabric and has impressive strength without adding weight to a hiking pack. While this sturdy destination-in-a-bag comes in a total of 12 color combinations, this summery orange and grass green hammock is sure to brighten Dad's next camping trip—or at-home nap session.

25. Solar battery charger

Does your father rely on you for emergency technical assistance? Give him the benefit of your knowledge wherever life takes him with this technologically advanced solar battery charger. The rain-resistant, shockproof charger will charge his devices while he's on the road or on the trail, ensuring that no matter how far he travels, he'll always be a phone call away.

26. Google cardboard

Google Cardboard will be a hit with gamer dads who want to see the future. These 3D virtual reality glasses, when combined with a smartphone and one of several free virtual reality apps, will introduce him to an exciting new world of gaming and bring out his inner child.

27. Donut warming mug

Why go around in circles? Sometimes all Dad wants is a lazy Sunday morning spent reading the paper with a cup of coffee and a donut in hand. With this witty donut-warming coffee mug, you can give him the gift of leisure. The hidden built-in donut shelf keeps pastries and coffee warm while also making the treat portable in a car cup holder.

28. Armchair tray

This wooden clip-on armchair table doubles as a handy headquarters for personal effects and game day snacks. It provides a sturdy surface to rest a book, eyeglasses, remote control, or drink when attached to your father's favorite lounge chair. TV viewing is about to become even more convenient!

29. Eyeglasses holder

Look no further than this statuesque eyeglasses holder for the nearsighted dad with a wild sense of humor. While it is functional (sort of), its primary function is decorative. This witty gift, whether balanced on a bedside table or a desk in the study, is sure to make you smile with every use.

When dad says he doesn't want anything, it can be hard to figure out what to get him. So, here are a few Christmas gifts for dad under $20 to help you narrow down your choices. So look through all of our different gift categories and types to find something your dad will love.

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