Best Christmas Gifts for Foster Children

July 06, 2022 11 min read

Christmas gifts for children in foster care should be comparable to those given to the biological children living in the home. However, in addition to that, they have a few specific requirements that can be satisfied by receiving a few specialized presents. From the hottest new toys out this year to old favorites from years past, we tested everything to ensure that Christmas gifts for foster child are something kids will actually want.

1. Blankets

Blankets are an inexpensive and useful gift for foster children. They are portable, can fit in a backpack, and can meet a variety of security and sensory needs.

Foster children's lives are marked by a lack of consistency. Though parents would try to wean other children off of a security blanket, a constant security blanket can provide a level of stability that foster children do not receive elsewhere.

2. Subscription Boxes 

Subscription boxes may not appear to be the best gift for foster children because placements change and they sometimes return home. However, a box's address can be easily changed, and a child can continue to receive a monthly gift no matter where they are. In an otherwise volatile situation, it could actually provide some stability. If necessary, boxes can be delivered to the child during a monthly visit by a social worker.

3. Fidget Toys

Fiddling with a toy helps many children with autism, sensory disorders, hearing difficulties, or other special needs stay calm, focused, and attentive. Foster children frequently have high anxiety and a wide range of sensory requirements. Fidget toys are an excellent gift for them because they will enjoy them while also meeting a requirement.

4. Books

Children adore books, especially if they can be read to them. Reading can, in fact, play an important role in bonding with an adopted child.

There is also some excellent research that shows how reading benefits children's brains and how encouraging children to read improves their cognitive functioning.

Finally, if you have books that are particularly meaningful to your family, you can give those books to a foster child to help them feel like part of your family or to help them remember you when they return home.

5. Personalized Items

Foster children will appreciate personalized gifts even more. Many of them come from deplorable homes with few material possessions and, in many cases, nothing to offer. Having something with their name on it means a couple of things. This is my property, and it has never been the property of anyone else.

6. Journals and Pens

Foster children go through a variety of emotions and thoughts. They are also going through a lot of changes. Because writing is sometimes an easier way to communicate, some families use a worry board to open lines of communication. As a result, journals and pens make wonderful presents!

7. Crayons and Books

Giving coloring books and crayons to older foster children is essentially the same as giving them journals and pens. Younger children may communicate through pictures. Coloring also gives people of all ages a creative outlet and promotes relaxation. 

8. Portable Items

It's heartbreaking to consider, but for foster children, having items that are portable and easily tucked into a backpack for travel is essential. They not only get home visits, but they may also change foster homes several times during their stay. It is critical that they be able to bring items with them so that they do not feel as if they are abandoning everything. 

9. Indoor Tents 

Indoor tents are one of new favorite things for kids, especially those who need a sensory break or who need to feel snuggled to feel safe. Tents also offer a refuge from the outside world. I don't leave tents up all the time, and I'm not a fan of on-bed tents, but I do keep one on hand in case a foster child requires a sensory break or a place to retreat.

10. Long-Lasting Bath Toy Set

This submarine and tug boat set, made of sturdy recycled plastic, is the most durable bath toy I've ever owned and doubles as a cup for washing hair. Mold can hide in traditional bath toys like rubber ducks, but these boats open up for easy cleaning.

11. Personalized Puzzle Just For Them

Personalized gifts are popular, and this name puzzle has the added benefit of teaching younger foster children how to spell their names. The puzzle, which can be personalized with names up to nine characters long, can also be used as a bedroom decoration.

12. Custom Bear For Harry Potter Fans

Build-A-Bear's extensive collection of high-quality plush and accessories allows you to create a personalized teddy bear. The Noble Harry Potter collection is an excellent gift for Harry Potter fans. You can dress up a bear — or Hedwig or a house animal — in clothes from one of the four houses.

13. Dollhouse

Little People by Fisher-Price Big Helpers Home is a dollhouse for toddlers that encourages imaginative play. Parents will appreciate that the set encourages foster children to be Big Helpers by doing everything from feeding the toy dog to making the play bed. A house, three figures, and accessories are included in the set.

14. Farm Puzzle With Sound Effects

When a piece of this tough wooden puzzle is correctly placed, it makes the sound of a farm animal, adding another level of play to a classic toy. This option teaches farm animal sounds, but sets for vehicles, zoo animals, and musical instruments are also available.

15. Action Figure And ATV For Little Hands

Many young foster children enjoy Paw Patrol, but this four-wheeler and action figure also makes an excellent first action figure. The action figure and four-wheeler are easy for young hands to manipulate, according to parents, and the posable figure works both on and off the ATV.

16. Tough But Classic Dump Truck

This partial-steel dump truck is a sturdy classic that is ideal for indoor play or driving around a sandbox. Toys can be hauled around and dumped in the working bucket by foster children. The long-lasting design will be appreciated by parents.

17. Sensory Play Set With A Rainbow Of Colors

Kinetic sand is squishable, moldable sand that adheres to itself, making it more enjoyable and less messy than traditional sandbox sand. This kit includes 10 tools for molding and shaping the sand, making it a toy that encourages both sensory play and creativity.

18. Inclusive Doll Inspired By Real Kids

Lottie Dolls forego traditional princess attire in favor of a diverse range of clothing, interests, and physical differences inspired by real children. Mia is a wildlife photographer doll with a camera and cochlear implant. If Mia isn't the right fit, Lottie Dolls come in a variety of styles, from paleontologist to activist.

19. Radio Flier Ultimate Go-Kart 

Ride-on toys are a favorite in house but tend to be quickly outgrown. The Radio Flyer Ultimate Go-Kart has an adjustable seat that can fit children aged 3 to 8, and it is made of steel and plastic for a longer lifespan. Parents will also appreciate the three different charging speeds and the simple charging cable.

20. Play-Doh Starter Set

Play-Doh is a classic toy that keeps foster kids entertained for hours on end. This starter kit includes kid-friendly scissors, a knife, a rotary cutter, a scooper, a roller, and stencils. Of course, it also comes with four cans of Play-Doh and a carrying case.

21. Play Set For Imaginary Chefs

Food and play kitchens are excellent for imaginative play. This Hape tabletop stove has an integrated fan, so the included disks move around as they "cook" in the pan. Parents appreciate how small it is, allowing their children to "cook" in the kitchen right next to them.

22. Open-Ended Building Toy

Magna-Tiles are building toys that combine creativity, geometry, and problem solving while remaining purely enjoyable. After the initial build, foster kids continued to have fun with Magna-Tiles, building houses for stuffed animals and action figures. These adaptable toys are appropriate for a wide range of ages and interests, making them ideal for gifting.

23. Slime Alternative With Less Mess

Crayola Globbles provide the excitement of slime without the mess. These squishy, moldable balls will stack, stick to surfaces, and do other things. Unlike slime, there is no mixing of colors, and they peel right off.

24. Remote Control Truck For Stunt Lovers

Remote control cars are popular among children, but this monster truck is loaded with extra features. Fans of Monster Jam will appreciate that it is modeled after the real Grave Digger and can perform forward and backward wheelies, spins, and flips.

25. Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous Indominus Rex

This dinosaur, based on the Netflix series "Camp Cretaceous," stands 18 inches tall and is more than three feet long. Parents report that their children enjoy the larger size as well as the posable limbs, which make it more of a toy than a stiff collectible. "Camp Cretaceous" was one of Netflix's most popular shows when it first debuted, but this toy will also appeal to other dinosaur fans.

26. Razor A Kick Scooter

I've given out several Razor A Kick Scooters in the past, and they've always received a positive response. These scooters are tough outdoor toys that feel like a big gift but are reasonably priced. These scooters are easier to store and transport than bikes because they fold up.

27. Kid-Friendly Book On Difficult Topics

A Kids Book About is a series of books that tackle difficult topics in a kid-friendly manner. The series covers everything from racism and inclusion to recognizing emotions like grief and understanding a cancer diagnosis. According to reviewers, children enjoy the storylines, while parents and caregivers appreciate how they encourage discussion about difficult topics.

28. Lego Marvel Avengers Iron Man Hall of Armor

Lego sets make excellent gifts, especially when based on the child's top interests. This set, perfect for Marvel fans, allows children to construct Iron Man's Hall of Armor. Once constructed, foster children can play with the rotating platform, which changes the suit of the Iron Man mini-figure.

29. Craftlab Woodland Friends Sewing Kit

This craft kit enables foster children to make their own stuffed animal friends. The sewing kit contains all of the materials and instructions needed for foster children to create five woodland animals. Parents will appreciate the fact that it comes in a reusable tote for storing the mess.

30. National Geographic Rock Tumbler

The National Geographic Tumbler encourages further STEAM exploration for the kid who is always finding cool rocks outside. Everything needed to polish gemstones with a high-quality, kid-friendly tumbler is included in the tumbler. Tumbling, on the other hand, takes a few weeks and is noisy, so it's best gifted to kids who have a garage or basement to keep the noise at bay.

31. Pocket Microscope

Traditional toy microscopes can only magnify objects that fit on a slide, whereas pocket microscopes can magnify both large and small objects. This Carson MicroBrite Plus is a portable microscope that kids can use to magnify anything that allows the microscope to sit flat on the surface, both inside and outside. It's an inexpensive gift for kids who enjoy science or the outdoors.

32. LCD Writing Tablet 

This LCD writing tablet is perfect for doodling — without the mess or paper waste. The drawings and writings are displayed in a pretty gradient rainbow, and the tablet is especially useful for traveling when kids want to do something but can't easily use crayons or markers.

33. Glowing Bath Time Cubes

These cubes (which last a few weeks, or 72 hours total) begin glowing when they come into contact with water — and turn off as soon as they are removed. They can entertain foster children for hours as they place the cubes in and out of the water, trying to figure out their magic.

34. Top-rated Nerf gun

The Commander is our pick for the best Nerf gun, and it can give your foster child an advantage in any game they play. Whether they prefer to shoot targets or engage in battle with their friends, the Commander will give them the advantage they need to win, and it is a lot of fun to do so.

35. Kid-friendly tablet

Because it is so simple to set up and operate, the Fire 8 Kids Edition is the tablet that we recommend most highly for children. It also comes with a large number of applications and videos that have been pre-installed, which means that you won't be required to spend the entirety of the holiday break downloading and purchasing a large number of games for your child.

36. Portable speaker

A high-quality portable speaker that allows the recipient to take their music with them wherever they go is a thoughtful present idea for the adolescents on your shopping list. Because of the high quality of the product's sound and the fact that it is waterproof, it should be able to withstand any mischief that your teen may get into.

37. Gel Blaster Surge

If your foster child already enjoys playing with Nerf guns, then they are going to go absolutely crazy for the brand new Gel Blaster Surge. The Gel Blaster Surge is a device that shoots pellets of non-toxic, biodegradable gel that evaporate on contact, similar to a paint gun but with a great deal less mess. The Gel Blaster comes with protective eyewear, additional gel pellets, and accessories that allow children to change the color of their gun from orange to blue. Be warned that the pellets in the Gel Blaster can be quite painful if you happen to get hit by one while playing.

38. Instagram-famous doll - Real Qai Qai doll

The hilarious Instagram account of Olympia Ohanian's (Serena Williams' daughter) doll companion Qai Qai, who has 152,000 followers, can be found here. Qai Qai is a doll. Up until the previous year, Qai Qai was a one-of-a-kind doll. However, as of the previous year, all children are now able to experience her adorable face and antics in real life at the comfort of their own homes. Who knows what she'll be up to during the holiday season. Who knows what she'll do.

39. The best scooter

Scooters are always a popular choice for a gift during the holiday season; however, if you are unsure which one to purchase, we have removed the element of chance from the process of selecting the best scooter. All of the children who participated in our product testing agreed that it is the ideal scooter for novice riders. In addition to being available in a number of different hues, it has a user-friendly design, is loads of fun to ride, and boasts some seriously cool light-up wheels.

40. Play-Doh Magic Oven 

Play-Doh is a classic for good reason: it's fun, good for their small motor skills and engages their imaginations. They will have everything they need to "bake" pies, cakes, and muffins thanks to the Play-Doh Magic Oven, which comes with all of the necessary accessories. In addition, the oven will flash and make a chiming sound to let them know when their creations are done cooking.

41. The Root coding robot

It isn't necessary for them to make learning to code a difficult process, especially if they have the Root coding robot. They only need to download the companion app to quickly become proficient at stringing together sequences of code that will cause the Root to perform actions such as drawing pictures, singing songs, and climbing walls.

42. Ball Pit

If you have any experience at all with indoor playgrounds, you are aware that the ball pit is the most popular attraction for toddlers, despite the fact that it is a veritable breeding ground for germs. If you have a Play Tent and a Pop-up ball pit at home, you can make your very own version that is less prone to the spread of germs. Young children who are not yet walking will enjoy crawling through the two tunnels, and the toy comes with a carrying case that allows you to fold it up and store it when you are not using it.

43. Rowan earring subscription

During the holiday season, if you want to spend less money on gifts but still want to give someone something they'll enjoy using, consider giving them a Rowan earring subscription. They will be sent a new pair of whimsical hand-designed earrings each month, which they will be able to use repeatedly and enjoy wearing. This is the epitome of a gift that keeps on giving, and it can be purchased in either gold vermeil or sterling silver.

44. Escape room in a box

This game brings the excitement of solving puzzles in a locked room right into the home of older children, and they are going to love it. They receive from Escape the Crate all of the hints and clues they will require to complete a set of progressively challenging puzzles. It is a great activity for getting combative siblings to cooperate with one another, in addition to being entertaining for older children and their parents.

45. Personal message from their favorite celebrity

Give them a present that will truly live on in their memory by surprising them with a personalized cameo from their favorite celebrity. Cameo allows you to order a custom-made video for virtually anyone, whether they are popular on YouTube or in the sports world. The cost of each video is different, and there are thousands of different personalities from which to choose. This is also a wonderful idea for a gift to give at the last minute.

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