Best Christmas Gifts for Nephews

July 06, 2022 18 min read

Your nephew is your favorite friend, regardless of age. Here are some great gift ideas for your nephew, who probably has everything. Sigh.

You know who gets the short end of the stick from time to time? Your nephew's name. In addition, most recommendations are usually for children, while the older (teens to adults) are completely ignored. So, we're changing the rules!

Explore our official selections of the best Christmas gifts for nephews of all ages. We'll switch back and forth between the youngest and oldest top picks. Continue reading!

1. Smartphone Plane

This is one incredible "toy" for your nephew of any age. Okay, so they're not babies, but still! We all grew up with paper airplanes, but now you can fly them with your smartphone or tablet. It's extremely simple to set up and surprisingly inexpensive. 

2. Funny Slippers

If you're in the mood to have some fun, a pair of funny slippers is a good idea. This Christmas, try something different from the usual gift-giving routine. There are many unique and amusing slippers on the market. These are soft and warm for the winter. Wrap it in holiday-themed paper.

3. Travel Bag

Your nephew, who is always on the go, needs a companion to keep him going. You can give him a regular backpack that he can take to his office or school instead of a bag for leisure travel. Choose the option that best meets his preferences or needs. If you know his preferences, purchase a multipurpose item that he can use in a variety of settings. There are several companies that make very cool and trendy backpacks (sky bags), so choose wisely and gift.

4. Travel Pillow

Tell your nephew that he can easily board the next bus, train, plane, or bullock cart ride. There are so many adorable and cozy pillows to choose from. There are a few fantastic designs that provide heavenly comfort. These pillows are commonly available in airports, but giving comfort demonstrates concern. These are made of a short plush material with a comfortable polyester filling. You can also give him a matching eye mask to ensure he gets enough sleep on all of his life's full journeys. These pillows are a gift that no one will ever be able to dislike. They can also be used in the workplace. Sitting in the same position for hours on end usually results in severe neck pain. As a result, this pillow serves as a remedy.

5. Mug

Mugs are a common gift, but not this one, which is designed specifically for nephews. The mug depicts a new species of dinosaur, Nephewasaurus, who appears to be the nephew of a well-known dinosaur. He's just like any other normal nephew, but a little more awesome, like your nephew. The mug is made of high-quality ceramic and can be used in the microwave and dishwasher.

6. The Construction Plate & Utensil Set

The ideal choice for children who need a little extra assistance eating their meals. This super cute construction plate resembles a construction zone, and you can pair it with these really cool "truck" utensil sets. 

7. The Nephew Dog Tag Necklace

A really thoughtful and inspiring option that is tailored specifically to them. If they don't want to wear it as a dog tag necklace, they can easily transform it into a keychain, something to put in their backpack, and other uses. 

8. The New Nintendo Switch Lite

You can now play Super Mario Brothers almost anywhere you go. Following the phenomenal success of the Nintendo Switch gaming console, the company has recently released the Switch Lite, which is handheld, sleek, has built-in controllers, and comes in a variety of colors including gray, yellow, blue, and more! 

9. The Baseball Game

A fun family game in which you roll the dice to see who gets to first, second, or third base. It even includes a dry-erase board for keeping score and naming your teams. This one has over 350 customer reviews as well! 

10. The Nephew Picture Frame

It's a lovely option for an aunt to give to her favorite nephew. It's ideal for any occasion, from a birthday to a holiday, and everything in between. 

11. The Draw Your Own Comic Books

This high-quality book includes over 100 different pages for kids to fill out, show off their creativity, and truly create their own comic book. So fun! 

12. The Playful Sport Basketball Mug

Enjoy your cereal, your hot cocoa, and your basketball game all at the same time! Don't worry, it's also dishwasher safe! 

13. Tom Ford “Tobacco Vanille” Cologne

It's ideal for the fall/winter season, or really any time of year. Tonka bean, vanilla, cocoa, dry fruit accords, and sweet sap are among the amazing notes. It'll be his new signature scent this year (and the next, and the next!). 

14. The PhoneSoap Smartphone Cleaner

Their phones are nasty. It's a true story. They can now use this UV phone sanitizer to kill 99.9% of the bacteria on their phone, keys, credit cards, and other items. It will fit almost any phone on the market. 

15. The New Echo Show 5

You can also play games and see your favorite people when you dial their number. What's the best part? The new privacy safeguard. Simply turn off the camera and microphone by pressing the top button. Furthermore, it is much more compact/smaller than the original, and the price is fantastic! 

16. The “I Get My Good Looks” Baby Onesie

Let's be honest: he gets his good looks from his uncle, especially if that uncle is you! This super cute little onesie is available in sizes "newborn" through 18-months and a variety of colors including blue, white, navy blue, heather gray, and more. 

17. The DIY Hot Sauce Kit

The ideal choice for the older nephew who is a huge fan of hot sauce. Who doesn't? With this super simple DIY kit, they can now make their own hot sauce at home. It includes the ingredients, bottles, labels, and other accessories. 

18. The Best Nephew Ever Coffee Mug

What better way to start their day than with their own coffee mug? This 11-ounce ceramic mug has an extra-large handle to accommodate his big mitts, is dishwasher safe, and microwave safe! 

19. The Set of 2 Baseball Park Map Drinking Glasses

If they love baseball, which they most certainly do, these are the coolest true fan glasses we've seen in a long time. Each glass also includes an official map of their favorite team's baseball field in their team colors. Don't worry, you can pick your own team! 

20. Rider’s Helmet

If your nephew is crazy about bikes and drives really fast, it's a good idea to give him a safe and trendy solution to his bad habit. You can buy a cool helmet for him online or personalize it with a picture or logo of his favorite rider. The helmet will not only protect him from further injury, but it will also make a strong fashion statement for him. A basic bike helmet will not break the bank, and further personalization will make it a good Christmas present.

21. Watch

Whatever the occasion, a wristwatch is a thoughtful, stylish, and practical gift. Wristwatches have become increasingly popular as gifts for both men and women in recent years. It is the most straightforward gift on the market. With so many styles, brands, features, and designs to choose from, you're sure to find something to your loved one's liking. Wristwatches are also popular among boys. They can never be content with their ever-expanding collection. Another idea that may surprise your child is to give them a Christmas themed wristwatch. If you don't want to give a Christmas-themed gift, you can give any cool rubber-banded wristwatch.

22. Perfume

Perfume is an excellent gift for any occasion. There is a widespread misconception that "gifting a perfume causes relationship problems." Keep in mind that it is only a false statement. So, this Christmas, give your nephew a strong fragrance. Younger men may prefer trendy and designer perfumes endorsed by celebrities, whereas older men may prefer classic fragrances. Find out what the main elements of his favorite fragrance are if you know he has a favorite scent or style. From there, you can easily select something new that matches his preferences and tastes.

23. Superhero’s T-Shirt

It is unlikely that your nephew does not have a favorite cartoon or superhero. You can search for t-shirts by theme, such as birthday, Christmas, spoof, and funny/humor. Create your own collage of his favorite characters and send it to be printed. He will undoubtedly appreciate this gift. Furthermore, this concept is not prohibitively expensive.

24. Headphones

Giving a relaxing pastime is a divine act. LOL. You can look through a variety of headphones available online and select the best one for you. Also, if you know which headphones your nephew desires, you must give them to him. Bluetooth headphones are popular these days because headphone jacks are a major issue across the board, most likely as a result of phone manufacturers dropping headphone jacks. Through connectivity innovations from Apple's iOS and Google's Android.

25. Grooming Toolkit

Beauty products aren't just for girls! Men, like women, require grooming products, and it is no surprise that they are more concerned with their skin than women. You can make a kit out of various products that you know your nephew uses or enjoys. Face wash, face cream, hair gel, shaving cream, razor, hairdryer, body lotion, and other items are possible.

26. Nephew's Keychain

If your nephew lives far away from the rest of the family, make him feel special by sending him this sentimental keychain right to his door. The keychain bears the meaningful message "The love of an aunt and her nephew knows no distance," which is so true. And don't judge it by its size. It may appear insignificant, but it will bring the recipient great joy. The keychain is also eco-friendly because it is made of recyclable materials and is lead and nickel free.

Personalized Hollywood Walk Of Fame Framed Print

Give your nephew this personalized Hollywood Walk of Fame frame to make him feel like a star. The print will be presented in the form of a Hollywood-style certificate on glossy paper, framed in black or white. You can personalize it by adding the receiver's name and the message you want to appear on it. We're confident it will look stunning alongside his other accomplishments and awards.

27. 3D Night Light

Here's a fantastic 3D Night Light in the shape of a dinosaur to brighten your nephew's room. This cool 3D lamp emits light in seven different colors: red, blue, green, yellow, pink, cyan, and white. But if he only wants one color, he can change it. And because it's a touch lamp, you don't have to worry about your nephew not having a plug point near his bed.

Marvel Avengers Hero Vision Iron Man

Give your nephew this Iron Man augmented reality mask to help him transform into his favorite superhero. This mask, which is controlled by a smartphone app, will make him feel like he's a part of the Marvel Universe. Let us assure you that the mask isn't just for show. It allows the wearer to see through Iron Man's eyes and harness their inner power. A gauntlet, AR goggles, AR markers, and an Infinity stone are also included in the kit.

28. Nephew Special Bracelet

This Christmas, make your nephew feel special by giving him this adorable and sentimental bracelet with a heartfelt message. According to the card's text, he must first make a wish before tying the bracelet around his wrist. If the bracelet deteriorates or falls off, the wish will be granted. Isn't that adorable? The bracelet is simple but trendy, made of wood beads, and can be worn for any occasion.

29. Cash Register For Kids

This one is so cool that we may have to purchase one for ourselves. Who hasn't wondered what happens behind the checkout counter? This cash register comes with a real LCD calculator, a pop-out drawer, a bar code scanner, a credit card scanner that beeps, a voice microphone, play money, a fake credit card, and a detachable scale. The handheld scanner will enable him to ring up the food items and even display the prices. In the process, your nephew will learn some basic math skills.

30. Multi Photo Upload Square Framed Print

Here's another gift that your nephew will undoubtedly appreciate. Choose 13 of your nephew's best photos, whether they are cute selfies or special memories, and arrange them in the shape of a heart. It will create the most personalized piece of art for him, which he will proudly display in his room or workplace. Before you place an order, the seller even allows you to preview how the photos will look with all of the personalization. As a result, it is not a risky option.

31. Skillmatics Educational Game

What about getting your nephew something that will help him learn? This Skillmatics educational game set includes several brain games to help children improve their knowledge. It includes Write and Wipe activity mats with simple instructions, Learn through Play games, and a variety of other activities to help kids improve their communication, problem-solving, strategizing, concentration, and observation skills.

32. Nerf Gun

One of the most popular toys among children is the Nerf gun. So, whether your nephew already has one or not, he'll always be in the market for a new nerf gun, especially this model that comes with 25 darts. The darts from this nerf gun can fly up to 90 feet, which is impressive for a battery-free gun.

33. DIY Crossbow Kit

If your nephew has always expressed an interest in archery, surprise him this holiday season with this DIY Crossbow Kit. The kit includes 46 wooden pieces, string, screws, zip ties, a rubber band, and an instruction booklet. So he'd only need a small screwdriver to get started on the crossbow. Fortunately, the kit includes 8 wooden rockets, so you won't have to buy them separately. Because the shooting range is only about 10 feet, it is unlikely to cause any issues. But a word of caution with them wouldn't hurt.

34. Three-Stage Ride-On Micro Scooter

This is one of those Christmas gifts for your nephew that will grow with him. When the time comes, the 3-in-1 scooter can transform from a ride-on vehicle to a toddler scooter. When he grows up, he can transform into a full-sized scooter. As a result, it represents excellent value for money, and the glowing reviews attest to its high quality. The scooter is appropriate for children aged 12 months to 5 years, but we recommend purchasing it when your nephew is about to turn one. He'll make the most of the gift this way.

35. Personalized Cushion

With this adorable cushion personalized with his initials and name, you can help your nephew reach for the stars. Aside from the name, the cushion has multicolored stars strewn across it, making it even more attractive. So get it today and brighten up his room.

36. LED Skateboard

This LED skateboard is ideal for children who are just beginning to learn to skateboard. It's strong because it's made of polypropylene, aluminum, and plastic, and it comes with glowing LED lights that don't require electricity or batteries. The LED lights in the wheels aren't just for decoration. It is also to keep the children safe while skating at night. With a weight capacity of 180 lbs, even teenagers can practice on it. Furthermore, this skateboard is available in eight different colors, so choose one based on your nephew's preferences.

37. Magna Tiles Glow in The Dark Set

Another STEM gift for your nephew, this time with 16 glow in the dark Magna Tiles pieces. In the light, these Magna Tiles appear as normal blocks, but when the darkness falls, they begin to glow. Not only that, but It even comes with an LED light that can be used to write secret messages, which is what makes it unique. He only needs to place the blocks in direct sunlight or use the supercharge option to charge them.

38. Favorite Uncle Baby Onesie

This is one of those Christmas presents for nephews that you'll end up giving to yourself. 'Uncle Ben is my favorite,' says the hand-painted onesie. You don't have to worry about the 'Ben' part because you can personalize the onesie with your name and the color of your choice. The onesie is made of 100 percent cotton, so it will not irritate the skin of your favorite little human.

39. Draw Your Own Comics

Every comic book fan wishes to draw and write his or her own comic book. And this book will assist your child in doing just that. The notebook is filled with blank comic pages with exclamations to assist the children in drawing and writing their own stories. The book has 100 pages with divided panels, so your nephew will be able to write several short comics in just this one book.

40. Front Fleece Hoodie

If you want to keep your nephew safe, a hoodie or sweatshirt would be ideal. We chose this cozy and soft fleece hoodie to keep your nephew warm while also upping his style quotient. The hoodie is made of 70% cotton and 30% polyester, and it has a Jeep print on it. It comes in two color combinations: green and yellow and black and yellow.

41. DC Super Friends Transforming Batmobile

Here's another gift for superhero fans, and this one is unlike any other. It's our favorite superhero, Batman's, remote-controlled Batmobile. The car itself is extremely simple to operate and moves forward and backward with ease. It even pauses for a 'battle mode,' in which kids can shoot plastic discs. Isn't that awesome?

42. Playmobil Mars Space Station

If your nephew is interested in space and astronomy, he'll squeal with delight when he sees this Playmobil Mars Space Station. This illuminated space station contains living quarters and is operated by small astronauts. And have you seen the modules that have been attached to the space station? Green leafy vegetables are even growing inside one of them. It's no surprise that almost everyone gave this product five stars.

43. Personalized Football Calendar

If your nephew is a huge football fan, consider giving him this personalized Football Calendar for Christmas and New Year's. It's special because the calendar's cover will feature his favorite team's jersey, as well as his name and shirt number. You can also choose between a desk calendar and a wall calendar. This is a fantastic way to keep your nephew motivated and organized.

44. DreamWorks Hatching Toothless

Hatcimals created this adorable hatching baby Toothless from "How to Train Your Dragon." The user must agitate the egg by making it growl and tapping until it is ready to hatch. It doesn't stop there. When the baby is old enough, it can learn to fly, perform plasmablasts, and play interactive games. As he learns to fly, he even moves his wings and ears.

45. Outdoor Exploration Kit

This Outdoor Exploration Kit will come in handy if your nephew has an adventurous bone in his body. The kit is intended to help children explore nature while also encouraging scientific learning. It comes with a drawstring bag and includes kid-friendly binoculars, a magnifying glass, a flashlight, a compass, and a whistle. Your nephew can use the kit while participating in sports, hunting, bird watching, or going on a wilderness adventure.

46. Black Light Putty

This isn't any ordinary putty; it glows in the dark. The putty comes with a blacklight keychain, which you can draw on to make it glow. And this does not render it ineffective. The design fades gradually, allowing children to start over. We're confident it'll be a big hit with your nephew.

47. Nintendo Labo

This Nintendo Labo is the ideal companion for the Nintendo Switch. It enables the user to construct five different types of projects, including a house, a motorcycle, a piano, a fishing rod, and even an RC car. With his Nintendo Switch and Joy-con controllers, he can bring his handmade projects. Isn't that awesome?

48. Personalized Notebook

Another personalized gift that will make your nephew ecstatic. It's a notebook with the names of his favorite superheroes on the cover and his name at the bottom. Imagine their delight when they saw his name next to the names of the superheroes he has admired his entire life. Just so you know, the seller can accept up to 22 names of YOUR choosing. So choose the names of the superheroes your nephew admires. The seller offers both softback and hardback options, so choose wisely.

49. Magic Touch Wooden Xylophone

This adorable little wooden xylophone will keep your niece or nephew entertained for hours. With built-in speakers, sound adjustments, and color-coordinated notes, you can be sure that they'll get plenty of stimulation and education while having a great time.

50. Good Wood Mini Golf Game

This mini block golf game is a fun way to share a childhood favorite. The best part about this toy is how well it ages. Your niece or nephew will be able to play with individual blocks at first, then progress to mini-golf as they grow older. It's the ideal gift to last them a lifetime.

51. Magic touch tablet 

With this screen-free wooden tablet, you can encourage your niece or nephew's insatiable curiosity and exploration. They'll have hours of interactive fun without the blue light thanks to Magic Touch technology. Children can learn colors, numbers, and first words in three different languages by simply tapping their fingertips. In addition, the tablet plays more than 150 melodies and sounds to stimulate the senses and creativity.

52. Kids’ Zoo Ride-On Toy - Puppy themed scooter

If your nieces or nephews don't already have one, they've most likely asked you for one. This ride-on toy with a cute little puppy's face and ears is all the rage. It can be used as a wagon, scooter, or ride-on, and it comes with a booster seat that also serves as a bucket for toys and snacks. This could be the gift that cements your position as the best aunt or uncle ever!

53. ‘Learn-to-Play’ Piano

This miniature piano will be the talk of the town, as well as the pride of your talented niece or nephew. With 25 keys spanning two full octaves, your piano enthusiast will have everything they need to master a few simple classics. It's a lovely starter piano that's ideal for the holidays.

54. Awaken The Rockstar Within: Kids Mood Karaoke System

This karaoke system is ideal for children who have recently discovered their voice and want to practice it. When your niece or nephew discovers that their favorite karaoke machine can also function as a light show and nightlight, they may never leave it alone again!

55. 41-Piece Star Diner Restaurant Play Set

With this 41-piece diner play set, you can help your nieces and nephews prepare a tasty meal. This set includes everything you need for a satisfying diner visit—for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The seven wooden food pieces are cleverly designed with different foods on each side, and double-sided inserts provide additional options for milkshakes and hot drinks. Prepare to eat some delicious fictitious diner food!

56. City Holiday Camper Van Lego

This Lego City Holiday Camper Van will provide your niece or nephew with hours of creative play for children aged five and up. This adorable toy RV has realistic features for imaginative role-playing, such as a furnished interior with a kitchen and bedroom. Complete with mother and father The scene is set for endless family camping adventures with Minifigures and a cute baby figure.

57.  Unleash The Inner Coffee Enthusiast: Bark-Ista Set

This special puppy-themed barista (bark-ista) set is ideal for the aspiring coffee connoisseur. It's a great way to get your niece or nephew involved in the mundane while also serving your family some delicious rubber donuts. It's also a great way to ensure that family playtime is full of hands-on activity.

58. Santa’s Milk & Cookies Set

This could be the only holiday gift you ever give your niece or nephew (besides an advent calendar of course). They'll have a lot of fun baking and cutting cookies for Santa on his big night for many years.

59. Science Kit

Assist your nieces and nephews in transforming everyday household items into mind-blowing science experiments! This gift will not only spark your children's interest in science, but it will also provide you and them with an opportunity to spend quality time together.

60. Make Your Own Radio Kit

Crafty kids will enjoy this exciting adventure. They'll be able to follow the step-by-step instructions for building their own portable radio from scratch. Take our word for it: once construction is finished, they won't be able to put this radio down.

61. Slush Making Machine

This slush-making machine is sure to please not only your niece or nephew, but the entire family. This countertop machine looks and works exactly like the ones you see in stores, making it simple to make a tasty treat. Simply combine four ingredients - water, ice, flavoring syrup (sold separately), and salt - and sit back and enjoy!

62. Star Wars Luke Skywalker’s X-Wing Fighter Lego

While constructing Luke Skywalker's X-Wing fighter from Star Wars, your niece or nephew will enjoy becoming the star of their own galaxy far, far away. It features an opening LEGO Minifigure cockpit with space behind for R2-D2, wings that can be switched to attack mode with the press of a button, retractable landing gear, and two spring-loaded shooters.

63. Fast foot clay kit

After you purchase this awesome clay shaping kit for your niece or nephew, you will be crowned the best aunt or uncle of all time. Your niece or nephew will enjoy making these brightly colored fast food items such as tacos, burgers, and condiment bottles. This clay shaping kit, which comes in a cute little creation package, will be the perfect addition to brighten up anyone's afternoon.

64. Light Up Bubble Izer

This bright and colorful bubble machine not only blows bubbles but also produces an amazing light show. Observe how your bubble gun illuminates the bubbles as they stream out. You can also see the bubbles forming through the transparent body. This set comes with bubble liquid and is extremely portable, allowing you to begin the fun anywhere - have fun bubbleizer!

65. World's Smallest Voice Changer

This bizarre electronic megaphone is only 2.75 inches long but packs a powerful punch when changing your voice. Hold the voice changer to your mouth and speak into it to amplify and distort your voice. Battery-operated, with batteries included, you can switch between four different voices and select your favorite. Hear your voice as it has never been heard before - pocket-sized loud fun!

66. Jellyfish Lamp - Color Changing Mood Light

The rounded tank is 9 inches tall and holds two jellyfish that swim and glide around with realistic movement provided by air jets moving the water inside the tank. The triple LEDs illuminate the tank in three different colors, creating a soothing, relaxing atmosphere. Makes an interesting decorative addition to any room. They are far more exciting than standard goldfish and do not require feeding!

67. Fart Book - Animals Scratch 'n' Sniff

This hilarious, rhyming 16-page scratch and sniff board book is a sensory delight! Have you ever caught a whiff of a unicorn's fart? What about a bear or a koala? Squeeze the flaps and take a sniff! Each spread has a large flap to lift then scratch the surface to reveal the smell - gross! Each spread is full of cheeky animals and characters showcasing their unique-smelling bottom burps. Excellent addition to the bookcase!

68. Magno Darts - Magnetic Dart Game

The darts hit the board magnetically and have no sharp, pointy ends, making it a much safer version of the traditional dartboard game. This entertaining set includes two sets of high quality colored darts as well as complete instructions. This entertaining 14.5" dartboard can be wall mounted or propped up on a chair to allow you to play in any room. Let's play darts for some indoor fun.

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