Best Christmas Gifts for Management Team

July 12, 2022 10 min read

Are you looking for the best Christmas gifts for the management team? Every project manager wants happy teams, happy clients, and projects that are completed on time for Christmas. That is, without a doubt, the best gift for managers. However, it's a tall order, so here is a list of Christmas gifts for management team. Some are project management-related, but many are good work gifts in general—gifts for coworkers, office managers, or even your desk mates.

1. Curved Monitor

Not your average monitor—an ultrawide, curved 21:9 monitor is a luxurious upgrade over a standard flat screen!

2. Apple Watch Series 5

This smartwatch series is swim proof and equipped with electrical heart sensors and GPS to help your PM manage their busy schedule, track their workouts, and so much more.

3. Apple iPad Pro

This iPad Pro (with 12.9-inch Liquid Retina display, four-speaker audio, 10-hour battery life, and port for charging other devices) is a versatile gift that will come in handy during meetings time and again.

4. Bluetooth Headphones

A crowded open office? Anyone working in the digital industry can benefit from a good pair of noise cancellation headphones. In a noisy office, assist your project management team in blocking out distractions. Noise-canceling headphones are a practical thank you gift for managers, but they are especially useful for construction managers, who frequently have to drown out site noise.

5. Varidesk

This convertible two-tier design includes a space for your monitor as well as a deck for a keyboard and mouse that can be configured into 11 different positions to help your PM stay refreshed at work.

6. Mouse and Keyboard Set

PMs spend a lot of time typing and clicking around in their offices; upgrade their workspace with this award-winning precision MX mouse and high-quality keyboard for all-day typing comfort.

7. Nespresso Machine

A coffee machine is at the top of the list of thank you gifts for managers. Why? Because everyone's best friend is a PM with a coffee machine on their desk. Your project manager will not only appreciate the gift of a good cup of coffee, but they will also have an excuse to connect with their team members over a quick cup of espresso for friendly status updates.

8. Oculus Go VR Headset

A VR headset can provide access to the latest software and technological innovations for digital project managers, making them ideal gifts for project managers who take pride in staying up to date on the latest developments in the digital field.

9. Yoga Fitness Set

A project manager's job can be stressful; use a yoga kit to support your project manager's mental and physical health, and let them know you care about their work-life balance. If you want to avoid office gifts and work-related gifts, a yoga accessory is a good option. Because it is not an office-related gift, it is also appropriate for a departing manager, a sabbatical gift, or a gift for a colleague on maternity or paternity leave.

10. Bluetooth Headset

The world has evolved. Why hasn't it worked? Smartsheet can help you transform your work.

11. Cute Plant Holder

Brighten up your project manager's desk with this cute project manager gift idea—simple it's and provides them with a breath of fresh air all year long, even on busy days.

12. Table Clock

This table clock is a practical and stylish gift that combines a traditional gift with a sleek modern design. The silent (no ticking!) The clock promotes a calm work environment and adds a sense of simplicity to our hectic digital environments.

13. Funny Project Manager Mug

Enough of that. If you're looking for amusing project manager gifts, look no further than this stainless steel, friction lid travel mug.

14. Office Organizer

This desk organizer, made of natural materials, adds a fresh feel to any space in more ways than one. This project manager gift idea is a great way to assist your PM in organizing documents, supplies, books, and other items that can begin to clutter up their desk.

15. Non-Fluorescent Office Light

This sleek lamp takes up almost no space and can be adjusted with 6 brightness levels and 3 different lighting modes to accommodate the various types of work your PM does on a daily basis.

16. Weekly & Daily Planner

This high-quality, undated planner is difficult to fault. The Panda Planner Pro is intended to promote happiness and productivity by including worksheets and spaces for goal setting, gratitude journaling, and other activities.

17. Portable Charger

In terms of utility, this project manager gives more than pays for itself. The slim, compact portable charger can be used to charge devices where power is not available—perfect for coffee shop meetings and, of course, all of your PM's worldly adventures.

18. Book: Daring Greatly

Daring Greatly, by Dr. Brené Brown (a researcher and thought leader), is based on 12 years of vulnerability research, demonstrating how we can change our preconceived notions of vulnerability to promote more courageous acts, deeper engagement, and more meaningful connections. A fantastic book for project managers interested in learning about the complexities of how humans think, work, and grow!

19. Desk Organizer

This simple and sweet gift is a low-maintenance addition to any home or office. Your project manager can set aside 10 holes for pens, markers, business cards, and phones.

20. Book: Drive by Daniel H Pink

Drive by Daniel H. Pink is a must-read book for project managers and anyone who leads groups of people. It draws on decades of research to illustrate a new way of thinking about motivation, getting to the bottom of what truly motivates the way we act in all aspects of our lives.

21. Moleskine Notebook

This timeless present will never go out of style. Moleskine notebooks make excellent project manager notebooks because their durable covers and slim design set them apart from the norm. This gift is a surefire hit for PMs who take a lot of meeting notes.

22. Glass Water Bottle

On any given day, project managers have dozens of conversations with various project stakeholders. Help them stay hydrated with a long-lasting and fashionable glass water bottle—a welcome upgrade from your old plastic bottle.

23. Italian Leather Executive Padfolio

For several years, this leather padfolio will hold all of a manager's business and credit cards, writing instruments, and notes. It's spacious, safe, and seamlessly blends style and functionality. Furthermore, its sturdy construction includes a smooth leather pull and a metal zip-around closure, and there's enough room inside for a tablet or MacBook.

24. Gourmet Chocolate Box

If your manager has a sweet tooth or enjoys snacking, this gourmet desserts box contains a variety of delectable sweets and treats that will satisfy their taste buds.

25. Personalized AirPods Holder

This AirPods case is both reasonably priced and timeless in its design. The leather finish with golden accents sets it apart. When compared to most AirPods cases, your manager will undoubtedly receive numerous compliments.

26. Urban Map Glass

As a gift, nothing beats a glass etched with your manager's hometown or current state. It's not only functional, but it's also a cute way to personalize the traditional gift of luxury glasses.

27. A Surprise Party

Instead of buying individual gifts, team up with your coworkers to throw an epic surprise party for the manager as the best birthday gift for managers.

28. Gourmet Brownies and Cookies

Sure, you can get a manager a nice notebook, a cool mug, and other material items that, while sentimental, will not truly satisfy their taste. Spend a little extra money on some delicious gourmet brownies and cookies that they will enjoy and indulge in.

29. Coffee and Tea Gift Box

If your manager enjoys coffee or tea, this is the ideal gift for them. Get them a gift box full of organic and delicious tea or coffee blends to start their mornings off right.

30. Tech Pouch

With this all-in-one accessory organizer, you can assist the manager in keeping his tech gadgets organized. The manager will have everything they need in one place and will never have to borrow a flash drive or phone charger again.

31. Cup Warmer

Every manager requires a hot cup of tea or coffee in the morning. During meetings or on a cold day, this cup warmer will keep your manager's beverage at the ideal temperature.

32. Wireless Charging Stand

If your manager is constantly on the go, this wireless charging stand is the ideal convenience gift. The three-in-one charging hub syncs with most flagship smartphones, Apple Watch, and AirPods to extend battery life in a single step.

33. Warm Mist Facial Steamer

This mini humidifier is the ideal desk accessory for rooms with dry air. Your manager will have glowing skin all day for all those important meetings.

34. Leather Watch Case

This watch case combines expert craftsmanship with technological advancement. It exudes functional luxury and has a cylindrical shape reminiscent of luxury suitcases. It has three soft, innovative sliding pillows as well as sleek compartments to keep your manager's timepieces safe.

35. Gardening Set 

This gardening set provides an ideal blend of elegance and functionality for the manager who retires to the garden. The tote bag contains 12 high-quality gardening tools, including gardening gloves, an apron, and a garden kneeling pad.

36. Custom Signet Ring 

A custom signet ring is perfect for the manager who appreciates stylishness. This expertly crafted 18K gold jewelry is the ideal gift to commemorate a professional or personal achievement.

37. Espresso and Cappuccino Maker

For the manager who is a true coffee enthusiast, this espresso and cappuccino maker will deliver their favorite fix right on their desk, just like the corner coffee shop.

38. Assorted Macaroons

You can't go wrong with a box of macaroons made with the perfect flavor ratio. Each bite is as decadent as the last, and will satisfy your manager's sweet tooth.

39. Vintage Maritime Desk Clock

This brass vintage maritime desk clock with compass adds a touch of class to your manager's office. Custom engraving is available, giving you more opportunities to leave a creative or thoughtful message.

40. Succulents Set

Indoor plants are an excellent way to add greenery to your manager's office. If your manager enjoys plants, a potted succulent is the ideal long-term gift.

41. Rustic World Map

This map is ideal for the manager who enjoys traveling. It includes a space for a personal message as well as a variety of wood frame colors to suit their preferences.

42. Travel Document Holder

The globetrotting manager will appreciate this passport and document holder, which keeps everything together rather than fumbling for it at the airport.

43. Bookends

This bookend adds a regal aesthetic color and class to the bookworm manager's bookshelf. If you want to add a thoughtful message to make them feel appreciated, an engraving service is available.

44. Echo Plus

Having a digital assistant can make life easier for your manager. From calendar reminders to music and general knowledge queries, this Echo Plus will assist the manager at work or on the go.

45. Chimes 

Add visual interest to the manager’s office space using these desktop chimes, and create a calming atmosphere that will help them refocus on a hectic day.

46. LEGO Architecture Set

Using this LEGO architecture set, you can bring out your manager's playful side. It's a worthy challenge for anyone of any age, and it adds fun to their busy schedules as they put each piece together to form an impressive landmark.

47. Leather backpack and wristlet

This high-quality backpack is ideal for the daily commute or travel. It includes a matching wristlet and dust bag. It has a laptop compartment, a water bottle holder, and padded straps for added comfort.

48. Amazon Kindle Oasis

Give your manager a Kindle Oasis with easy access to all the books they can't wait to read as well as those they've accumulated over time.

49. Executive Laptop Case

A laptop case not only protects your manager's device, but it also makes checking emails and joining virtual meetings look regal.

50. Glass Art Paperweight

As a memorable keepsake for a manager's office, personalize this paperweight with a personalized message or the company's logo.

51. Corporate Gift Basket

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This gift basket includes delectable soups, cookies, and bacci rolls that will appeal to any type of manager.

52. Zen Stacking Stones

These Zen stacking stones will add a sleek look to the manager's office. You can leave them blank or personalize each stone with a personalized message.

53. Thanks Tumbler Set

Giving your manager a tumbler with a matching leatherette bag and coaster is a thoughtful gift. You can personalize it with your company's logo to make it more distinctive.

54. Diamond and Rose Gold Journal set

Give this gleaming diamond and rose gold journal set to the sophisticated manager. It includes a lovely metallic pen as well as a customizable journal with an elastic band and ribbon bookmark.

55. Desktop Slingshot

This desktop slingshot is ideal for the executive who enjoys having fun in their spare time. To unwind, they can fling small objects or crumpled up paper.

56. Marble Tea Set

This tea set's chic design makes it an ideal gift for the manager who enjoys entertaining guests at the office or at their home. Tea should be brewed in a pot rather than a mug. Throw in some of your favorite tea blends for them to try as a personal touch.

57. Duffel Bag 

This travel duffel bag is the perfect gift for your manager’s travels. It's waterproof and available in a variety of designer colors to suit a variety of personalities.

58. 3D Puzzle Game

This 3-in-1 wooden puzzle game is made from 100 percent natural sheesham wood and delivers triple the fun with games that your manager can play at the office to take a break from the day's stresses and keep their mind sharp.

59. Leather Oval Mouse Pad with Wrist Set

This mousepad is a practical and stylish accessory with a padded wrist set that keeps your manager's wrist in an ergonomically correct position. It also has a silky smooth surface and a non-slip backing to help keep the mouse and pad stable.

60. Pocket Watch 

A pocket watch is perfect for the manager who wants to add some elegance as they check the time. You can engrave a personal message on the watch's front or back cover.

61. Cheese and Chocolate

This basket of unique gifts is ideal for the manager with a refined palate, as it includes cheese, chocolate, and various other treats that they can assemble and enjoy right away.

62. Leather Wine Carrier

Wine is a popular corporate gift for any occasion, so why not give it in a container that a manager can carry? This elegant carrier can hold two bottles at once, making it ideal for transporting wine to a favorite party.

63. Grooming Kit 

For the manager who is always on the move, this grooming kit with a towel, socks, soap, lip balm, hand foot and shoe spray is the perfect gift to keep them looking dapper.

64. Tile Mate

For the forgetful manager, this small device with a Bluetooth tracker will assist them in locating lost or misplaced items. It can be attached to luggage, keys, or any other item that is easily misplaced.

65. Alarm Clock 

It’s tempting to snooze the alarm, but you can make your manager’s mornings easier with this alarm clock.

66. Aromatherapy Candle

A manager who is happy and stress-free creates a more pleasant work environment. Give the gift of relaxation to your manager with this sweet-smelling aromatherapy stress relief candle. Anyone with a hectic schedule will appreciate the soothing and clean eucalyptus-spearmint scent.

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