Best Christmas Gifts for Vendors

July 12, 2022 5 min read

It is critical for small businesses to remain in the minds of their customers and vendors. Christmas gifts for vendors are an effective way to accomplish this. While it is customary to give business gifts around the holidays, gifts are always appreciated.

Should you give gifts to your vendors?

It is legal for a company to give Christmas gifts to clients and vendors, but there are some considerations. Small businesses should be aware of the tax implications of gifting. Also, be cautious when dealing with government clients and vendors, as improper gifting is considered bribery.

Finally, while gifting is a thoughtful gesture, it is also an effective way to communicate with customers. A memorable or useful gift can keep you in the mind of your client every time they use it. With these Christmas gifts for vendors, a little imagination and thoughtfulness can go a long way.

What makes a good Christmas gift for vendors?

When choosing a gift, there are a few things to consider. Spend your money wisely, as expensive gifts may not be as useful as some inexpensive gifts. A costly gift one year followed by a low-cost gift the next may leave a negative impression, so keep gift prices consistent.

You should make an effort to choose gifts that are both useful and memorable. A coffee maker or travel pillow is extremely useful. When you use it, your customers will remember who gave them the gift.

When selecting business gifts, it is always a good idea to personalize them for the recipient. Keep an eye out; if your client always orders wine with business dinners, a bottle of wine would be a great gift.

Personalizing gifts by engraving or labeling them with your company name and/or logo is a tried-and-true method. Smaller items under $4 in value do not qualify for tax deductions, but larger gifts with engraving do.

Embroidering your company name on a travel pillow will remind the recipient of your gift every time they use it. Personalizing gifts through engraving does not add value for tax purposes. 

What are some examples of good vendor gifts?

1. USB Charger

A portable battery used to recharge electronic devices such as smartphones and tablets. For added value, have your company name/logo printed on them.

2. Neck Pillow

A pillow that provides neck support while seated. If your clients travel frequently for business, they will appreciate this gift.

4. Desk Lamp

Desk lamps, while appearing to be a mundane gift, have a high utility value. Lamps with USB ports or wireless chargers are also available.

5. Board Games

A board game can be a great gift for small, creative clients. Board games are great for group activities, and having them around the office helps coworkers bond.

6. Office Plants

Plants in the workplace often improve productivity and well-being. Indoor plants, such as snake plants and succulents, require little attention.

7. Water Bottle

Reusable water bottles are an excellent gift that both hydrates and reduces waste. Print your company name/logo on them, and your customers will remember you every time they take a drink.

8. Superior coffee

Who doesn't appreciate a good cup of coffee? From Starbucks to Blue Bottle, local and national coffee companies offer a variety of bean options to suit every taste. You could also give a coffee subscription or a gift certificate.

9. Personalized bottles of liquor

Some fine spirits companies offer personalized or even engraved bottles. Check out Business Insider's list of the most popular liquor in each state for some inspiration. Whether your event is on the West Coast (tequila) or in the South, a personal touch is sometimes all that is required (whiskey).

10. Handy device accessories

Take note of the tablet or laptop that your vendors are using and provide them with an extra external battery or waterproof cover. These kinds of accessories are usually greatly appreciated, but they are not typically purchased for ourselves.

11. YETI mugs

A branded mug is a tried-and-true idea, but you can stand out from the crowd by investing in something more upscale than the generic model. YETI Ramblers are well-known for their durability and ability to keep things hotter or colder for extended periods of time.

12. Goodies to share

You might not notice an entire army working for your vendor. Recognize their efforts with a special order of locally baked goods, doughnuts, or a fruit basket.

13. Toiletry bag

This timeless gift can never go wrong. It may appear strange at first, but believe us when we say a toiletry bag can be a lifesaver, especially if your clients travel frequently. It aids in organization. Choose a high-quality toiletry bag with plenty of compartments and a small footprint for easy mobility. Congratulations if the bag is waterproof; your customers will be grateful.

14. Restaurant Gift Cards

Who wouldn't want to eat their favorite foods in their favorite restaurant? Investigate the best places to eat in your vendor's vicinity, or better yet, ask them which restaurant they'd like to try and give them a voucher to enjoy there. This is bound to work out.

15. Wireless Headphones

Who doesn't want to wear headphones? Wireless sets are popular these days. Fortunately, the market offers a wide range of wireless headphones at various price points. So you can look around and find one that fits your budget without sacrificing quality. They will remember you every time they listen to their favorite songs in this manner.

16. Beautiful notebooks

Go old school with a high-quality leather or suede-covered notebook, ideal for taking notes and scribbling brilliant witticisms.

17. Charity Donation

A donation to someone else is sometimes the most thoughtful gift you can give someone. This gift is sure to impress, whether you know a cause close to your vendor's heart or one that aligns with their values. You can also choose a more general business-oriented charity, such as Kiva.

18. Desk plants

Knowing where your gift will end up is sometimes a good place to start. Desk plants not only brighten up the office, but even those without a green thumb can care for a miniature plant. There are a variety of fun little desk succulents that will keep your event on your vendor's mind all year. Just make sure to offer plants in small boxes so they can travel easily.

19. Experience vouchers

Give the gift of a memorable experience to stay top-of-mind. Choose something specific, such as a gift certificate to a new restaurant or a luxurious spa. Alternatively, use a company like Experience Days, which allows the recipient to select their own fun events such as culinary tasting tours or race car driving.

Final thoughts about Christmas gifts for vendors

When appropriate, you should always look for opportunities to give business gifts to your clients and vendors. Thoughtful gifts to commemorate happy occasions and good fortune are always appreciated and can help strengthen your business relationships.

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