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Best Christmas Gifts for Office Staff Under $10 or Less

July 27, 2022 9 min read

Reimagined bulk office gifts for large employee groups. The finest times to express your love and gratitude for your coworkers are throughout the holidays and Christmas.

Everyone wants to feel valued as an employee, regardless of the industry they work in or the level of expertise on their team. It's not just about helping employees feel better; it's also about maintaining their motivation to do their jobs well and strive to advance the business.

1. Tote Bags

The traditional tote bag is a good place to start when discussing employee appreciation gifts under $10. You will have the ideal fit in terms of something that is both functional and fashionable as long as you make sure you choose the finest quality selections. Tote bags are even more useful now that reusable supermarket bags are becoming common.

2. Mobile wallets

The best course of action is always to hunt for useful gifts when you have a limited budget. Smartphone wallets are an excellent example. Most people own one, and they work well to ensure that important business cards and other items never go missing.

3. Gloves 

Now that the weather is starting to cool off, give your staff a set of touchscreen-compatible gloves as a token of your consideration. Keep in mind that if you order from iPromo, you can choose from a variety of sizes to ensure that everyone can find something that fits.

4. Soup Mugs

The traditional coffee cup is a mainstay of employee gifts, but you may go above and beyond by also purchasing this soup mug. You can have something that is ideal for winter weather and staying warm at home or at work with a distinctive design and an accompanying spoon.

5. Travel Kit

The frequent traveler in your business will love this kit because it is so reasonably priced. This includes a travel pillow, an eye mask, and earplugs to help them unwind until they reach their destination, whether they are traveling for work or pleasure. Additionally, you may store them all in the included bag until you're ready to utilize them.

6. Writing Pads

These are a terrific choice if you're looking for additional staff gifts that cost less than $10. Some choose to use these for scheduling, while others use them for doodling and other creative tasks.

7. Salad Cups

These are a terrific way for folks to enjoy their lunch at work or on the go while still eating healthily, which can often be a hassle. Salad glasses are made to keep food cool and fresh so you may eat them all day. Some versions also come with extra salad forks and dressing storage glasses. The best part is that they work well as inexpensive advertising gifts.

8. Flashlights

A flashlight is one of those items that many people don't think about purchasing until they need it. Whether you're using them as part of a car emergency kit or storing them away at home in the event of a blackout. With this clever and useful gift, you can help your squad stay on top of the game.

9. Business Card Cases

These may not always be considered genuine employee appreciation gifts, but in two situations, they are ideal. This is an excellent method to remind someone on your team that you believe in them and wish them well in their new position if they recently received a huge promotion or new job.

10. Mason Jars/Mason Mugs

Many kitchens now use these jars on a regular basis to preserve particular dishes, and in other cases, they're even used for decoration. Giving this kind of adaptable gift to your staff members is a wonderful way to attempt to have something for everyone, even if you're on a tight budget.

11. Puzzles

Sometimes all you need to get yourself back on track is a little brain teaser. Small puzzles are an excellent way to pass some time while recharging your batteries after a long day at work. In addition, families with young children might use these as a kind of amusement. If you have a tight budget, choosing gifts with several uses is a terrific idea.

12. Snack Packs

A snack box is a terrific way to thank your staff while also supporting them if they're trying to avoid overcrowding their homes over the holidays. They not only get to indulge in a favorite pleasure but there is also nothing to put away afterward!

13. Lanyard USB Drives

This is a wonderful alternative because almost everyone these days requires a flash drive, making it one of our best sellers. This lanyard makes it much more difficult for you to misplace something, whether you're uploading data for work or simply want to bring some photos to show the family during the holidays. For inexpensive employee gifts, the complete USB drive family is generally a fantastic choice.

14. Phone Stands & Grips

The touchscreen on a smartphone can be challenging to use, whether you're attempting to play a game or video chat with someone. By using these magnetic stands, you can easily keep your phone in place on your desk or another surface.

15. Earbuds

Music improves every situation, whether you're waiting for public transportation or starting a career. Giving your staff a backup set of earbuds will ensure that they can continue to enjoy listening to music even if their primary set breaks.

16. Tumblers

These are a perennial favorite when discussing personalized gifts for children under five. These are cost-effective for you and always helpful to avoid using paper and Styrofoam cups. Whether your employees use them at home to hold hot tea or coffee or take them with them on the go, tumblers are a timeless personalized gift.

17. Timers

These timers are a useful all-purpose tool around the house for cooking, exercising, or simply needing to know how long anything takes. When not in use, affix them to your refrigerator or store them in your toolbox.

18. Calendars 

Calendars have a reputation for being somewhat boring, but there are many ways to use them as meaningful gifts. Simply pick one of our numerous styles or themes for a subject that appeals to your employee.

19. Microfiber Cloths

You can acquire inexpensive phone accessories as gifts other than stands. These come in quite handy for assisting staff in maintaining the clean, scratch-free screens of their smartphones. Microfiber or various sorts of materials are options.

20. Knife Sets

This gift will save the effort if you see someone bringing silverware from home every time they dine. Without wondering if you left that fork at the office, just take a bite, wash them off, bring them home, and repeat.

21. Stress Relievers

One of the finest employees gifts under $10 as a stress reliever. A clever funny gift is one of the best ways to demonstrate your attention and appreciation for cheap despite having fewer options because of your limited budget. Additionally, every workplace may experience difficult periods from time to time. In those situations, this might be a useful tool.

22. Bottle Openers

With these compact, useful branded bottle openers, you'll always be prepared to enjoy a drink. To reduce the number of little household tools you require, this one also has a tiny flashlight.

23. Wine Glasses

These branded glasses are excellent for entertaining guests or simply unwinding at home with a drink if wine is more your style.

24. Branded Pens

It's a cliché, but promotional pens remain a mainstay of employee gifts and corporate swag packages for a reason. It is practical at both home and business, and it is also reasonably priced. For a cheap gift set, combine it with a handful of the other choices on this list.

25. Scented Candles

Let's talk about scented candles as our final topic for our discussion of inexpensive employee gifts. These make for a wonderful evergreen gift, whether you want to use them for genuine aromatherapy or just want a beautiful scent about the house. Your staff members can hang onto them until they start to feel exhausted, at which point they can light the candle.

26. Watch Sticky Notes

Everyone at work knows someone who needs to write reminders on numerous sticky notes. Here is the ideal gift for that coworker, though! Now she can wear the reminders she needs to remember the most.

27. Oh the Meetings You’ll Go To 

Do you have a coworker who has little ones at home? They'll likely enjoy this goofy spoof of Oh the Places You'll Go by Dr. Seuss.

28. Office Mad Libs

This collection of mad libs will be useful when you have a group of coworkers working closely together to lighten the mood on those trying days.

29. Funny Pencil Set

Look at this pencil set if you're seeking a funny gift. Every pencil has a different snarky remark etched on it.

30. Desktop Skee-ball

Skeeball on a computer screen is the ideal game for an office desk. Unless the boss's office is only around the corner, that is.

31. Infusion Water Bottle

Your coworker will be grateful that you gave her this infusion water bottle when the coffee maker in the break room runs out of coffee.

32. Better Coworkers Mug 

Do you need an idea for a gift from the group? I believe that the entire staff at the office would be happy to contribute toward this mug.

33. Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Guy 

That wacky, waving, inflatable arm guy is now available in miniature desktop sizes! It's a terrific way to inject some excitement into a drab office.

34. Per My Last Email Craft

If you're feeling crafty, you can either finish this cross stitch kit yourself or gift it to the crafty coworker in your workplace as is.

35. 3D Wooden Puzzle

Is a coworker of yours typically extremely stressed out? Check out this 3D wooden puzzle for brain teasers. It may be a wonderful method to offer them a brief mental respite.

36. Keep Calm Journal

For that coworker who is a little OCD or just wonderfully organized, here is a blank journal. Maybe they could need a laugh right now!

37. Like a Boss Mug

You can give this "Like a Boss" mug to a coworker who is always destroying their task by placing some biscotti or a little bag of coffee inside.

38. Bitch About Bitches Glass

The office rumor mill never stops. The upcoming ladies' night out, which will be filled with conversation and drinks in her new glass, will be appreciated by your best coworker.

39. Screaming Goat

Here is the gift your coworker needs when he moans that people are constantly touching the items on his desk. The screaming goat will only need to touch someone once before his coworkers learn to stay away!

40. Felt Letter Board

Now when your coworkers leave their desks, they have a cute and simple way to leave messages. The best part is that this full kit includes everything you need, including a stand and letters!

41. Desktop Corn Hole

Okay, so perhaps skeeball isn't the best computer game available. For coworkers who essentially share a desk, playing cornhole is a terrific idea.

42. Pimple Popper

Do you have a coworker who is constantly overly stressed? Give them a break. Give them this zit-bursting gift. Even while it might seem a little unpleasant, it can quickly relieve stress on trying days.

43. Bear Paper Clip Holder

Nobody enjoys spending their own money on stationery and other organized items. Give your coworker this charming magnetic paper clip holder to prevent their desk drawer from becoming clogged with stray paper clips.

44. Memo Pad Bundle

These amusing and cute memo pads appeal to the majority of people. The package includes 4 sets of pads, each with a unique pattern.

45. You’re an Awesome Stainless Steel Tumbler

One brand-new stainless steel tumbler will only be given to the most wonderful employee! With this one, you can't go wrong. Even a straw, lid, and cleaning brush are included.

46. Office Crew Shirt

These office crew shirts are adorable. Buy one for each employee at your office!

47. Toilet Golf

This little putting green may be nicknamed "toilet golf," but an office chair works just as well!

48. Sticky Note Holder

Compared to the typical post-it cube, this sticky note holder is considerably cuter. Even a starter pack of sticky notes is included!

49. Magnetic Stress Relief Toy

This magnetic stress reliever toy has a remarkably calming quality. It won't take up much room on a desk, and your coworkers can use it to reduce stress by making a magnetic sculpture.

50. Air Plant

This little air plant will add some life to the workplace. It will spread good vibes and is simple to maintain.

51. Cubicle, Sweet Cubicle

Sweet Home, at last! Alternatively, cubicle, beautiful cubicle! When so much time is spent at the office, it is effectively the same thing!

52. K Cup Storage

If there is a Keurig in your office, but everyone seems to take the other people's coffee, Maybe these basic K Cup storage pods can keep the coffee pods belonging to your employees hidden and safe!

53. Colleagues and Friends Picture Frame

If you're fortunate enough to have a coworker who is also a terrific friend in your life—and not everyone does—check out this advice! It can now be gifted once you add a picture of the two of you.

Who wouldn't like to be at the beach? 

54. Mini Sandbox 

I suppose that since I'm confined to the office, this miniature sandbox will have to do.

55. I Would Hang Out With You Candle

Here is a wonderful-smelling candle for any coworker you might envision hanging out with and who doesn't annoy you.

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