Best Christmas Gifts for Office Staff Under $5 or Less

July 27, 2022 12 min read

If a gift is offered from the heart, it cannot be cheap or expensive. Finding inexpensive gifts for coworkers under $5 is difficult. The second-best friends you will ever have are your coworkers. But even if you change jobs later in life, they will always be in your heart.

Gifts under $5 are not always acceptable, but occasionally you could want something more pricey. But when you have to give them a gift, the budget is also important. The most crucial thing to keep in mind is that when they observe that, they ought to feel joyful.

Your presence with them might be one of the nicest gifts. However, people do enjoy a materialistic gift that shows them that you care about them. Plan accordingly to your financial constraints and educate yourself on them.

As their decision is really important to them. When you give someone something, they ought to be delighted. Gifts are hedonistic items that you can utilize to cheer up those around you.

While receiving gifts might make someone happy, giving gifts can also make someone happy. They are surrounded by a variety of people. They may contribute to people feeling content and at ease.

People can truly be made pleased by gifts. You might give your coworker something that they can use in the future as well. They can make people joyful and preserve the gift as a memory. In reality, they are also able to treasure that time.

There are numerous gifts available for less than $5 that they can utilize in a variety of ways. The list is provided below, and by choosing a few from it, one can please the people on it.

Your action can also be beneficial in a lot of ways. Together, let's plan this and please them.

1. Multi-Tool Pen 

Many different kinds of pens can be used at work. One of the most practical items that may be utilized every day is this. This pen has numerous features, including writing, lighting, and repair. Consequently, this pen is a multi-tool and is also quite helpful.

One of the finest gifts for coworkers under $5, this is useful for a wide range of people. Although there are many different colors available, the size is constant. Smaller items can often be more useful than larger, more expensive ones.

2. Cute Elephant Paper Clips

These paper clips may be among the most unusual and adorable items. They come in various shapes, including elephants. Many other people also use it as a bookmark, and they come in a variety of colors.

There are about 30 pins in them, and with proper care, they should survive for at least a year. Given that your employees also use paper every day, this is highly beneficial for them. In many ways, this can therefore be quite helpful to them.

3. Color Own Coffee Mug For Coworker

Some people enjoy being creative. This is a simple gift that can be given to someone as part of a secret Santa surprise. One can color this on their own, and it is helpful in a variety of ways. This reduces stress at work as well. They have a wide variety of pens that are just used to color the mug available to them.

The mug is offered in white, and one must paint and draw on it as desired. At the office, this is also utilized as a coffee mug. They might find a lot of use for this mug.

4. Scissor

When you have a lot of paperwork to complete, scissors are crucial. There are numerous further varieties of scissors. A person has access to a wide variety of colors as well. It can be quite beneficial to a colleague in a variety of ways.

The nicest part is that it isn't sticky, so you may use it every time without worrying that you'll cut your hands. Additionally non-sticky, the blades make it simple to cut paper.

5. Acrylic Pen Stand

Pen stands are necessary on every workstation. The pen stand is among the nicest gifts. For those who need to write a lot, it is quite helpful and can be used daily. Give this pen stand to someone you know who writes frequently and needs many pens.

They come in a wide range of colors and shapes. one of the most original gifts for coworkers under $5. And this is also helpful. It is constructed of tough plastic, which is also breakable.

6. Adapter Cords

Adapters are now a need for everyone to utilize in the office. This is the most highly recommended adapter that they have. They are only available in one color. It is transportable from one location to another.

Given the length of the extension cord, working with the nest switch is made simple. It links USBs, printers, cameras, and many other devices, making it helpful. Anyone can utilize them to relieve oneself of work.

7. Keyboard Cover 

This is different and unique. Everyone should value the keyboard cover. This is particularly applied to laptops. They come in a variety of hues and are widely accessible.

In addition to protecting the keyboard from dust, it also gives it a lovely appearance. The silicone used to make the cover is a very delicate material. If desired, this can also be washed. It can also be molded and used regularly. Two pieces are given to one.

8. Webcam Covers

Webcams are a common feature of laptops. This webcam cover shields the device from pollution and dust. This comes in a variety of colors and comes in three parts. Additionally, it is utilized by phone cameras.

One of the useful gifts for coworkers under $5 that will benefit them much. This is thin and quite practical for daily use by everyone. You can protect the digital item with its assistance.

9. Journal Diary

Everyone needs a notepad so they can write stuff down. One of the gifts under $5 that they could use is this. They can copy down some of the crucial information that has to be noted. One can write on its 100 brand-new pages and use it daily.

This is a wonderful gift for your coworker because he will appreciate it and use it frequently. This can be used daily as well as when necessary. So give them gifts that are both inexpensive and incredibly useful to them.

10. Knock Knock Sticky Notes

Sometimes, sticky notes are incredibly crucial. This aids in making the task easier and faster to complete. Sticky notes come in a variety of forms and can be utilized daily. It may be affixed to a table's sides or a wall. They are simple to sue.

Each sheet is 3 by 3 inches, making the book tiny and portable. Only the most important things can be written on each sheet. This can make it easier for him to complete the assignment.

11. Credit Card Survival Kit 

This is something different and a unique gift under $ 5 at the same time. The budget should also include expenses for gifts. They are also simple to obtain. This is conveniently offered in a variety of sizes, but the color remains the same.

This credit card survival kit has 11 different tools in all. It comes with a bottle opener, a keychain holder, and many other things. It is made of stainless steel, making it difficult to break.

12. Galaxy Mouse Pad 

This is one of the most important things for office use. In numerous respects, it is really helpful. Without the pad, the mouse pad is useless. It features a sensor, therefore using a mouse alone without a pad is not possible.

Although there are many other pads in them, this is the one that is most frequently recommended. They come in a variety of sizes and forms. One of the most beneficial things your teammates can use. They are easy to use and facilitate speedy work.

13. Squeeze Balls

At work, many people worry excessively about trivial matters. These squeeze balls, which can benefit them in numerous ways, are one of the nicest things. They come in a wide range of colors, and one may choose from a variety of sizes.

They can use this to play with it by squeezing it in their hands, which might be helpful. This can help a lot of people simply relieve their stress and worry. One of the finest gifts for coworkers under $5 that they will also find to be quite useful.

14. File Folder

One can use these vibrant file folders daily to store their papers. Each folder has four files, making it simple for them to transport the files' contents. This file folder is one of the greatest inexpensive gifts for coworkers under $5.

Some people must work on papers every day, and doing so without assistance has grown to be exceedingly challenging. Additionally, carrying it is simple.

15. Hand Warmers

A tiny hand warmer like this. Particularly for those who always feel cold. It is really simple and makes a great $5 everyday gift for coworkers. One can use these every day and they come in a pack of two.

They can also transport this with them as they move from one location to another outside. This hand warmer enables you to keep your hands continuously warm till you are holding them.

16. Mini Desk Caution Name Plate

Having a humorous nameplate on the desk might be entertaining. This unique gift costs less than $5, and it comes in a variety of colors. These nameplates are simple to have everywhere and are useful every day.

Instead of writing the person's name on the desk, one may write their personality instead. Everyone must enjoy themselves at work. This has numerous applications.

17. Thank You Keychain For Coworker

There are numerous applications for this versatile thank-you keychain. Having a name that is unique to you written on it is one of the greatest approaches. It is a special and unusual gift that costs under $5. There are many sizes available, but few colors.

To show appreciation for their efforts, it might be given to a coworker. This might motivate him to perform better. It can carry keys and be used daily. He can use this keychain in a variety of ways.

18. Tie for Coworker

Every man must dress professionally for the workplace. A man must show up to the meeting with his tie on. This tie is available in a variety of colors and is made of soft material.

It is a fantastic birthday gift for a coworker that costs under $5. When he gets this, he will be pleased. He likes to wear this tie frequently and it is constructed of microfabric material.

19. Paper Clip Holder

Each paperclip needs to be handled with care. Thus, this paper clip has a lot of potential uses. They come in a wide range of sizes and colors. In addition to paper clips, there are many more items that are crucial for office use that might be kept.

This can make it easier for you to locate them. The fact that it is simple to recycle makes it the best feature. This is the most helpful and distinctive gift under $5 that you can give a coworker.

20. Reusable Paper 

Nowadays, you can find many different types of papers which are available in the market. One of them is this. These are reusable papers that can be helpful to a colleague. The material is incredibly difficult to work with and comes in a wide variety of shapes.

Additionally, it is easily usable and can have anything written on it erased. One of the finest $5 gifts for coworkers that are also a great way to conserve paper. This paper is written with a different pen that is nearby.

21. Floral Thank You Cards

The best thank-you card is this one. You can give this to your coworker as a way to thank him for his efforts. One of the ideals gifts for coworkers under $5 will make them pleased. It can also be given as a gift on someone's birthday, anniversary, or several other occasions.

The nicest handmade flowers are on this card, but you can also find them in a wide variety of colors and shapes.

22. Perpetual Calendar For Office Desk

The calendar is the most significant item in a workplace. They can be personalized to provide a special gift for less than $5 for coworkers. Every desk needs a calendar since it makes it simple for people to write down tasks that are essential to them.

It is one of the workplace accents that can make your desk appear tidy and professional. There is room to emphasize a few of the crucial tasks that must be finished.

23. Stamp Roll Dispenser

Rolls of stamps are a factor in some offices. With the stamp, they must finish their work. This is portable and compact enough to be taken outside for meetings.

In numerous respects, it is really helpful. It makes work simple and can hold about 100 stamps. an ideal gift for office employees that costs less than $5. Anyone can utilize this.

24. Weekly Planner

Everyone should schedule their tasks in advance and prepare themselves for the week. This planner can be given as a gift to employees. They can benefit in many ways from writing down the tasks that need to be completed each week.

Everyone can use this to make a week's worth of plans and tasks. The planner comes in a variety of colors and sizes. They can use this planner to record important dates, appointments, and other information.

25. Coffee Cup Holder

There must be holders for everything in the office. This multi-tool can hold everything from coffee to paper. This is a special gift for your employees that costs under $5. This holder is essential for everyone's use because it makes life easier at the workplace.

The ideal cup and mug holder. They can be kept immediately in the holder. This can be held using little plants and a phone. This holder should be used to its fullest potential by everyone.

26. Office Stapler 

Where you have paperwork, staplers are also very important to use. One can purchase several advanced staplers and use them regularly. These are tiny and come in a variety of hues. Up to 200 pins can be stored in this stapler, which can staple 10 sheets of paper every day.

The base of the stapler is rubber based, and one can use it without it slipping down easily because the material is neither sticky nor easily slipping from the hands.

27. Laptop Cover Bag 

Everything requires a bag to keep things. The same is true for computers, which also need a bag to store them. This laptop bag is made of high-quality cloth and fits everything inside, including cords and chargers.

This is one of the practical gifts under $5 that will last for a very long time. This can be used and washed as well. It comes in a variety of colors in addition to black. This backpack can accommodate any laptop type and is lightweight and portable.

28. Paperweight

The paperweight is a crucial item in an office. But you can weigh the paper at home as well as in the office. The purpose of the paperweight is to keep the paper in place so it won't fly off. One of the finest gifts for coworkers under $5 that they can use in a variety of ways.

It is transparent and black. And to make it look more appealing, it also contains a tiny microscopic object. This can also be used for decoration. There are plenty of others available, too.

29. Flower Vase

For use, a floral vase is essential. It has a cylindrical shape like a glass vase, and one can keep it on their desk. On the desk, this appears to be a more appealing and decorative item.

To avoid having to change the flowers every time, one might add imitation flowers or change the flowers every three days. It is incredibly translucent and may be made into many different shapes. One of the nicest things a person can possess is this.

30. USB Fan For Desk

This is a desk-mounted USB fan. This can also be used as a desk decoration. This comes in a wide range of sizes and hues. Additionally, it functions as a pen drive and stores all of your essential documents on it. It features a fan that activates when it is turned on.

They come in a variety of different shapes. The fan operates quietly and is likewise a Peggy design. Additionally, it is simple to find various designs in them.

31. Night Light

This is a night light that may also be used as beautiful furniture. It has a motorcycle shape and can be used to keep it on a desk. You can give him this as a birthday gift to cheer him up. Both the sizes and the colors are available in a variety of options.

It's the ideal office gift for under $5 and will be of great use to him. But it only requires a simple plug-in to function.

The above-mentioned inexpensive gifts for coworkers under $5 are only a few of the many options. On birthdays, Christmas Eve, and several other occasions, one can receive them. These gifts can also be given to employees. Many of the gifts can now be narrowed down, making them delighted. These gifts can be brought home and used as ornamental items in the house, in addition to being quite helpful for them to have on their desks. The list of gifts under $5 that appears above will appeal to every one of your coworkers.

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