Best Christmas Gifts for Pet Owners

June 25, 2022 14 min read

In our world, there are two kinds of people: pet owners who are so in love with their four-legged pals — and everyone else. If you fall into the latter category, or even, God forbid, a cat person, it can be difficult to find a practical holiday present for the pet lover in your life. Even the most dedicated pet owners can benefit from assistance in locating unique, interesting Christmas pet gifts that go beyond the standard snacks, toys, and travel equipment. These are the Christmas gifts for pet owners that Famvibe has tested and curated for you to look into.

1. Ultra Ball Small (2 Pack)

These christmas gifts for pet owners are an excellent way for pets to expend energy while also receiving mental stimulation.

2. Sport Launcher Pet Ball Thrower

The plastic tool allows you to throw farther and handle the ball from an arm's length after it sloshes through a mud puddle. Because the balls can get a little disgusting, you don't have to contact them with this device.

3. TriangleRing Tiger Pet Toy

If your present recipient has valuable possessions that a bouncy ball could knock over, choose this soft pet toy that "doesn't bounce or roll" but can still be thrown and tugged. It's machine washable and made to endure rough play.

4. Tail Teaser Training Toy

It enjoys a large cat toy. It rapidly becomes a favorite for many pets, serving as an excellent substitute for chasing actual squirrels. It's also a terrific type of exercise that doesn't need much effort from the owner."

5. Pet Hol-ee Roller Pet Toy

Try the Hol-ee Roller if the pet you're shopping for enjoys fetch. It's a bouncy ball/chew toy combination with large holes that make it easier for smaller mouths to hold, grip, and toss about. Errant tosses aren't a breaking hazard because the rubber is sturdy but not inflexibly hard, and the ball's squishiness absorbs its own noise and impact, which is good news for your downstairs neighbor. It is also available in a large size.

6. Outward Hide-A-Squirrel And Puzzle Plush

This plush puzzle tree was given to it as a Christmas gift by a friend whose own pet was infatuated with it, and she has since given it to many of her other pet-parent friends. It's always a hit, and the tree, complete with stuffed, squeaky squirrels, keeps her pet Reggie entertained for hours.

7. Treat Dispensing Pet Toy

Some call them "Rubik's Cubes for pets," while others name them the "New York Times crossword puzzle for pets." You hide treats in the compartments of this one, and your pet must sniff and slide the pieces out of the way to reach them. Food puzzles are often beneficial to city pets since they provide brain stimulation, alleviate boredom, and are simply entertaining.

8. Interactive Puzzle Game

It's a terrific technique to slowly feed your pet and keep them busy when you need them to entertain themselves, and it's also good for cerebral stimulation! It's simple to clean, reasonably priced, and fun to watch.

9. Snuffle Nosework Pet Mat

Sniffing makes pets happy, and burying treats in this mat is an excellent method to feed them while also teaching them to use their noses. ”It's also washable and portable, so you can take it everywhere."

10. French Confections Made Just For Dogs

With these handmade macarons, you can give your good boy or girl a taste of classic French pastry. The cookies are prepared in tiny batches and, unlike human cookies, are firm enough to eat for a long time. Choose from ten different tastes, including mint, cheese, and strawberry/mint/lavender, all created with high-quality, locally sourced ingredients.

11. DNA Test To Determine Their Rescue Pet'S Breed

Anyone who owns a mongrel or a rescue pet will appreciate this key to finally answering every stranger's favorite question: "What breed is your pet?" The Embark Breed test provides one of the most accurate genetic evaluations of a pet. It's less expensive than other tests that evaluate health markers, and your money will help pets all over the world – if your recipient opts in, Embark will add their pet's DNA to an ever-growing database used by researchers to uncover genetic-related health disorders.

12. Matching Sweaters For Celebrating The Holiday Season

Fair Isle, created for the whole family, will keep you warm this winter. The white sweater features antlered moose and red and black geometric designs and is available in doggie sizes XS to XXL as well as human sizes toddlers small to adult unisex XXL. 

13. Pack Of Dogs To Plan The Coming Year

Organize your life with this 17-month canine-themed planner featuring a pack of watercolor pups. They'll find all they need to plan for 2022 within, including sections for monitoring daily tasks, annual events, goals, and their monthly budget.

14. The Only Pet Bowl They'Ll Ever Require

Yeti, famed for its almost indestructible coolers and outdoor gear, also manufactures one of the most trustworthy pet bowls on the market. The 8-cup stainless steel dish is resistant to dents, rust, and being hurled across the room with the zoomies. It's also dishwasher safe, BPA-free, has a nonslip ring at the bottom, and comes in ten different colors.

15.Engraving Of Their Pet's Paw Print To Wear Around Their Neck

With this personalized engraved necklace, they may keep their pet close to their hearts. Send in a photo of an inked or clay paw print, or simply a photo of the pet's foot.

16.Travel Kit For Keeping Their Pet'S Essentials Organized

Replace the plastic bags and mismatched containers with a coordinated travel pack designed to hold the items their pet cannot leave home without. The tough carrying case includes a zip-up pet food bag and two collapsible pet bowls, as well as a padded shoulder strap for easy carrying. In the two mesh side pockets, they may store leashes, treats, toys, and other items.

17.Biodegradable Alternative For Cleaning Up After Their Pet

Stop using plastic poop bags and instead use this eco-friendly alternative.

18. Their Pet in Sock Form

With a pair of personalized socks, they can shower their barking pets with puppy love. Cuddle Clones will pattern a pair with their fuzzy friend's face with only a photo. There are dozens of backdrops to choose from, including holiday designs.

19. Tiny Pup Tent for Tiny Pup

Even though camping season is over, your pet can still sleep in their own personal tent. The Basecamp is a scaled-down version of the original, with a geodesic dome form, ultralight poles, and two mesh windows for ventilation. Because of the tough tarpaulin bottom, this compact tent may accompany you to your favorite camping once the weather warms up again.

20. BarkBox - Monthly Box Of Canine Surprises

Don't bother attempting to figure out what the pet or pet lover in your life desires. BarkBox has done all of the legwork for you. Its monthly pet subscription boxes include carefully curated selections of toys, snacks, and chews centered on exciting themes such as summer camp, magic, and spa days. Send Birchbox as a present, or better yet, purchase one for yourself.

21. Pack Of Pets to Protect Smartphone

No more surfing through their social media sites looking for attractive pets. With this pet phone case, they'll have dozens of puppies at their disposal. The corgis, shibas, and poodles in the pack can be customized as a compact or strong case for practically every iPhone or Android model.

22. Squeezable Pet Water Bottle For Instant Hydration

With this one-of-a-kind pet water bottle, you may give the pet a drink all by yourself. To fill the associated dish with water, simply squeeze the leak-proof canister. When they've finished, the remaining liquid drains back into the bottle, ready for the next time they're thirsty.

23. Flannel Pants For Cold - Weather Canine Snuggling

On cold nights, these extremely plush pet pajama pants will keep them warm and snug. They include a drawstring waist and pockets for maximum comfort. Choose from three pet-tastic colors and patterns, as well as 13 different sizes.

24. Stress Relieving Coloring Book full of Pets

This delightful adult coloring book contains 64 pages of elaborately designed black-and-white canines. Make your Great Dane blue and your Chihuahua pink if you want. The pages of the book are beautiful and thick, so the colors won't leak through.

25. Cashmere Turtleneck for cold weather walks

This cable-knit turtleneck from The Barkers exudes beatnik vibes. This beautiful cashmere pet jumper will have them wanting for a human-sized version all their own.

26. Pack of Petgy Chip Clips

Seal your goodie bags with a variety of pet faces. This chip clip posse comprises a corgi, Boston terrier, bullpet, collie, dalmatian, and shiba inu, all of which are excellent pets. The clips are composed of tough plastic with steel springs.

27. Handsome Pet Crate to Dress up Decor

Get rid of those unsightly pet kennels that ruin your décor! Diggs Revol is not only elegant, but it also folds flat and includes wheels for rolling out of sight. The crate comes in three colors and includes a puppy divider and a removable, easy-to-clean floor.

28. Fresh Pet Food To Fill Pup's Belly

Just Food for pets creates healthful canine meals using fresh, human-grade meats and vegetables in six different recipes. The meal is flash frozen before being delivered to their door. In our buying guide, you can learn more about the best fresh pet food.

29. Custom Pet Stickers

With these personalized pet stickers, you can give the Christmas gift of sticky immortality. Simply upload a photo of their pet, and My Sticker Face will produce an exact replica out of vinyl that they can stick to anything that needs a puppy boost.

30. Food Puzzle To Work The Canine Brain

These food puzzles are a terrific method to both engage and work the brain for smarty pants pets who need a job. Fill the compartments with treats or kibble to engage their pet's underutilized scavenging instincts.

31. Puppy Throw Pillows To Dress Up Their Decor

Adorable pet faces can be used to decorate their home. These 8-by-12-inch wool pillows, hand-sewn in the shapes of three different breeds — golden retriever, pug, and Boston terrier — will never shed, drool, or leave muddy paw prints on their sofa.

33. Pack of Pets to Keep Them Dry in Rainy Weather

The artist cuts paper by hand to make spot-on collage images of his canine clientele. For his wind-resistant 42-inch umbrella, the artist chose a couple dozen of his faves, including drooping eared basset hounds, friendly schnauzers, and half-smiling fluffs. The water-repellent parasol includes a black rubber handle with an automatic opener and a pet-patterned storage sleeve.

34. Pair Of Icy Bullets To Keep Their Highball Cool

With bullet-shaped ice cubes, they can add a touch of canine sophistication to their next cocktail. Fill the two silicone molds with water, freeze, and then run under warm water to release the hounds. The cubes will retain their shape sip after sip.

35. Pet Camera That Lets Them Interact With Their Pup

The pet camera comes to the rescue for people who can't bear being apart from their pet. They can monitor their pet from afar with a 160-degree wide-angle view, talk to them via voice chat, and toss them a reward whenever they want using the free app.

36. Pet-Splattered Dish Towel That Really Sees Them

Anyone who has ever loved a pet understands that the best people are those with four legs.nd this pet-covered tea towel isn't scared to tell the truth. They'll be ready to go whenever a dish needs drying, whether it's short or curly, small or large.

37. “Remember If The Pet Actually Got Fed” Metal Counter

Have you fed the pet? Can't seem to recall anything? But this tiny little device understands. Simply moving the button during feeding time will ensure that they are never taken in by their pup's second-dinner-desiring hungry eyes again.

38. Homemade Pet Treat Maker

Give your favorite cook a pup-approved kitchen accessory. Fill the waffle iron-like Dash with one of the accompanying cookbook recipes (such as peanut butter pumpkin or cheddar bacon) for fresh bone-shaped goodies right out of the oven.

39. Hoodie With A Kangaroo Pouch To Keep Their Pup Close

This cozy cotton-polyester hoodie keeps cuddly pets and the humans who love them together. The zip-up 14-inch by 9-inch by 4-inch compartment can accommodate pets weighing up to 15 pounds and is available in six different colors.

40. Ball Launcher For Supercharged Games Of Fetch

It's nearly hard to tire out a fetch-loving, high-energy pet before tiring out your throwing arm. This basic plastic launcher shoots the ball farther than puny human muscles alone and is guaranteed not to quit halfway through the game.

41. Matching Bandana And Face Mask For Twinning With Their Pet

With this pet bandana and face mask set, you can go the distance in style. The triple-layer mask includes adjustable ear loops and a 3D chin design and comes in four machine-washable bespoke cotton designs.

42. Pair Of Fur-Sonalized Silver Cufflinks

With these pet portrait cufflinks, they'll be wearing their heart on their sleeve. The engraved sterling silver accessories come with an added bonus: a rubber stamp of their pet to use on anything that could use some puppy love.

43. Collar For Tracking Their Pet's Location And Activity - GPS Tracker Smart pet Collar

Like a FitBit for pets, this smart collar will track not just their pet's daily activity (and compare it to other pups in the neighborhood), but also their whereabouts. This small device uses GPS monitoring technology to give alarms whenever a door-dashing escape artist is on the move.

44. Elevated Pet Bed

With this elevated cot, they can make their pet's summer days a little more tolerable. The elevated shape, made of waterproof nylon with a mesh center, facilitates ventilation, which helps keep pets cool when the temperature rises.

45. Sleepy Puppy Hamper To Snuggle Their Dirty Clothes

With this pet hamper, you can add some cuteness to your laundry day. The waterproof-coated cotton fabric folding, pop-up basket with ear handles is also a fantastic storage bin for toys, whether they belong to a pet or a pet-loving child.

46. Smiling Bouncy Ball That Doubles As A Puzzle Toy

This tough ball will give their pet a maniacal grin. For extended play, bounce it on the ground, float it in the water, or fill it with treats or kibble. It is available in four eye-catching hues and three sizes.

47. Yoga Mat Covered In Frenchies For Stretching

Flexible Frenchies demonstrate their yoga abilities on this beautiful yoga mat. What is their favorite pose? Of course, a downward-facing pet.

48. Pet Bathing Tool

With this versatile water sprayer and massage scrubber, you can cut bath time in half. The tool fits over their palm, freeing up their fingers to reassure their pooch or toggle the built-in on/off switch.

49. Vet Play Set To Inspire Young Animal Lovers

Encourage the little animal lover in your life with a play set that lets them practice pet care and the empathy and compassion that comes along with it. This set includes everything they'll need to perform a house call, including a stethoscope, syringe, bandages, and a cone of shame, as well as two plush pets for practice.

50. Gallery-Worthy Portrait Of Their Beloved Pet

Immortalize their pet with a bespoke portrait they'll treasure for years. Select from a variety of backdrops and oak frames. Each gallery-quality image can have up to three pets in it.

51. Cashmere Turtleneck For Cold Weather Walks

This cable-knit turtleneck exudes beatnik vibes. This beautiful cashmere pet jumper will have them wanting for a human-sized version all their own.

52. Pet Treat Bag

If her pockets and handbag are already overflowing with pet goodies and poop bags, give her the hands-free convenience of this pouch, which Good Housekeeping's product reviews editor refers to as a petite diaper bag.

53. "Only Talking to My Pet Today" T-Shirt

No further explanation is required. However, if you require one, simply ask my pet.

54. Pet Lover Candle

This candle is designed like a paw print, and the label can be personalized so her pooch may express himself.

55. Pet Mom Baseball Cap

Perfect for long summer walks or hot days at the pet park.

56. Pet and Owner Friendship Pendants

Pets aren't dubbed "man's best friend" for no reason. The pave bone cut-out can be worn around her neck, while her pet wears the stamped bone tag on his collar.

57. Treat-Tossing Pet Camera

The Furbo Pet camera connects to her phone, allowing her to communicate with her pet and even throw food to her pet while she's at work. It also contains a barking alarm so she can calm a barking pet from a distance.

58. Personalized Paw Print Ring

Hand-stamped with her pet's name, this delicate ring is so lovely and subtle that she may wear it every day without feeling like a crazy pet lady.

59. Personalized Pet Mug 

Memorialize pets from all stages of her life with this sweet mug. To personalize, select from up to 100 avatars (or have one developed for you!) for up to six pets lined up side by side. You can add angel wings to pets who have passed away (but be prepared to cry!).

60. Pet Friendship Bracelet and Collar

Check. One gorgeous pet collar: checked. Check: one matching bracelet for the human.

61. Personalized Pet Pillow

Choose from nine different colors, as well as a pillow cover or insert at differing rates.

62. Actual Paw Print Necklace

With this touching Christmas gift for pet owners, she can have her pet's genuine paw print immortalized in silver. On the back, you can even receive an engraving in your own handwriting.

63. Sentimental Bangle

This wire bangle bracelet, with poignant charms, is the type of delicate bangle bracelet that is likely to bring a tear to a pet mom's eye. This stainless steel expandable bracelet features a heart-shaped charm, a paw-shaped charm, and a pendant that reads, "When I needed a hand, I found your paw." It will undoubtedly win the heart of any pet parent who sees it.

64. Stoneware Mug for the Pet Owner

Are you looking for a high-quality coffee cup to give to a coffee-obsessed pet owner? In addition, it has cute paw prints lining the interior of the cup, so you may smile while drinking from it.

65. Unique Doormat

When a fur mommy walks into her home, she will be greeted with a smile by a one-of-a-kind doormat. The Footprints in the Mud doormat is sure to be popular with pet parents who take their furry offspring on outdoor adventures.

66. Pet Clock 

Keeping track of time is more enjoyable with a handcrafted canine clock. Each clock is handcrafted using plexiglass, wood, and metal to the customer's specifications. It will look great in a home office, kitchen, bathroom, or any other room in the house where your pet mom is prone to losing track of time.

67. Playful pet Coasters

You may help a pet mother start a conversation at a holiday party with a set of cheerful and amusing coasters, such as this pet Is Good four-piece coaster set. This set has four coasters.

68. Knit Your Own pet

Some of the pet owners on your Christmas list may be avid knitters, or they may be interested in taking up the activity. Give a pedigree pattern book to a crafty fur mommy, such as this one by Sally Muir and Joanna Osborne, which offers 25 basic designs. The patterns are simple to understand. pattern book can lead a dog mother through hours of enjoyable knitting, but she must use the proper yarn.

69. Pet Treat Maker

Pet mothers like spoiling their canine puppies and lavishing them with delicious food. Give them a Bake a Bone pet treat maker, which is great for pet mothers who want to prepare treats that are 100 % natural and nutritious, straight from their heart to their fur baby's stomach.

70. High-Quality Pet Purse

Is there a pet owner in your life who appears to bring their pup everywhere she goes? If this is the case, it may be time for her to acquire a high-quality pet carrier so that she may travel with her pet in a safe and pleasant manner even when she is pressed for time. It also has a padded shoulder strap for the pet owner and a removable soft bedding option for the canine traveler.

71. Creative Pet Portrait

A vivid piece of artwork can improve the look of any space. Personalized pet portraits are hand-painted on gouache card paper using a photo of the customer's pet. Every photo is vibrant and whimsical, and it wonderfully reflects your pet's own personality. painting is something that a pet owner will cherish for the rest of her life.

72. Pet Breed Slippers

Dog mothers who have a lot of frosty flooring in their house would appreciate receiving a good pair of slippers as Christmas gift for pet owners. Keep their paws warm with a pair of cute pet slippers. These soft slippers have a faux fur inner inside, a corduroy outer lining, and stuffed pet head embellishments. Your dog mother will also be pleased to discover that the sale of her slippers helped to pay shelter animal meals.

73. Custom Pet Plate

On a bespoke pet plate designed by Jacqueline Poirier, often known as the Crazy Plate Lady, is a realistic artwork of a pet owner's cherished furbaby. This vibrant work of art will add a dash of color and personality to any house, and it also makes an interesting Christmas gift for pet owners that is sure to become the focal point of the space. You are invited to get an estimate from the artist directly.

74. Sterling Silver Paw Print Earrings

Consider purchasing these polished paw print studs if you are a sophisticated fur mother who adores earrings and already has other pieces of jewelry inspired by furbabies.

75. Dog Mama Pajamas

At Christmas, you should spend time with your loved ones and treat yourself to some cozy new jammies.

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