Best Christmas Gifts for Programmers

July 06, 2022 18 min read

Give your favorite computer nerd one of these Christmas gifts for programmers, and they'll be just as happy when their code works the first time. There isn't just one perfect gift for a software engineer here; there are dozens of perfect gifts for coders and developers who share a love of computer science. Computer programmers in your life will be thrilled to receive items that they can use professionally, such as gift cards to improve their software development skills and ergonomic keyboards that relieve wrist pain. They'll be just as excited if you give them things that allow them to work in the space where creativity meets code. 

Whatever programming languages they know, if they had a universal translator, it would spit out a 01111001 01100101 01110011 (that's binary code for YES!) on any of these awesome Christmas gifts for programmers.

1. Ultimate Raspberry Pi Starter Kit

This isn't a raspberry pi you can eat, but it is one you should eat right away. It's a scalding challenge for programmers who like to build with more than lines of code, and it comes with 223 pieces to create 72 unique projects.

2. 24" Digital Wall Display

It's impossible for a programmer to have too much technology, especially when it's this cool. With this 24 hour "With a digital wall display in their office, they'll never be late for an appointment again. The daily, weekly, and monthly events, as well as the weather forecast, will be laid out for them.

3. Binary Code Watch

Make a programmer feel like the hacker spy they've always wanted to be by giving them a watch that only they can read. Ordinary people will find the binary matrix on the watch's face perplexing, but programmers will find it a nerdy delight.

4. Remote Control Coding Robot Kit

Robots are going to be cool no matter how old you are. With this remote control kit, you can see how concepts and code relate back to construction, while also developing valuable critical thinking skills and technological knowledge.

5. OXO Good Grips Sweep Swipe Laptop Cleaner

With the Sweep & Swipe, you can remove all traces of an excessive snacking session. OXO's brilliant invention has fine bristles that will remove crumbs from the smallest keyboard crevices without jamming or damaging keys.

6. The Miracle TimeCube Timer

Too much time spent staring at a screen can actually reduce productivity, and the TimeCube can help with that. It boosts a programmer's productivity by going off at the interval of their choosing, which serves as a reminder for them to take a few minutes off and return to their work with fresh eyes.

7. Floppy Disk Notebook

Younger programmers may not understand what these are, but veterans who have been around since the dial tone era will understand and enjoy them. Each notebook is made from a real floppy disk and contains a generous number of front and back pages for important notes.

8. ENIAC First Programmable Computer Patent Print Art

This print will be more than just a fun piece of artwork for your programmer buddy. This is a conversation piece and a patent that they will want to bring up all the time. They are where they are because of ENIAC, so get them the largest size available so they can always admire it.

9. Custom Cartoon Caricature Portrait

Coders who enjoy cartoon comedy will swear they've seen this style of caricature before, perhaps in Springfield. They can now see those amusing yellow characters everywhere because they are the focus of this portrait, which is available digitally and makes an excellent last-minute gift.

10. XKCD Funny Programmer Shirt

Programmers are aware. This shirt will be felt in their cold, dead souls. This shirt will reverberate through the depths of their coworkers' technical minds. The universe itself may have a connection to this shirt. What makes it work? How does the code function? Just be thankful that it does.

11. Hacker Cybersecurity Coding Game

Help a programmer live out their Mission Impossible fantasies by becoming the hacker they've always wanted to be. Hacker is a Cybersecurity game that teaches code and security at the same time while challenging players to think outside of the programs they are used to using.

12. Retro Apple Macintosh Desk Accessory

When you give this to a seasoned programmer, expect to hear a story about how they once owned this tiny treasure. The Retro Apple computer is 3D printed and faithfully recreates one of the first game-changing computers.

13. Zero Gravity Workstation

What features memory foam support, task-focused lighting, and support for three 34 "monitors and reclines to a position of zero gravity? This incredible workstation resembles something out of a Star Trek episode. Every day you spend sitting in this chair will be your best day at work.

14. Python Programmer Eat Sleep Code Mug

Life is more than just eating, sleeping, and coding. Coffee is the final requirement, and a programmer will chug it every morning from this amusing mug. The language is Python, but it will be familiar to most programmers.

15. Funny Programmer Code Coffee Mug

When a programmer debuts this hilarious mug, it will be the talk of the office. It's almost as simple as binary code in black and white, but the 11oz of coffee that fits in the vessel will help a programmer write code far more complex than what's printed in the design.

16. Wood Desk Organizer

The most important feature of this wood desk organizer is a cup holder that keeps your mug out of the way of accidental knocking over. Because programmers convert coffee into code, they require every drop. The sleek design and compartments for pens and sticky notes are just icing on the cake.

17. Copper Compression Gloves

Programmers type a lot more than the average worker, and all of those keystrokes can add up to a lot of discomfort by the end of the day. These copper compression gloves use mmHg and copper ions to relieve some of that pressure and keep dangerous conditions like Carpal Tunnel at bay.

18. Personalized Mini Keyboard Vacuum

This happy little sucker is unafraid of keyboard crumbs. The mini vacuum is about the size of an apple and is great for cleaning up small, dry spills. Put a name on his black hat for a little fun.

19. Keyboard Fidget Toy

For a programmer, being away from a keyboard can be difficult. Make it easier on them by providing a fidget toy that is essentially a piece of one of their favorite things. Select the letter and case color for this stress-relieving toy, which can also help them focus on difficult days.

20. Personalized Spotify Code Bracelet

You should pick a real banger for this bangle because it's a piece that your favorite programmer can and will want to jam to wherever they go. Choose from five stunning finishes and don't forget to personalize the inside of the charm with a special message.

21. The World's Largest Coffee Mug

This is the world's largest coffee cup, standing 11 inches tall and 9 inches wide. You could probably wash a dog in this, but a programmer needs this much coffee to write code faster than the speed of sound. We made that up, but it seems plausible, doesn't it?

22. There's No Place Like Plaque

The Wizard of IT will immediately recognize the IP Address on this board and smile. This amusing plaque measures 7.75"x3" and is a great desk accessory. It can be personalized with an engraving on the back.

23. Mini Framed Circuit Board State

This state is one of the coolest pieces of art a programmer can have on their desks. States are more than just for React; they're for displaying pride in where you've come from and where your career has taken you. This tiny treasure measures only 4"x5" but will hold a special place in a coder's heart.

24. 3-in-1 Charging Station

When you have a lot of tech to charge but don't want to fiddle with a lot of cords, this station becomes a must-have. For the geometric base, choose between light and dark wood. The lightning cords are preinstalled for convenience.

25. Programming Languages Sticker Set

Stickers are popular among programmers. Probably more than small children. And because they have a lot of computers and equipment at their computer station, they have plenty of space for these bright, colorful, weatherproof programming stickers.

26. Infinite Love Code Enamel Pin

You could give a coder a card or a teddy bear for Valentine's Day, or you could give them this enamel pin. The simple code in the frame is a code for infinite love, so consider the pretty piece before making a proposal.

27. Creation Crate Arduino Project and Coding Subscription Box

A creative programmer's dream delivery is the Creation Crate. Every month, they'll be given a new challenging but inspiring project that will twist and strengthen their brain. They will design and code fascinating electronic marvels such as an RFID reader and a digital lock box.

28. Valhalla World's Strongest Coffee

Deadlines go to Valhalla after death, and this is the coffee that sends them there. With twice the caffeine content of a regular cup of coffee, this is the world's strongest coffee. The Medium-Strong roast is bold but never bitter, allowing a programmer to focus and become the deadline destroyer they were born to be.

29. Giant Rubber Duck

The largest bugs necessitate the largest duck, and at nearly 14.5 "Tall, this is the largest duck you can fit on your desk. Reading your code aloud to this cheerful yellow companion will help you find the missing semicolon in no time.

30. The Ultimate Computer Workstation

There will be no more hunching over a too-small desk in a too-large chair for a programmer in the future with this behemoth in their workspace. They'll be so comfortable at their ergonomically sound workstation that they'll forget they're working.

31. Shiatsu Back Shoulder Neck Massager

Hunching over a keyboard all day is not good for one's back or neck. What's great about this Shiatsu massager is that it uses heated nodes to melt away their tension and aches while they work. The device is unobtrusive and drapes over the areas that require the most attention.

32. SideTrak Swivel Triple Portable Monitor

Flex on all your coworkers by having not one, not two, but three entire screens to work on. Forget dual monitors; this incredible setup will help you be your most productive self. It's portable, swivels, and runs on your laptop's battery, so no extra cords are required.

33. Blue Screen of Death Funny T-Shirt

Poke a little fun at a programmer pal with a shirt that will make them feel a flicker of fear. Even regular people are aware of the Blue Screen of Death, which is exactly what this comfortable shirt is. Wear it to a costume party and dress up as a broken computer.

34. TruBrain Nootropic Drinks

Nootropic drinks are essential for keeping your mind active without tiring it out. What exactly is a nootropic? It's a supplement that improves blood flow to the brain and stimulates the growth of neural synapses, all while improving relaxation and lowering fatigue levels.

35. Desktop Cable Organizer

Programmers have more cords than the average office worker, but by sticking this organizer to the side of their desk, they can keep things organized. The silicone grips secure cords without damaging or catching on them.

36. Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

A programmer will never tell you that piping hot coffee is the true source of their technical creativity. The key is that it must be piping hot, which it will be in the Ember Smart mug. It will stay hot for more than 90 minutes on its own or indefinitely if placed on the charging coaster.

37. Phone Tablet Screen Cleaner

A programmer is surrounded by many screens, and they will be able to see them all clearly with a cleaner that is essentially a magic wand. This cleaner removes dust, dirt, and grime with a single swipe and does not harm the screen's delicate glass surface. You can also reuse it multiple times.

38. Coding Class Subscription

Programming languages are not like other languages in that they are constantly evolving and growing. With a coding class subscription, you'll be setting a programmer up for personal and professional success and helping them to grow with their field.

39. Lego Coding Robot Kit

You can never be too old to play with Legos, especially when they can be transformed into working robots. This set contains 847 pieces that will stimulate and enchant brains of all ages while teaching coding and programming.

40. Personalized Leather Desk Mat

Make your workspace more functional with a leather desk mat that is more than just a pretty pad. Yes, it can be personalized and comes in four different colors, which is fantastic. But what's really cool about having this on your desk is that you can get rid of the mousepad, making your desk look much more stylish.

41. Eco-Friendly Circuit Board Coasters

Instead of a coffee table, protect a programmer's desk from water rings that could harm their mouse, keyboard, or worse! These environmentally friendly circuit board coasters are made from a genuine motherboard and have non-skid feet to keep them from sliding around.

42. Leather Laptop Bag

A programmer is an IT *professional*, with an emphasis on professional, and they require the appropriate bag. Handcrafted from supple leather, the bag has pockets for smaller items such as hard drives, locks to keep the bag closed, and can hold a laptop up to 17 inches "in terms of size

43. Coffee Brewing Alarm Clock

It's coffee o'clock at any time, thanks to an alarm clock that wakes you up with sound and the intoxicating aroma of coffee. Programmers believe in working smarter, not harder, so this two-in-one miracle machine is the perfect way to start their day.

44. Silicone Floppy Disk Coasters

These disks are floppy, but they keep you from being sloppy, so they're just like old-fashioned disks: dependable. The six-piece set includes floppies in a variety of colors, each with an anti-skid surface to keep your mug in place.

45. Binary Code Socks for Nerds

To these binary code socks, a programmer will say 01111001 01100101 01110011. In binary code, those numbers mean "yes" to non-programmers. Nerdiness is the key to a programmer's heart, but keeping their feet warm doesn't hurt either.

46. Sudoku Coding Puzzle

Give a programmer some screen-free fun with a Sudoku puzzle that will engage their brain while also providing them with something to do with their hands. The beautifully crafted puzzle allows them to design their own or replicate ones they see online, which they can then complete at their leisure.

47. Sphero SPRK+ App-Enabled Robot Ball

Both children and adults will enjoy sending this sphere flying across the floor with lines of code. Sphero responds to commands given to it via an app, but it's not just for fun; it's also for learning. The app teaches ideas that encourage creativity and interest in STEM fields.

48. Godzilla Headphone Stand

When a programmer's coworkers make him want to scream like a raging dinosaur stomping through the streets of Japan, he only needs to reach for his noise-cancelling headphones, which are hung on that very dinosaur. This amazing Godzilla headphone stand is 3D printed in clear or black PLA and comes with the option of adding lights.

49. Cactus Shaped Desk Humidifier

Cacti have positive energy, you know? The good vibes emanating from this desk humidifier will keep your programmer pal happy. It also functions as a nightlight, so when they're up late, they can enjoy some soothing light rather than harsh fluorescent ones.

50. Elements Portable External Hard Drive

The risk of not having backups (and backups of backups) is not lost on programmers. With a portable hard drive on their desk, they can rest assured that their code will be safe even if their computer crashes.

51. Balance Ball Ergonomic Chair

It's difficult to work when all you can think about is back pain, but that will fade once a programmer starts using the balance ball. The unique desk chair promotes active sitting and engages both body and mind throughout the day, assisting with focus and relieving pain.

52. F-Bomb Paperweight

Sometimes the only way to express yourself is with four-letter words, but you can't because your workplace is business casual. Another way to express yourself is with a subtle swear in the form of a paperweight. Choose normal or MEGA if you like it extra salty.

53. Circuit Board Bookmark

Reading is one of the most enjoyable analog hobbies that anyone can pursue. Celebrate a programmer's love of the written word with a clever bookmark that will keep their place without leaving a mark on the page. If this appears to be extremely realistic, it is because it is made from a real circuit board.

54. Orthopedic Memory Foam Lumbar Support Pillows

Sitting all day will kill your back unless you have the epic lumber and lower body support that this orthopedic set provides. It's simple to put together and made of memory foam, which hugs you in all the right places to provide a supportive, ergonomic working environment.

55. Blue Light Blocking Glasses

According to studies, blue light is the worst thing ever. It contributes to eye strain and mental fatigue, and it has even been linked to societal insomnia. Get yourself a pair of blue light blocking glasses to keep those harmful rays from hitting your eyes.

56. The COMFY Blanket Sweatshirt

With a blanket that will make a programmer feel as awesome as the code working on the first try, code in the lap of luxury. It has a hood for extra warmth, a luxurious sherpa lining, and a large pocket for snacks (or technical manuals).

57. Beer for Programmers Shirt

This is the CODE for the bar! Aside from bad jokes, when they meet up with their coworkers for happy hour, this circuit board beer bottle shirt will be all they can talk about. Toast to style and toast to comfort.

58. Wireless Charging Pad

There's something about using a wireless charging pad that transports you to the year 3000. This one is no exception, and it is compatible with any Qi-enabled device. Never worry about cords when charging your phone, earbuds, and other devices.

59. Pluralsight Software Development Classes

Programmers' minds are always hungry for information, so feed them what they want! They'll enjoy selecting a course from PluralSight's catalog that will teach them the skills they need to stay ahead in their career or even advance in their position (and earn more money!).

60. Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager Pillow

What about a massage? What time is it? Please, yes! With rotating, heated nodes, this neck and back massager can be placed against the small of your back to massage away aches and pains. When you're done, move it up to your neck or use it on your feet, legs, shoulders, and other areas. It's a very adaptable piece.

61. Adjustable Work from Home Lap Desk

The benefit of being a programmer is that you frequently have the freedom to WFH. The disadvantage is that finding an ergonomic workstation for those couch coding sessions can be difficult...until now. This fold-out desk will comfortably hold your laptop at the ideal typing height.

62. Koi Pond Zen Garden

Don't be shy about giving a programmer something to help relieve stress; they deal with a lot of it. They will find moments of peace throughout the day with this zen garden on their desk. To enhance the relaxing experience, an air plant and Himalayan salt are included.

63. Circuit Board Tie

When it comes to formal occasions, it's time to ditch the tee in favor of a tie. This circuit board tie comes in three colors and has a gorgeous gold foil print imprinted on the silk, so a programmer doesn't have to leave all of the nerd life behind.

64. Dual Laptop Stand

When you have more than one computer for work, you know you've made it. Allow this dual laptop stand to be a toast to your success. Use it to make room on your desk for other cool tech or a better place to keep your coffee mug.

65. Rainbow Keyboard Cover

Your keyboard can be stylish, but stylish isn't always chic. Add a splash of color to your keyboard with a rainbow keyboard cover. When you close your laptop for the night, the super-thin silicone cover will not interfere with your typing or damage it.

66. Circuit Board Business Card Holder

Show off your best side and your best business cards to a potential client with a holder that declares your profession before you even say it. This rustic-chic circuit board business card holder will keep your cards' corners as sharp as your abilities.

67. Eat Sleep Code Repeat Software Engineer Shirt

Programmers are a hardworking bunch, so they might as well work in the most comfortable environment possible. This hilarious software engineer tee is made of 100 percent cotton for a soft feel, has a relaxed fit that flatters the figure, and still feels great to wear hours (or days) later.

68. Coding Earrings

These adorable earrings will help your coder pal find a bug in their code, which will allow them to hang out with you sooner. One of the most important principles for a programmer is to keep opening and closing tags in mind, and this simple design will remind them of that.

69. Oculus Quest All-in-one Video Game Headset

Programmers work hard and should play even harder. They can do so with the Oculus Quest. The headset provides them with an immersive virtual reality experience that works well in any size room, large or small. Its insight tracking distinguishes it from other VR sets by tracking even the smallest movements.

70. Have You Tried Turning it Off and On Again Tumbler

You might be a nerd if you read this tumbler in a British accent. IT professionals who binge-watch The IT Crowd will scream when they see the word engraved on the side of this stainless steel tumbler. The insulated, leak proof mug is available in four sizes and fifteen colors.

71. Vintage Macintosh Hello Enamel Pin

This is the style piece a programmer has been looking for, right next to a pocket protector. Older computer users who may have written their first lines of code on the computer it's modeled after will recognize the enamel pin.

72. Leather Pocket Protector

Programmer is simply another word for nerd, and what is a nerd without his pocket protector? This leather version is soft, smooth, and fashionable. It's a total chick magnet with plenty of space for pens or a snack for later.

73. Intellectual Badass Desk Sign

Nerds and geeks are trendy these days, but intellectual badasses? That is just completely badass. With this wood desk sign at their workstation, even programmers who wear pocket protectors will feel cooler than the breeze a fan blows on a harddrive.

74. Noise Canceling Headphones

When a programmer really needs to get something done, they can rely on these noise-canceling headphones to drown out all of their coworkers' noise. The Bluetooth headphones have a battery life of 20 hours and 11 noise-canceling settings.

75. Mouse and Pointer Earrings

A mismatched pair of earrings is a one-of-a-kind way to add a little funky flair to a programmer's style. They'll be delighted to click "Accept" on the Terms and Conditions of being super stylish once they've put on this handmade pair.

76. Ergonomic Laptop Holder

If your laptop is flat on your desk, you're probably doing a lot of hunching. Stop doing that, it's bad for your back! This modern, ergonomic laptop stand lifts it and positions the screen at the perfect angle, freeing up some space and relieving pressure on your back and shoulders.

77. Wireless Ergonomic Keyboard

Keep a coder's most valuable weapons in good working order with a keyboard that functions similarly to engine oil. It appears strange, but it is that strange design that provides pain relief and can prevent conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome from developing.

78. Circuit Board Keyring

You might be a programmer parent if you take your child to robotics competitions instead of soccer practice. Display your pride in your work and their hobbies with a fun keychain that contains a bit of blue, gold, red, or green circuitry.

79. Spotify Premium Subscription

Programming is the process of converting a symphony of symbols and letters into a coherent concerto that a computer can understand. Allow a Spotify Premium Subscription to be the music that complements that concerto, bringing inspiration or perhaps some distraction when the coworkers get too loud.

80. Stress Relief Soy Scented Candle

Coding can be extremely stressful for a bunch of numbers and things in strange brackets. Give a stress-relieving soy candle with a 40-hour burn time and three layers of incredible scent to a programmer.

81. Techie Computer Geek Enamel Pin

Return to the beginning (menu) with a pin that will make your techie pal laugh. The enamel pin is simple in black and white and would look great on a programmer's laptop bag.

82. Refresh Tears Lubricant Eye Drops

Programmers have so much code to remember that they forget to blink at times. Tears in a bottle can help keep dry eyes at bay. Refresh eye drops are intended to act like natural tears, instantly moisturizing and hydrating the eyes.

83. Circuit Board Coasters

The circuit board coasters are inexpensive and make a fun gift. This is the ideal stocking stuffer for any coder or programmer in your life. This gift, made from actual circuit boards, has an interesting recycling angle.

84. Gift Course

Continuing education is frequently an important component of a software engineer's professional development. Giving the gift of continued education is a powerful way to express gratitude. Make sure to get some insider information on which courses the recipient might be interested in. Alternatively, choose a platform that accepts gift cards for a wide range of different courses.

85. Neck Massager

Because programmers spend so much time staring at a computer screen, neck pain can be a real... well, pain. While standing desks can help, nothing beats a good neck massage. A neck massager is an excellent choice for anyone looking to express their gratitude to a tech worker.

86. Coder Stickers

When looking for a simple gift for coders, consider coding stickers! We're all aware of how much tech workers enjoy displaying their interests, hobbies, and even employers via laptop stickers. As a result, stickers are a fun and inexpensive gift! It's an excellent way for your favorite programmer to flaunt their laptop with a little extra swagger.

87. Raspberry Pi Kit 

Coming in as a higher price point item, the Freenove Ultimate Starter Kit for Raspberry Pi is sure to delight any developer. A Raspberry Pi can be used to build an incredibly diverse range of projects thanks to its hardware inputs. Home security systems, a virtual jukebox, and even a robot are among them. Overall, this gift should be appreciated by any engineer who enjoys tinkering with technology.

88. Noise Canceling Headphones

In today's world, where there are so many distractions, the ability to focus is highly valued. Noise canceling headphones can be useful for developers during meetings, among many other advantages on a more personal level. Despite the price, this is an excellent gift for coders.

89. Best Programmer Ever Mouse Pad

Want to keep things simple this holiday season? Utilize the Best Programmer Ever mouse pad! This is a fantastic gift for programmers, but nearly anyone would be able to put it to good use. 

90. Portable Charger

A portable charger has become more of a game changer in the world of remote work than ever before. As employees around the world travel more frequently, staying connected to work messages necessitates a fully charged battery.

91. Blue Light Glasses

Finally, and perhaps most excitingly, bring a gift with both style and health benefits! Blue light glasses reduce our exposure to blue light, which is especially beneficial for programmers who spend the majority of their workday staring at a computer screen.

Despite looking at a screen, manufacturers of blue light glasses claim that they can help reduce headaches, eye strain, and improve melatonin production. All of which a software engineer would undoubtedly appreciate.

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