Best Christmas Gifts for Rich People

June 27, 2022 25 min read

We do not anticipate you purchasing anything on this list of Christmas gifts for rich people. This is a list of items we can gape at with open jaws because no one in their right mind would think, "Yes, this is an acceptable price point for me, especially on this product I've judged a necessity." We're all in this together, so let's look in awe at what the super rich buy for each other at Christmas.

1. Time Hunter EMC

We're not sure what this watch does other than tell time, which we attribute to a bad translation. You'd think they could afford someone with more multilingual expertise than someone who acquired English by holding a glass up to the door of a volunteer ESL program at a YMCA. That, or we're so poor that we've never needed to know what "haute horlogerie," "mechanical exception," or "chronometric performance" meant.

We better be able to get some Clockstoppers action going for the money they're demanding for this thing, because else, we just sold our house to know it's three o'clock in the afternoon. No appointment in anyone's life has ever been so important in the history of human civilization that we needed to trade ten years of food for punctuality.

2. MDK9 Dog Haus

Dogs are wonderful. There is no doubt about that. They're always delighted to see you, bark at things that could hurt you, and chase squeaky toys. They're even thoughtful enough to roll in things they like so you can smell it as well. However, no dog has ever been worth it. You could rent a mid-range apartment for a few months and then let your dog live with you for the price you paid for RAH: Design's dog house.

The house is constructed using the same materials and procedures as modern residences, but we'd like to point out that for a hundred dollars and a fast car ride, you could build your own dog house. Then, for free, you can take an old pillow and chuck it inside, since, remember, who cares? Certainly not the dog. Plus, you'll have enough money left over to feed your family for a day.

3. The Emperor XT ($3,650)

The Emperor XT is a future work environment in which everything is made to seem like the turret locations on the Millennium Falcon. Your displays are attached to an arm that hovers over your ergonomically designed chair and tables, speakers are incorporated into the capsule based on the configuration you choose when designing your Emperor, and LED lights shine from everywhere. Everything is configurable, so if you don't like the all-black display model, simply change it. You may make it as ostentatious or as understated as you desire.

4. DJI Phantom 4 Camera Drone – Gold Edition

Did you realize there are a plethora of practical applications for gold? You may use it for oral treatment, like humans have done for the past 3,000 years. Alternatively, it might be used as a conductor in computer components or cell phones. It's also used to treat arthritis in the form of gold salts, which reduce swelling, bone deterioration, and pain. If you're feeling particularly daring, you may utilize it to assist insulate and shield spacecraft. You may even attach it to a drone.

DJI covered a Phantom 4 with 24 carat gold leaf. Everything about the drone is the same, except that it's now shiny. The camera is no better, there is no improvement in obstacle avoidance or battery life, and it does not fly higher or faster. It's simply more gleaming.

It's billed as "the perfect status symbol for the gadget-lover who wants something more personalized," which leads us to believe that Drones Direct manager Tim Morley has no idea what that means. To be clear, bespoke refers to something more akin to custom order, not "a child's idea of having a lot of money." If the boy from Blank Check found himself on the current internet, he'd buy this.

5. The Submarine Sports Car

Separating rich individuals from their money is a specialty of Hammacher Schlemmer. Nobody walks out of their store thinking, "Wow, that was a steal." Or, if they do, they're middle-class, have just emerged from a coma, and have now learned they spent a mind-boggling sum of money on a big labyrinth orb.

Consider the Submarine Sports Car. On the surface, it appears to be the pinnacle of cool. It's a car styled after the Lotus James Bond drives in The Spy Who Loved Me, it delivers on its marine claims, it's completely electric, and it comes with a scuba kit. Then you get it underwater and realize you just spent two million dollars on an underwater paperweight.

6. The Robotic Bartender

We'll continue with Hammacher Schlemmer for now, but we'll try to be a little kinder about this one, because this is one buy we really understand. The robotic bartender is an adult version of the new style of touch screen soda fountain that has started appearing at restaurants of different repute. It creates cocktails based on pre-programmed recipes and user-specified adjustments.

7. Cobalt Valkyrie-X Private Plane in Rose Gold

Most individuals would be content if they were given a plane. Our only issue if someone came to our workplace tomorrow carrying a beat-up tiny Cessna and claimed it was ours with no strings attached would be that it didn't come today. However, it appears that the super-rich cannot only own planes; they must also own gold-plated planes.

The Cobalt Valkyrie-X is the type of plane you would load with manservants and bury in a pharaoh's tomb. If it were roughly 400 years ago, members of Europe's inbred royalty would be buying each other as peace offerings during the six years that Europe wasn't ripping itself apart. This is the kind of plane that wealthy people buy because they don't want birds to know they're poor. Michael Jackson would be in this plane if he were a plane.

8. C-Explorer 5

So far, everything we've included on this list would be ideal for outfitting a Bond villain's lair. And we've previously established that traveling in a sports car underwater is a bad idea. This one is a somewhat better alternative because it is an actual submarine, complete with an enclosure, an actual bubble, and everything. It is even 50 percent faster than the sports vehicle. Granted, that's only 3 knots, but we're getting close to the point where we can't out-limp the truck.

There is also the advantage of being able to transport more than one passenger. This is significant because if you took more on the other one, they would die. No one dies in this one, which is a wonderful sentence to know regardless of the product. It comfortably accommodates five people.

9. AM37

Boats, for whatever reason, became a major symbol of affluence. It's almost as if you're not truly wealthy unless you have some flashy monstrosity dragging you about on top of the ocean. This Quintessence yacht is the result of a collaboration between Aston Martin and Mulder Design. We respect the ultimate result since it is undeniably a lovely boat, and it's easy to see James Bond going amphibious on one of these, but we have to wonder when we've had enough of fancy boats.

10. Drive a Sherman Easy 8

This is the item on the list that we would purchase first. The Sherman tank model has so much history and repute that the opportunity to get our hands on one would be too fantastic to pass up. Sherman tanks are so cool that even individuals who aren't interested in history or tanks can't help but notice them. If ever war could be made cool by accident, this is the tank to do it in.

11. Private coaching with UpHill Athletes

Because these people often train Mount Everest climbers, this is the ideal experience to provide to any serious mountaineering companions.

12. A clone of their pet

You can, in fact, clone your pet. Yes, it's a little creepy. If you're searching for Christmas gifts for rich people, one thing is certain: they don't have two Fidos. (Hello, just an idea.)

13. Fresh fish shares

Fresh, locally caught fish delivered to your recipient's door (local fishermen pool their products for this fledgling service). It's a useful and simple gift that also helps local businesses—a perfect Christmas gift for rich people!

14. Supplying an animal shelter with beds in the name of your friend

After you show your friend how delighted the shelter animals are with their new bedding, there won't be a dry eye in the house. Check out Petfinder to find shelters near you.

15. A chalet rental

One thing is the resort. A chalet takes things to a whole new level. Eleven Experience offers nine one-of-a-kind chalets around the world, ranging from Crested Butte to Le Miroir, each with its own distinct experience. Consider cat-skiing in the Colorado Rockies or Islamorada overnight fishing adventures. (And, sure, many of these include a heated pool.)

16. Pair of bespoke ski boots

Fisher has a patented solution that uses 3D scanning and suction technology to build a totally personalized ski boot. Because the shell is completely flush with the skier's foot, the danger of losing a toenail—yes, non-skiers, this happens—is virtually nil. Your friend will never be more relaxed after a day on the slopes.

17. Stargazing Four Seasons Jackson Hole, Wyoming

The Four Seasons in Jackson Hole features one of the best on-site resort activities in the world: stargazing. Your own personal astronomer is provided by the resort.

18. Adventure on North America's longest via ferrata

You know those scary iron rungs that protrude from the sides of mountains? The ones that appear to be on the verge of giving way at any moment? That's via ferrata, and your daring friend would want to ascend the longest route on our continent. Canadian Mountain Holidays offers a package deal that includes food, hotel, and the previously mentioned adrenaline experience. Trips range from two to ten days.

19. Ski-making courses

Every serious skier owns the latest and finest twin-tips. (Or racers, downhillers, or... You get the idea.) But which skier owns a hand-crafted set of skis?

20. Star-seeing boat tour

Lake Como is a who's who of the affluent and famous, from George Clooney to Madonna. Give your acquaintance a one-hour boat tour of the area. Who knows what (or who) they will see. And for some celebrity sightseeing of your own, check out the 17 A-List Celebs Who (Almost) Always Fly Coach.

21. Airstream trailer

Airstream has created some new stunning retro designs that are opulent and large. These are ideal unconventional Christmas gifts for road trip enthusiasts—much sleeker and snazzier than your average Winnebago.

22. Personalized movie trailer of your friend's life

Yes, this is a thing, and we're sure you already have the ideal selfie-obsessed companion in mind. (To create the reel, the business uses photos and videos from a smartphone's camera roll.)

23. Pair of heated gloves

Hand warmers are one thing, but a pair of gloves that eliminates the need for them entirely is a thoughtful Christmas gift for your winter-loving buddy. Frostbite, farewell.

24. Round on the Interconnect Tour

Bequeath an off-piste guided trip to all the greatest slopes in Utah to a friend who loves to shred in the Beehive State: Deer Valley, Park City, Alta, Solitude, Brighton, and, of course, Snowbird. 

25. Test-drive in an F1 car

The world's most ardent racing fan has almost certainly driven a sports car. They might even have one—or more. But odds are they've never driven an F1 before. The Magny-Cours GP, the Hungaroring Circuit, and the Catalunya Circuit are all options for the LRS Formula. Zoom, zoom, zoom.

26. Hand-crafted surf wax

Magnetic—literally, there's a magnet inside—surf wax from Indoek is an instant boost on the cornerstone of any surfer's repertoire. Read Laird Hamilton on the Wave That Nearly Killed Him for more amazing surfing advice.

27. Side tables made out of cork

What if you saved every cork from every bottle of wine you've ever opened and miraculously transformed them into side tables? That's pretty much what these one-of-a-kind, quirky beauties are. It's a unique way to add some personality to anyone's living area.

28. Goat's milk chocolate truffles

Everyone is familiar with and enjoys basic old milk chocolate truffles. However, goat's milk transforms this delicacy into an unusual joy. (Traditional milk chocolate is derived from cow's milk.) And believe us when we say that these are wonderful.

29. LifeStraw

This device has the potential to save your friend's life. LifeStraw rapidly purifies water, allowing you to drink from natural sources while avoiding typical risks. And what if this gadget saves your friend's life? That is certainly a present they could not have purchased for themselves.

30. Pair of statement headphones—from abroad

These loud (literally—they have 30mm magnetic drivers) and bold headphones are not available in the United States. If your friend prefers something more modest, have a look at the 20 Best Pairs of Headphones You Can Buy in Bulk.

31. Jewelry from a little-known designer

Cartier is lovely, to be sure. But here's a name you should memorize: NYC Moratorium. Take a look at these asymmetrical huge pyramids. This brand will become well-known in the next few years. (Don't take our word for it: their items have already been on red carpets.) Allow your friend to be light years ahead of the competition.

32. Leica limited-edition point-and-shoot

Leica's famed reputation for producing high-quality cameras precedes them. Less well-known is that the company collaborated with Limoland by Jean Pigozzi to develop an artsy, limited-edition range. Check out the 10 Next-Level Cameras That Are Way Better Than Your Smartphone for more great point-and-shoots.

33. Moravian sugar cake

This rare, decadent sweet delight from North Carolina is undoubtedly something few taste senses have encountered. Don't worry, Dewey's sends everything via Fedex.

34. Sweaters for a cause

Warm their hearts instead by ensuring an Afghan child gets warm this winter for the pal who already has a million cashmere knits. A sweater costs $20 for a child. More substantial donations—to Zaanha directly—can ensure that these children do not have to work outside during the cold months.

35. Vintage, designer rug

With that type of money, you could buy a new car—or a bike. Yes, this hand woven Navajo rug from the early 1900s is priceless: There is just one left, and it is currently housed in a Bordeaux maison.

36. Vintage watch

To be sure, that fresh new Rolex sparkles. Nothing, however, beats a vintage LeCoultre. A 1960s LeCoultre could be had for as little as $800 on Chrono24. (This is true. Go, go, go!)

37. Handmade card

"It's the thought that counts," as the saying goes. And when was the last time you received a handcrafted card from a rich friend?

38. Trek to Antarctica.

A two-week excursion to their eighth continent is an unforgettable experience. (Or, at the absolute least, once in a lifetime.)

39. Stay at Zion Lodge

Zion National Park in Utah is one of the 58 national parks in the United States. (The vistas from the cliffs! (Look at that sandstone!) Zion Lodge is the only in-park lodging option for visitors to this breathtaking national monument.

40. Hand-carved wood paddle

The Bear Paddle is a work of art that was carved by hand by a Kwakuitl master carver. It was a labor of love. There is a good chance that not even your friends who are knowledgeable in art have a piece as unusual as this one.

41. Stylish dog collar

Hey, it turns out that man's best buddy can be just as dashing as a guy can be.

42. Original edition of a book that is a friend's all-time favorite

Rare books are a treasure in and of themselves. When the pages contain information that is significant to the reader, their value increases. If you can conceive of a title, there is a good chance that Peter Harrington, who is located in London, is auctioning it off.

43. Stroll with a falcon

It's hard to imagine a more awesome experience than having a falcon land on your arm. In a word, the answer is no. The short answer is no. The staff at Tremblant Activities hosts four different courses each day, during which they will instruct you on how to avoid injury despite the presence of sharp claws and beaks.

44. Rescue pony

This is a thoughtful present for your friend who has a passion for horses, and it also contributes to the adoption of wild horses.

45. Champagne

Rich people should never shy away from the opportunity.

46. Professional pet portrait

Everyone has at least one buddy who adores their animal companion more than they do their own flesh-and-blood offspring. Give them a photograph to keep the memory alive. (Dog Portrait Artists can also produce pencil sketches, in case your friend prefers something more traditional.)

47. Take responsibility for one acre of land

Adopting and preserving a quarter of an acre of natural habitat makes a one-of-a-kind gift for people who have a charitable interest in the outdoors. You are able to "give" land from a wide variety of American regions, ranging from the central Appalachians to the bayous of Louisiana.

48. Surprise party 

Surprise! These events, which are notoriously difficult to organize, are invariably deserving of our best efforts.

49. Trip to Iceland for the weekend

It just takes a short flight to get to Reykjavik from New York, and the city is home to some of the most luxurious spas in the world. Iceland's tourism industry has been growing steadily over the past several years, thanks in large part to the efforts of the country's tourist board, and the country is currently experiencing something of a boom in terms of visitor numbers. Nordic Visitor can arrange everything for you, including travel, housing, and activities, and if you plan your trip six months in advance, you'll receive a discount of fifteen percent.

50. Opportunity to go paragliding

A ride in a tandem paraglider is not for those who are easily scared, but it is an experience that will last a lifetime in their memories. Super Fly Paragliding, a firm situated in Utah, charges a starting fee of $200 for their introductory lessons.

51. Hanah One superfood and unusual gifts

Even your friend who is the most aware of current health trends is probably not up to speed on the latest trend in superfoods, which is known as Ayurvedic superfoods. Honey, ghee, and gathered botanicals are the three components that make up this dietary supplement. Check out the article titled "7 Magic Foods That Will Supercharge Your Libido" for more information about superfoods.

52. Batch baked scratch of cookies

We are, in fact, dead serious. If someone goes to a restaurant, they can order whatever dish they want, but they won't be able to obtain your best homemade cookies. Find the recipe you like to use the most, then get to work.

53. New ink

They won't ever forget it, that's for sure.

54. Artwork based on their genetic makeup

The folks at DNA11 sequence genomes, fingerprints, or lip scans to produce artwork that is one hundred percent unique. In doing so, they give the classic expression "Art imitates reality" a fresh interpretation.

55. Jukebox

Your acquaintance most likely has a streaming music service and some speakers that can bring the house down, as these are the essential components of a contemporary music library. But there aren't many things that can beat the crazy jukebox when it comes to capturing the old rock vibe. (The answer is yes, they are still around.)

56. Boot dryers

Everyone despises having to wear wet winter boots. Make it so that your friend doesn't have to go through the bother of dealing with the situation. It is important to note, for what it's worth, that the models sold by Dry Guy are also suitable for use with ski boots.

57. Memorabilia from the family that has been framed

Your close acquaintance has photographs of their family, diplomas, and several other relics of their past stashed away in storage. Give these memories the treatment of framing so that your buddy can celebrate them forever rather than allowing them to gather dust on a shelf. If, on the other hand, you are interested in preserving the heritage of a friend, you can check out Frameology. You can scan a document to them, and then they will custom-frame it and send it to you.

58. Tortilla maker

A quick note: tortillas are really popular. Because Imusa has a tortilla press made of cast-iron, taco night can happen any night of the week. Simply place the masa inside and press it!

59. Rare seasonings for the kitchen

Rare spices are comparable to illicit substances for chefs. Give the person who prepares your food a spice that might be new to them, such as asafoetida, which is used in a variety of curries. Who knows, maybe they'll cook you up something mouthwatering with it. Who knows?

60. Sock Shoes

To be fair, they are not really "sock shoes," but rather high-tops made of stretchy fabric. You should be aware, though, that the popularity of this squishy trend is on the rise. (Every designer, from Balenciaga to Free People, has included a version of it in their most recent collection.) By giving your friend a pair of neutral kicks like Zara's olive-and-white sneakers, you may assist them in easing into this trend gradually and confidently.

61. Pair of boots that are unbreakable

A friend who appears to be rich can nevertheless benefit from purchasing a new set of boots for each season. Give them a pair of shoes that are so long-lasting, like these Red Wing Classic Mocs, and they won't have to worry about that chore again.

62. Encounter while swimming with sharks

There are a lot of different shark tours out there, but the ones that Hawaii Shark Encounters puts on might be the greatest ones. During the time that you and your companion will be immersed, your friend may observe up to forty different species. You need not be concerned because they will spend the entire time concealed behind a plexiglass barrier that cannot be broken.

63. Gift set containing matcha tea

Matcha is the new coffee, and a full set, such as the one offered by Mighty Leaf, which comes with all the bells and whistles, from the scoop to the whisk to a fancy ceremonial bowl, is a way to assist your friend in remaining on the cutting edge of this emerging trend.

64. The Jeep Cherokee from Logan

You are able to grab a ride from the silver screen, that much is true. As of the time this article was written, the current bid at the auction is $5,000, which, to be completely honest, is a steal for any Jeep Cherokee, let alone one that was driven by Wolverine, you crazy mutants! Take a look at the 14 Must-Have Looks from the Season's Best Guy Films for some more memorabilia direct from Hollywood, and you might even find something you like!

65. Robot vacuum cleaner

The automatic vacuum from Dyson, which boasts double the sucking power of any other vacuum available on the market, is a delight due to the fact that it can also be used as a party trick. This is true even if your buddy employs the services of a cleaning service. Just look at how adorable it is! (And before you ask, no, this robot has no plans to take over the globe in the near future.)

66. Tour of the Galapagos Islands on a luxury yacht

It's possible that the boat cruises that are put on by International Nature and Cultural Adventures are the best available: Your acquaintance will get the opportunity to receive a close-up view of the verdant landscape of the Galapagos Islands if they spend 8 nights on a yacht that can accommodate 16 people. And sure, the legendary Darwin Research Station is a stop on the INCA Trail.

67. Steam bath that floats

Hear it from us first: A stationary hot tub can't compare to the luxury and convenience of a floating one. The wood-fired solutions provided by Hot Tug can maintain their temperature for up to 8 hours. Just watch out for the person behind the wheel! Check out this list of the 25 best swim trunks for men to get some ideas on what to wear while you're soaking in the tub.

68. Gold club warmers that were hand-knitted

These swing warmers are quite lovely, and according to the seller, they will aid your friend's swing. (Not that they require it in any way, shape, or form.)

69. Take in or support the care of a wild or unusual animal

When you report that a buddy of yours has saved an endangered fossa, bring tears to the eyes of everyone in the room. Or binturong. Or coatimundi. Your acquaintance will not only get a stuffed animal to go along with this present, but they will also become familiar with a species of animal that they have never encountered before.

70. Lighter that works in every terrain

A waterproof lighter? Believe it. The TitanLight by ExoTac is a nearly indestructible lighter that can survive water at depths of up to three feet; it should be a standard item in the gear kit of any camper.

71. Helicopter tour of Hawaii

They had, without a doubt, witnessed the untouched beaches from eye level. But what about the upper atmosphere? Blue Hawaiian is the best option for aerial sightseeing in Hawaii, and here's why: Everyone from National Geographic to the Department of Defense has lauded them for the outstanding work they've done for their respective organizations.

72. Bespoke fragrance

Custom scent has surpassed No. 5 as the most cutting-edge trend in the perfume industry. You can get your friend Unique Fragrance's basic beginning kit for $100.

73. Machine for roasting coffee

There is no doubt that your acquaintance possesses a fantastic coffee pot, even a grinder, and possibly even their very own espresso machine. A roaster is the very definition of the next level. Coffee roasters that are completely individualized are available from Diedrich Roasters. You have control over even the most minute details, such as the gas output and the BTU. Then, think about combining this device with one of the 15 best coffee makers available anywhere in the world.

74. Adult horse camp

We guarantee that sending the cowgirl in your life to horse camp for her next vacation will be one of the best decisions you make for her. The folks at Cowgirl Up put on a full-fledged event that lasts for three nights, complete with campfires, dinners, and plenty of opportunities to ride horses.

75. Stylish eye-mask

It's possible that an eye mask is the last thing on anyone's list to consider buying a designer. Morgan Lane's silk mask, which incorporates artwork evocative of childish innocence, as well as the countless hours of slumber that go hand in hand with that age, has won our hearts.

76. Wine carrier of the highest caliber

The exquisite hand-made leather wine totes that J. W. Hulme shells are a beautiful addition that can be added to any picnic. (Hey, that is a significant improvement over the standard ones that the wine shop provides you with.)

77. Bottle of a really rare wine to put in it

If you want to demonstrate that you have a solid understanding of grapes, you should go for a bottle that comes from an emerging region, such as Okanagan in British Columbia. The Best Life recommends splurging on a bottle of Dirty Laundry wine because it is the most prestigious award winner in the area.

78. Spirits with spirit

Of course, nobody will have anything negative to say about a nice bottle of whiskey. Sui generis spirits, such as those produced by Ventura Spirits Company (they are the only manufacturer in the world to make vodka out of, as opposed to flavored by, strawberries, for example), will really leave an impression as long as the recipient doesn't drink the entire bottle at once. However, if you really want to go above and beyond, sui generis spirits, such as those produced by Ventura Spirits Company, are the way to go.

79. Beer-making kit

Craft beer should emphasize the "craft" in the name. A beer-making kit is analogous to an adult doing their own science experiment, with the added benefit of becoming drunk at the conclusion of the effort. The most fundamental option, which can be purchased from Williams-Sonoma, includes all of the necessary materials as well as a detailed instruction manual to ensure that the finished product is perfectly bitter and energizing. (It is important to note that the process of manufacturing beer takes a full month to finish.)

80. Rare-edition library addition

That is, in fact, a book that costs $1,500. But the limited edition compendium by Ai Weiwei, of which only 1,000 copies were created, is absolutely worth every penny: The book includes previously unseen photographs from Weiwei's collection in addition to paper-cut chapter openers that were designed by Weiwei himself.

81. Portable shower

Something practical and thoughtful may appear boring at first, but your buddy will be grateful every time they use a practical Christmas gift, such as Rinse Kit's portable shower, which is excellent for long camping trips.

82. Better backgammon

Everyone understands how to play chess. What's even better? Backgammon is essentially the game of kings. (The present iteration of this game is thought to have been invented in the 6th century by the Persian royal court.) A colorful board, like this one from Jonathan Adler, brings the game into the twenty-first century, and it's guaranteed to be more eye-catching than your friend's blasé black-and-cream iteration.

83. Vintage guitar

Everyone is familiar with the 1959 Les Paul; it is the pinnacle of vintage guitars. But what about a very ancient—we're talking geriatric—Gibson? What about one from 30 years ago? Gary's Guitars, a little-known shop in Dillonvale, Ohio, boasts one of the most extensive vintage guitar collections, including a few mint-condition Gibson acoustics from the 1920s. Few collectors can say they have something like that.

84. Session with a personal stylist

Nothing can buy taste, as the saying goes. So give your friend the next best thing: the taste of someone else. For $70 per month, Agents of Style will connect your acquaintance with up to three personal stylists depending on their chosen fashion and region. What's the best part? At any given time, at least one will be available by WhatsApp 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you're just looking for some amazing style advice, you can get it all here.

85. Session with an interior designer

Havenly will pair your friend with someone who will conceptualize and remodel their home from floor to ceiling, room by room. It's similar to Uber, but with a unique twist.

86. Creative writing courses

A workshop setting, where you can bounce ideas and edits off fellow aspiring writers, is a great, collaborative way to learn the craft. Gotham Writing Workshop has sessions in New York (as the name suggests) and online, so your friends may learn wherever they are throughout the world.

87. Indoor skiing session

You thought you could only ski outside, didn't you? Consider again! Indoor skiing establishments have sprung up all over the world in recent years as a result of the invention of snow-simulating grass. Chill Factore in Manchester, United Kingdom, is the greatest in our opinion: They have real snow there. (It's man-made, but it's still mostly frozen water and air.) Furthermore, Chill Factore features a wide range of terrain, from moguls to steeps to rails and jumps, so riders of all ability levels will be happy.

88. Indoor surfing experience

Yes, most indoor surfing activities need you to visit a facility. (WaveLoch, for example, has dozens worldwide.) However, you may contact the maker, FlowRider, and have one installed in your friend's home—or lawn.

89. Virtual reality headset

It functions as a computer for your face. And, in case you missed it, this straight-from-the-future technology is now very real. The Oculus Rift is widely regarded as the best VR headset on the market, with the fastest processing speed and the most extensive library of applications and games. Furthermore, it is owned by Facebook, so it is almost assured to receive funding for many years to come.

90. Fashion week invites

There are two routes to fashion week. One, tag along with a fashion editor, blogger, designer, stylist, or Instagram model. Or two, search Fashion Week Online during any of the year's eight fashion weeks (biannually in Paris, London, Milan, and New York). Many events merely ask for your friend's name and email address. They've arrived at the most fashionable party in town.

91. Baby animal

If your acquaintance does not already have one, trust us: they do. A tiny guy will make their lives so much better. Check out Petfinder to locate the perfect companion for them.

92. Bed for pet

After you've introduced your friend to their new best friend, go above and above by getting them a pet bed. Bonus points if you choose an environmentally responsible choice, such as this poof from Toad and Co.

93. SUP board

Supping is currently one of the world's fastest growing sports. It may be done in any body of water, including lakes, oceans, rivers, and, yes, even pools. A SUP board is the ideal Christmas gift for your favorite aquatic companion. We like Red Paddle Co.'s inflatable boards because they take up less room. To commemorate their 10-year anniversary, they released a limited-edition 10-foot paddle board (center-left) intended for all skill levels, so your friend may join in the fun.

94. Colored contacts

Because piercing baby blues make everyone look great.

95. Charitable donation

It's just a lovely gesture. Heifer International, Books for Africa, and Food for the Hungry are a few ideas.

96. Nintendo Switch

It's the hottest gaming accessory of the year, according to gaming website Kotaku, and it's "making Nintendo cool again." The item has been out of stock and back in stock twice since its introduction in March of this year. Pick one up for a friend before they disappear again. At the very least, their child(ren) will like it.

97. Tickets to Hamilton

Yes, this program is still enjoyable. Tickets can be purchased in a same-day lottery for as cheap as $10, but most advance tickets cost just under $200. The best tickets in the house will set you back $849, and trust us when we say your friend will be eternally grateful.

98. Personalized stationery

The Stationary Studio has hundreds of bespoke stationery options; all you have to do is choose a favorite and type in a name. The Navy Damask cards have an understated Fleur de Lis-inspired elegance that we love. Who knows, maybe your friend may write you a thank-you note on their new personalized stationery.

99. Table at the world's most exclusive restaurant

Rao's is commonly regarded as the world's most exclusive restaurant. The restaurant uses a seating chart rather than a typical reservation system. In other words, people "own" tables, which are subsequently passed down from generation to generation like treasured family heirlooms. To get a seat at this prestigious establishment, you essentially have to know someone who knows someone (who knows someone...who knows someone...who...). Best wishes!

100. One-way trip to Mars

Mars One, a business endeavor to colonize Mars, is slated to begin its final round of colonist applications this year. Fees for the first round of applications were $15 for US citizens and more for citizens of other countries. (For example, Mexican citizens were charged $38.) 100,000 people applied worldwide. And if your friend-with-everything gets accepted, look on the bright side: you'll never have to go through this annual gift-giving ritual again.

101. Flight in a fighter jet

We're willing to bet that the one and only person in your life who can break the sound barrier isn't that person. To answer your question, yes, there is a first time for everything.

102. Old home movies—digitized!

Digital Media Memory, a company that specializes in the preservation of film, is able to digitize every format, from Super8 to vinyl to DAT (yeah, there are still some people who have them lying around). The act of remembering things will leave an indelible impact on any and all of one's friends. Check out the article "40 Great Gift Ideas for People Over 40" for even more inspiration for holiday presents.

103. The Super Bowl On Location experience

You can buy your pal a spot on the field for the Super Bowl in 2018 if you are willing to spend a small fortune. They will have the opportunity to meet the players, receive an invitation to the afterparty hosted by the winning team, and secure 300 (or more, depending on how much money you drop) tickets for the actual game.

104. Electric bike

Everybody rides a traditional bicycle. What about an electric one though? That is extremely unusual. There is only one size available for Elby's. If, on the other hand, your buddy would rather keep things off the grid, then suggest that they have a look at the 17 Insanely Cool Luxury Bicycles for 2017.

105. Seriously Sexy Shoes

Shoemaker Monika Chiang is unparalleled in her ability to blend unrefined femininity and edginess. Any woman in your life who puts on these stunning crimson Imena Calf & Chain Sandals will instantly feel more confident and sexier thanks to the combination of the calf and chain straps.

106. Indoor skydiving session

Indoor skydiving offers a similar rush without the inherent dangers of the real thing. iFly, a studio that has locations all over the country (and a few abroad), will go the extra mile and teach you how to skydive in real life if you so wish. Of course, this is assuming that you want to learn how to skydive in real life.

107. Toto

Toto is known for producing the highest quality toilets in the industry. Seriously. Their patented "3D Tornado Flush" ensures that there will be no blockage under any circumstances. Plus, you may modify every model. You might also consider giving your pal a seat that is heated as a present. (However, let's be honest: That is a present for you—for whenever you decide to pay us a visit.) The streamlined MH Wall-Hung is their most impressive model in our opinion.

108. Pair of Yaktrax

Yaktrax are a shoe augmentation device that offer additional grip to any pair of shoes. They would make a useful present for an outdoorsy rich friend, particularly in the coming months when the sidewalks will likely freeze over.

109. Heli-skiing excursion

One thing is having freshly groomed trails and nice places to stay at. On the other hand, the desire to ski in untracked powder is shared by all serious skiers. That yearning can only be satisfied by heli-skiing or any other activity of its kind. Great Canadian Heli-Skiing provides one of the most all-inclusive packages available in North America. Along with approximately 9,000 vertical meters of skiing terrain, the company also offers backcountry safety equipment, food, and housing options. The length of stays ranges anywhere from two nights to eleven nights. Check out the Five Best Luxury Ski Trips to Take This Year if you believe they might be more interested in conventional skiing.

110. 3D printer

A cup to hold coffee. A photo frame. A reproduction of the Millennium Falcon that is true to scale. Your acquaintance will be able to have whatever they want, whenever they want it, as long as they have a high-quality 3D printer like FormLabs' Form 2 SLA.

111. Tushy Classic Bidet

When looking for Christmas gifts for rich people, have you considered a bidet? This SELF Favorite Tushy bidet allows them to adjust the intensity and angle of spray, comes with an option for front and rear washes, and looks great, too. It may be an unconventional choice, but it's one that the recipient (and their bum) will appreciate for years to come.

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