Best Christmas Gifts for Triathletes

June 28, 2022 12 min read

If you're buying Christmas gifts for triathletes, you may be overwhelmed by the prospect of finding the ideal gift for someone who enjoys three sports rather than just one. We're confident they'll enjoy unwrapping one of these choices this Christmas, whether they're training for their first triathlon or have completed another Ironman. A triathlon, in case you didn't know, consists of a swim, a cycle, and a run. Here are the greatest Christmas gifts for triathletes.

1. Personalized Triathlon Medal Holder

Who wouldn't be proud of the medal they worked so hard to obtain? Even if they weren't able to compete in as many events as they would have wanted this year, they will appreciate the thoughtfulness and customization of this medal holder.

2. Triathlete Mug

We are in awe of them because we simply cannot comprehend how someone could possibly fit all of that training into their schedule.

3. Garmin Forerunner 745 GPS Watch

The Forerunner 745 is the most recent addition to Garmin's lineup of triathlon watches, and it comes packed with many useful features. This is the perfect present to give to the triathlete in your life if you're searching for something that will truly blow their mind and impress them.

4. LOCK LACES (Elastic No Tie Shoelaces)

Because they make it exceedingly easy to put on and take off shoes during transitions, lock laces are a wonderful Christmas gift for a triathlete to receive as a stocking stuffer. This is why you should consider purchasing them.

5. Swimming headphones

These waterproof headphones are economical, making them an ideal present for the triathlete in your life. They will be able to use them throughout the entire competition, from swimming to running.

6. Fit-Flip Surf Poncho

Changing out of your swimsuit after a swim is a breeze when you have this ingenious little poncho; all you have to do is throw it over your head and change clothes underneath it. You can finally put an end to that uncomfortable towel jiggle once and for all.

7. Dr Teal's Pure Epsom Salt Soothe and Sleep with Lavender

The post-workout epsom bath soaks are sure to become one of your favorites when you practice for three different sports at once. This Dr Teal's offering smells amazing and helps tired muscles recover.

8. Wetsuit for women with a back zipper, model

This Roxy wetsuit is perfect for winter swimming because it is built for temperatures ranging from 9 to 13 degrees Celsius, making it an extravagant Christmas gift for the triathlete in your life.

9. Wetsuit Bag

This bag is the perfect stocking stuffer for the triathlete in your life since it allows them to slip out of their wetsuit without getting their feet or their wetsuit filthy.

10. Wetsuit Cleaner 250 ML

In connection with wetsuits, a bottle of wetsuit cleaner is an excellent stocking stuffer for any triathlete because it maintains the pliability and cleanliness of their wetsuit.

11. Swiftly Tech LS 2.0 Love

This Lululemon long sleeve is an excellent base layer, and it ensures that your triathlete is warm and cozy on brisk early-morning runs. They will be sure to express their gratitude to you for this.

12. ELEMENT RIVAL Multisport GPS Watch

This watch was designed specifically for triathlons, so if you're searching for a present for someone extra-special, you can't go wrong with giving them this ingenious little timepiece.

13. Speedo Adult Unisex Training Fin Swimming Aids

These fins are wonderful for training, and they enhance both the athletes' leg strength and their ankle flexibility. However, it is quite doubtful that they will wear them on race day.

14. Aqua Sphere Kayenne Goggles Clear Lens

Because they provide a wider field of vision, these goggles make it easier to sight during swims in open water. A wonderful present for anybody who will be swimming outside more as a result of the lockdown, or for somebody who is getting ready to compete in their first triathlon.

15. Elite Elite Tri Box Triathlon

A good race requires careful organization so that there are no hiccups in the transitions between stages. This ingenious triangular box can be of assistance.

16. Triathlete Gift Chocolate Bar Box Set

If I put in three times as much effort, I should get three times as much chocolate, right?

17. Zipp Speed Box 2.0 Bag, Black

You won't have to worry about forgetting your gels if you keep all of your on-bike nourishment stashed in this aero top tube case instead of a standard top tube box.

18. REFLECT360 Waterproof Helmet Cover

With this highly reflective bike helmet cover, you can ensure that your triathlete stays safe while training throughout the winter. In addition to that, it is resistant to wind and water, both of which are extremely useful characteristics.

19. 'I am Iron Man' T-Shirt

You'll want to brag about having finished an ironman if you're a strong enough athlete to have done so. That is exactly what this hilarious t-shirt does.

20. Triathlon Tote Bag

This adorable tote bag is sure to become one of the recipient's favorites and would make an excellent present for mothers who race triathlons.

21. Thermos Stainless Steel King Flask, 470ml

One more thing that every swimmer looks forward to doing after they come out of the water: A piping hot cup of tea. This thermos features a top that may be used as a cup, and it's made to keep beverages hot for a long period of time.

22. Speedo Boomstar Endurance+ Swimming Cap

If you could have a new swimming cap instead of a new pair of socks, why would you desire the socks? This one is resistant to chlorine, which means that it will not break down in the pool, and it also helps protect the hair.

23. Hilly Twin Skin Socklet

In spite of this, there is nothing quite like a fresh pair of running socks, and we are confident that the runner in your life will like these.

24. Pixel Front / Rear Light

This light, which can flash either white or red, is a useful present for cyclists and runners because it can be attached to almost anything and flash either color.

25. Speedo Woven Border Towel, True Navy/Bondi Blue

After a refreshing swim in the pool first thing in the morning, nothing beats wrapping up in a warm, plush towel. At this year's holiday celebration, why not get your triathlete a brand new one?

26. Swimcap (Protects From Chlorine and Salt Water Defends Hair From UV Rays) 

This clever little hair mask protects the hair from harsh chlorine and salt water - winner.

27. HONOR Watch GS PRO

The HONOR Watch GS Pro tracks an impressive arsenal of metrics, including heart rate and blood oxygen levels around the clock, along with an integrated GPS, a battery life of up to 25 days, and easy-to-read trend charts. This watch is ideal for a sports enthusiast who is obsessed with numbers and statistics. For those who enjoy long distance running, hiking, climbing mountains, or swimming in open water.

28. A pair of swiftwick socks

These socks are of the highest quality; they're made of a special fabric blend that molds itself snugly to the foot to protect against blisters. They also keep their quality throughout the course of many years, in contrast to other socks that, after only a few uses, are already stretched out and wearing out.

Additionally, in 2022, they introduced the Pursuit Four Ultralight, a performance sock that was constructed with merino wool. Merino wool is wonderful because it wicks moisture away from the feet and, due to its ability to regulate temperature, it will keep the feet toasty in the winter and cool in the summer. It's another wonderful choice to test out, especially for any cycling you may do throughout the winter.

29. Three triathlon training books on the floor

As I have previously discussed the triathlon training books that I find most helpful, I won't go into a great deal of detail here. It doesn't matter if you're buying a book as a present for someone who's just starting out in the sport of triathlon or someone who's been doing it for years and is trying to improve their personal record (PR), there is a book out there that will meet their requirements.

Here are some of the products I highly recommend:

- The Triathlete’s Training Bible by Joe Friel — *My #1 pick for a new triathlete!*

- Triathlon Training in 4 Hours a Week by Eric Harr

- Your Best Triathlon by Joe Friel

- Triathlete Magazine’s Essential Week by Week Training Guide by Matt Fitzgerald

- Strength Training for Triathletes: The Complete Program to Build Triathlon Power, Speed, and Muscular Endurance by Patrick Hagerman

- Eat to Peak: Sports Nutrition for Running and Triathletes by Chrissy Carroll 

- Run Fast, Eat Slow by Shalane Flanagan (awesome cookbook for athletes)

30. A triathlon race belt

A bib number can be easily attached to a race belt, allowing a triathlete to quickly and easily put it on before beginning their run. There is also a training version that comes with a pocket that can hold items such as a phone and keys. Either variety can be purchased from a number of different vendors. The belt has received numerous laudatory testimonials. If you are already planning to acquire some other goods from Amazon at the same time, there is also a very straightforward race belt that can be purchased as an "add on" item for a very low price.

31. Body Glide anti chafing balm

This material is the athlete's best defense against chafing and irritation! Body Glide is a product that should be in the arsenal of pretty much every runner and triathlete, and it comes in at a very reasonable price. It is something that almost every triathlete will wind up using at some point throughout their training and race, making it an excellent item to include in holiday stockings.

32. A Honey Stinger waffle for triathlon fueling

When competing or training for longer than an hour, it is essential for athletes to consume some form of sustenance. Because of this, your triathlete will have an easier time maintaining their speed during the competition because the muscles will receive additional fuel. Fuel goods are not only economical but also make wonderful Christmas gifts for triathletes because you can be sure they will be used. Some instances are as follows:

- Energy Gels – Probably the top choice of many athletes, energy gels are light to carry and provide a quick, concentrated energy source. (Learn more about some other energy gels here.)

- CLIF BLOKS – Developed by the makers of Clif Bar, these gummy-like blocks are another great fueling option.  They’re packed with quick-digesting carbohydrates and offer a candy-like texture that’s pleasant to eat.

- Honey Stinger Waffles or GU Stroopwaffels – If you are also a triathlete, you know as well as I do that those gels get old after a while – plus, not everyone loves the texture of them (me: raises hand).  Waffles are a sweet treat that tastes amazing during a long bike ride or long, low-intensity run.

- Gatorade Endurance Drink Mix – This is a nice, cost-effective option for drink mixes. The endurance formula is ideal for long-course triathletes, as it’s formulated with higher amounts of sodium and potassium.

If you don’t want to order online, you can also find many of these (and more!) at any local running or multisport store.

33. Two pairs of pink compression socks

In spite of the fact that the research isn't entirely conclusive on whether or not wearing compression socks while running improves performance, a significant body of evidence suggests that wearing compression socks helps with recuperation.

These Sumarpo socks are quite comfortable. They have knee-high socks in addition to low-cut socks, and both styles are incredibly lightweight and comfy.

The Gear Compression Socks have an excellent rating on Amazon and come at a price that won't break the bank, making them an excellent option for athletes who are just getting started with compression gear.

If you know someone who is particularly serious about their compression socks, you might want to ask them which brand they prefer if they do have a preference.

34. Bangle bracelet with triathlon charms

These simple and affordable Christmas gifts, such as a 140.6 bracelet or a triathlon pendant necklace, are great ways to express your admiration and support for a triathlete. It is also a great idea to celebrate an event, such as when an athlete in your life has recently finished a particular race distance.

I really like the bangle bracelet that is depicted above. It has a swim/bike/run pendant, as well as pendants that each have a silhouette of one of the three disciplines. These days, both Amazon and Etsy offer a great deal of variety in the products that they sell.

35. Two reflective vests for running or cycling

In order for many of us to fit in our workouts, we have to do them at odd hours of the day, either before the sun rises or after it goes down. Give your athlete a luminous vest to wear while they are jogging in the dark so that passing vehicles can see them. This will keep them safe.

36. A pull buoy for triathlete training

During swimming workouts, a pull buoy, which is essentially a piece of foam shaped like an infinity symbol, is utilized. The swimmer will position the pull buoy in the middle of their thighs, and then they will concentrate on solely utilizing their upper bodies to provide propulsion during the swim. It's one of the greatest Christmas gifts for triathletes, and it's wonderful for building strength in the upper body and focusing on form.

37. A swim buoy for triathlete training

A swim buoy is different from a pull buoy; it offers a visual safety float that can help others see where you are in the water.  For open water swim training, I like having this on me so that those on land can see where I am (in the event of an emergency or anything like that). This version is pretty inexpensive and you probably shouldn’t trust it to keep gear dry inside, but if all you’re using it for is a safety beacon, it’s a great choice.

38. Two pairs of swimming goggles

Goggles are an essential piece of equipment for any triathlete, and they should be of a high quality. (I have forgotten them twice for training swims at a small pond, and let me tell you - swimming like that has a really eerie vibe to it, hehe).

Because of the variations in people's facial structures, particular goggles may function well for one person but not for another. The Aegend swim goggles, which can be purchased on Amazon, are one choice to consider; they would make an excellent gift. They are not only affordable but also receive very positive comments. The majority of users report that they are comfortable and that they do not fog up, which is a very significant feature. Additionally, they shield the eyes from harmful UV rays.

39. Pair of lock laces 

Lock laces are a type of elastic shoelace that maintains your shoes at the ideal level of tension. They have exactly the right amount of elastic given in them so that you can easily slip your foot into the shoe without injuring the heel. The fact that you don't have to waste time tying your shoes is one of the reasons why a lot of athletes favor these kinds of shoes. This makes transitions much faster.

40. Two black and red water bottles

Every single triathlete is aware of the significance of maintaining enough hydration levels, not just in their day-to-day lives but also while they are out on their rides and runs. You can get these NGN sport water bottles in a variety of color combinations to complement the bike, and their capacity of 24 ounces makes them the ideal

41. Scale swimming book

This product is such a fun, unique Christmas gift for triathletes!  The company produces waterproof swim workout books with a built-in stand so you can place the book poolside with your workout. They offer beginner, intermediate, and proficient versions of the books with different workouts based on fitness level.  It’s a great option for athletes that want some variety in the pool (and perhaps, like me, are forgetful about their workout once they hop in the water, haha).

42. Nox gear vest

Try something more advanced than the reflective vests described before, such as a gear vest, if you are looking to take your visibility gear to the next level. This is a safety vest that changes colors while flashing bright lights. Runners are able to remain extremely visible to passing vehicles on the road for up to a mile distance thanks to the electric illumination. It is suitable for usage in any climate and may be worn over a variety of different clothes.

43. Triathlete Magazine Cover

This is the publication that focuses on the training, nutrition, and lifestyle aspects of triathlons. It's a quick and simple Christmas gift that any athlete is likely to appreciate. They only just switched the model of the magazine membership to one that includes both print and digital versions.

You can buy your athlete a gift card that can be used for either the print or digital version of the model. In addition to the one-year membership to the print magazine, you will also receive unique access to selected digital material.

44. Pair of comfortable flip flops

Ooofos can be seen as the triathlon community's equivalent to the traditional flip-flop. They offer significantly more support than the typical sandal, and they are ideal for wearing after a race so that you can stroll around comfortably as you wait for the awards ceremony. Many runners and triathletes who suffer from ailments like plantar fasciitis also find relief in wearing these at home rather than strolling about barefoot since it helps support their arches and cushions their feet.

45. Black basic foam roller

This year, I've been making an effort to be more diligent about doing things like stretching and foam rolling after my workouts in order to avoid my muscles from becoming stiff and to keep them limber. (In this post about tight calves and runners, you'll find more information on foam rolling over, which you may read about)

The resistance that you roll against when using a foam roller comes from your own body weight, as the roller itself is much larger. You may have ones that are vibrating, which some people may find useful, or you can get ones that are normal, which look like this and are really just a long oval made of foam.

A massage roller is typically a stick that you roll along the muscles, applying pressure with your arm power as you push it down along the muscle. Rollers like the one depicted below are an example of a massage roller. There are additional items available such as the "Froller," which combines the functions of an ice pack with a self-massage device by utilizing gel-filled rollers that can be chilled in the freezer before use.

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