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Best Christmas Gifts for Surfers

June 27, 2022 20 min read

Are you looking for some useful and entertaining Christmas gifts for surfers who enjoy riding the waves? Famvibe will always have your back! We are aware that it might be challenging to select the most appropriate gifts for surfers, particularly if the gift-giver does not surf themselves. In the world of surfing, there are so many different kinds of equipment and devices that it might be difficult to choose one that is both considerate and clever as a Christmas gift. We have produced this list of some of the greatest surfing gifts now available in order to assist you in selecting the most appropriate gift for any surfer who may be a part of your life at Christmas.

1. Slowtide Beach Towel

One of the best Christmas gifts for surfers is a lightweight, absorbent beach towel because no one loves to be sandy and wet in the car! Slowtide is one of our favorite companies for colorful, packable beach towels. They have a ton of interesting patterns in three different styles - beach towels, Turkish towels, and quick dry towels - that are ideal for on-the-go surfers. We prefer the Black Hills beach towel, but there are many other options to consider.

2. Surfboard Sock

Surfboards are not inexpensive, and the best way to safeguard your investment is to get a cover for it! Surfboard socks are popular among surfers because they help to absorb moisture left on the board after a session in the ocean. A surfboard sock can also assist protect the interior of your car and home from wax, sand, and other debris that your surfboard may track in. These surfer socks are available in a range of exciting colors and sizes, making them ideal for whatever style of surfboard your loved one has.

3. Dakine Surfboard Bag

If your loved one intends to travel with their surfboard, a heavy-duty surfboard backpack may be a more useful Christmas gift than a board sock. Dakine is a well-known board sports brand with one of the most extensive collections of surfboard bags on the market. These tough bags are often weather-resistant and protective, reducing the risk of damage if you attach your board to a roof rack or travel with it.

If you do decide to buy a surfboard bag, be sure the size and shape are appropriate for the type of board!

4. Beach Changing Poncho

Any surfer understands how inconvenient it may be to change clothing in a vehicle or to find a public restroom to change in. They don't have to wear a beach changing poncho! Changing clothes on the beach in privacy is straightforward and quick with one of these enormous garments, which give protection and coverage while you transition from your wetsuit to dry clothes (or vice versa).

5. Changing Mat

Many surfers choose a standing changing mat to prevent wetsuit contact with the ground. This minimizes sand accumulation in the wetsuit and provides a quick and easy alternative - a waterproof drawstring bag - for storing your wetsuit in the car until you can rinse and dry it at home. You no longer need to be concerned about the interior of your vehicle becoming moist; simply place all of your wet clothes into this changing mat and pull the drawstrings for fast storage!

6. Portable Shower

Many surfers use their car as a home base for changing, hanging out, and nibbling, but did you know you can also wash yourself off in your car? You can take an outdoor shower with you everywhere you go with a portable solar shower, allowing you to rinse off after a long day in the ocean. A portable shower is an excellent choice for one of the most useful presents for surfers.

7. Car Key Lockbox

It simply does not make sense to bring your car keys with you when surfing most of the time. They are readily stolen or lost off the coast. A combination car lockbox is an easy method to store and safeguard your keys while you're out on the water. Many surfers just utilize a home lockbox and store keys with a bespoke combination in an inconspicuous portion of their car. It's one of the simplest yet most beneficial Chritstmas gifts for surfers who want to worry less about the safety of their possessions in the water.

8. Surfboard Traction Pad

A surfboard traction pad is a typical addition to a surfboard that increases the "stickiness" and traction of the board to lessen the chance of slipping while standing up. A traction pad, as one of the more popular surfing presents, may assist surfers of all levels enhance their skills and catch more waves. This is a terrific present for surfers, but make sure you get the correct size for your loved one's surfboard!

9. Rack Pads

People typically use a roof rack with straps to transport a surfboard. These, however, frequently harm the board or leave scratches. A simple set of rack cushions will assist protect your loved one's board from metal roof racks while also increasing the board's longevity. Any board would be absolutely safe in transit if accompanied with a surfboard sock or a surfboard bag.

10. Surfboard Repair Kit

Surfers who travel or spend long days at the beach may benefit from a surfboard repair kit. These kits include repair glue, which can be used to heal severe scratches, gashes, or splits in your board and dries in the sun. Of course, this isn't a panacea for all board damage, but it's a quick fix for any surfer on the go.

11. Fin Wallet 

If your loved one is the type of surfer who has a backup set of fins they bring along, a fin wallet can be a fantastic and affordable Christmas gift. This clear fin storage system is ideal for storing extra fins and includes a smaller pocket for tools, keys, and other necessities. Surfers can just throw this in their car or backpack and have it available whenever they need it!

12. FCS Ratchet

When surfing in rougher conditions, a surfboard's fins can easily get misaligned or loose, and an FCS Ratchet can come in useful. This handy gadget allows surfers to adjust, remove, or replace their fins while on the road, and it's small enough to fit in a car or backpack. It is unquestionably one of the more useful surfing presents available!

13. Sticky Bumps Wax

Wax is one of the most essential Christmas gifts for surfers on a budget because it lasts a long time. Any surfer would appreciate a couple of cases of Sticky Bumps wax to keep their board grippy and surf-ready as a Christmas stuffer or small present. There are numerous types of sticky bumps wax; we recommend purchasing at least one base coat bar as well as temperature specific bars (for cold, cool, or warm water).

14. Surf Leash 

A surf leash is a heavy-duty cord attached to a surfer’s foot by velcro to ensure a surfer doesn’t get separated from their board. While the prices can vary, they do not have to be prohibitively expensive! A decent surf leash can be purchased and is one of the most useful Christmas gifts for surfers to keep them safe in the water.

15. Pickle Wax Remover 

A wax remover is a great way to keep your surfboard clean and free of sticky wax when you transport it, and the Pickle Wax Remover is a commonly used kit that does exactly that! Most wax removal kits include a comb scraper as well as the "pickle" wax remover, which aids in the removal of finer wax fragments after they've been scraped with the comb.

16. Wetsuit Shampoo

A wetsuit is one of the most expensive purchases a surfer can make, and surfers must be able to secure and keep their wetsuits for years to come. Wetsuit shampoo is one of the greatest budget presents for surfers because it is a cheap way to keep your loved one's wetsuit clean after a day of surfing. We appreciate this wetsuit shampoo since it's inexpensive and portable - your favorite surfer can just throw it in their backpack and wash their wetsuit immediately after usage!

17. Wetsuit Hanger

After washing, the second step in wetsuit care is to ensure that it can dry without retaining moisture or salt. A wetsuit hanger is an excellent way to keep your wetsuit completely extended while drying. Furthermore, your favorite surfer can use the wetsuit hanger to keep wetsuits in good shape during the offseason.

18. Wetsuit Repair Kit

Wetsuit damage is sometimes unavoidable when surfing in rocky regions. Every surfer should have a wetsuit repair kit on hand in case they catch a rock or a sharp edge and tear a hole in their wetsuit. This handy package includes a neoprene patch as well as a stitching kit, allowing your favorite surfer to repair their wetsuit while on the road. While it is one of the smaller, more straightforward presents for surfers, having one can go a long way throughout a day of surfing or a longer trip!

19. Wetsuit Repair Glue 

Another great option for fixing a tear in a wetsuit is wetsuit repair glue. This is a versatile product that dries onto wetsuit fabric, filling any holes created by normal wear and tear or snagging in rough regions. The main disadvantage here is that the adhesive must dry, which means that surfers cannot use the wetsuit right away.

20. Surf Claw Board Carrier

A Surf Claw surfboard carrier makes it easier and less cumbersome to move a surfboard of any size from a car. Many longboards are too large to hold with your arm, although some surfboards are. A Surf Claw attaches to the board's edge, effectively expanding your arm span and allowing you to carry the board with one hand. It's one of the most useful surfing gifts available in a variety of attractive colors for every surfer!

21. Sun Bum Reef-Safe Sunscreen

Obviously, most surfers apply sunscreen when in the water. Sun Bum sunscreen, on the other hand, is reef safe and does not include ingredients that can harm marine wildlife. This is particularly crucial when participating in water sports such as surfing, SUP, and sea kayaking because it protects any marine life that may be susceptible to sunscreen ingredients.

22. Portable Clothesline

What happens when wet clothes/swimwear do not dry properly? It begins to STINK. A packable clothesline, fortunately, is one of the simplest and most helpful Christmas gifts for surfers to let them dry their clothing on the go - on the beach, in the car, or at home! We appreciate this portable clothesline since it has built-in clips to tie your garments and is made of elastic so that it can be expanded as needed.

23. Barbarian Days: A Surfing Life by William Finnegan

We enjoy giving and getting books as gifts, so no surf gift guide would be complete without one! Barbarian Days: A Surfing Life by William Finnegan is a classic surfing book that spans numerous US shorelines and many friendships formed through a shared love of the sport. The compelling storyline in this entertaining, adventurous read will appeal to any surfer (or non-rider).

24. SeaSpecs Surf Sunglasses

Nothing is more frustrating than catching a nice wave and being thrown off balance by the sun. Your favorite surfer may prevent this situation by using SeaSpecs Surf Sunglasses! These polarized sunglasses, like swimming goggles, are held on by a stretchy adjustable strap and are ideal for any water sport, including surfing.

25. Neoprene Surf Booties

A pair of surf booties is needed for colder and rockier surf conditions. These booties are normally constructed of neoprene and come in a variety of sizes and combinations, but we like split-toe designs like these since they are considerably tougher and stay on your feet in a variety of circumstances.

26. Neoprene Surf Hood

A surf hood, like booties, can help keep surfers' heads warm in freezing water conditions. These are typically made of neoprene and come in a variety of styles. This is an excellent present for year-round surfers or those who prefer to surf in cooler climates such as the Pacific Northwest or New England.

27. Neoprene Surf Gloves

A pair of surf gloves, which are fantastic for shielding hands from chilly water temps or harsh, rocky terrain, is the final thermal item for every surfer. It's one of the best Christmas gifts for surfers who usually ride in chilly weather or near sharp rocks.

28. Swimsuit

A wetsuit is essential for any surfer, especially those who ride in cooler seas. Wetsuits come in a variety of forms and thicknesses, each with its own size that varies greatly depending on the manufacturer.

This is one of the surfing presents we'd recommend coming into a store for because size may be hard. However, once you've determined your favorite surfer's size and thickness needs, you'll be able to find a plethora of them online! Wetsuit Wearhouse is our favorite site to shop for wetsuits because they offer a large selection and frequently have promotions or discounts.

19. Active Sandals

A good pair of sandals is an excellent surfing present for traveling to and from the car. Many surfers wear flip flops, but for all of our outdoor activities, we choose hiking sandals with ankle straps. We enjoy Tevas and Chacos for any warm-weather hikes, and we always wear them to the beach.

20. Surf Ears Earplugs

Surf Ears earplugs are a terrific present for surfers because they keep water out of your ears while still allowing sound in. Many surfers struggle with getting water in their ears, especially at first when they are frequently caught in strong currents. Surf Ears, which are attached by a cord and a carabiner, are meant to allow surfers to hear what is going on around them while keeping water out.

21. Surfboard Pack 

For surfers on the go, there are few cooler and more fun gifts than the Koraloc surf backpack – a backpack that has extra straps around the outside to hold your surfboard! Surfboards may be heavy and difficult to transport, so having a backpack that keeps your belongings and transports your board for you is a significant benefit. It should be noted that this is best suited for surfers who use a shortboard; a longboard would most likely be too long to carry on your back!

22. Homesick Beach Cottage Candle 

Candles make great Christmas gifts for surfers who live far away from the beach, and the Homesick Beach Cottage candle is one of our very favorites. This candle smells like a peaceful evening walking along the coast, with notes of sea air, amber, and driftwood. We adore Homesick candles because they invoke memories for our favorite locales, and they make a distinctive and thoughtful surfing gift.

23. NIXON Tide Watch

The NIXON Tide Watch is a fashionable, water-resistant watch that lets surfers know what the tide is doing wherever they are. While we wouldn't wear this while surfing (the currents and rocks are too unpredictable for any watch), it's a terrific tool to carry around and check the tides for the greatest surfing conditions, everywhere.

24. GoPro HERO Black

A GoPro HERO9 Black is a great present for any keen surfer who wishes to chronicle their exploits. A GoPro is a portable, waterproof, and high-quality camera that will allow your favorite surfer to capture and enjoy their best moments on the water over and over again.

25. Surf Wax

Buying something that gets used up is a great Christmas gift, because you know at some point they’ll need more. For surfers, that’s surfboard wax.  

Your best bet is to sneak a peek at what they’re already using and just buy them some more. If you drive around California, you’ll quite a few devotees of Sex Wax, with Sex Wax air fresheners hanging from their rear-view mirrors. So, if you don’t know what they use, that’s always a good place to start! Each brand usually has several different waxes, depending on the temperature of the water. In Northern California, a cool to cold wax will usually work best for water under 68 degrees. If you’re lucky enough to be surfing somewhere warm like Hawaii or Bali, then opt for wax made for tropical waters.

26. Surflogic Light and Waterproof Triple Car Seat Cover

Made with super tough polyester materials this car seat will last you a lifetime! It is waterproof and will protect your seats from water and food damage. Not only is this cover super flexible but it's also super user friendly, as the Velcro armrests make it quick to put on and even quicker to take off! This cover is versatile and can be used on most front car and van seats!

27. Fins

You'll want to find out what fins they use if they need to replace them, or what ones they want if they want to upgrade or try something new. You'll want to find out what fins they use if they need to replace them, or what ones they want if they want to upgrade or try something new.

28. Booties

Booties make a great difference if your feet will be dangling in water below 60 degrees. With 3mm booties, you'll be prepared for most west coast winter destinations.

29. Gloves

The colder it gets, the more you'll want to dress warmly. Surf gloves haven't been necessary for Bay Area temperatures (mid 50s to mid 60s), but you could require them for cooler water. 1 to 2 mm gloves should suffice for water temperatures ranging from 45° F to 60° F. This includes the majority of the west coast of the United States. Increase it to 3 mm for temperatures below 45° F.

30.Keypod car key safe

Maintaining the fundamental concept of secure key storage, the brand new 5th Generation KEYPOD is now available in the “S” model.

Just place in your items, choose a solid anchor point on the car (or any safe place) to secure the padlock shackle, close the lid and shackle and set the combination. Keypod is a simple, robust, portable, weather resistant, secure storage safe for keys and other valuables designed to deter would-be thieves.

It has a four digit combination padlock with an integrated storage cavity which is large enough to hold all known modern electronic vehicle keys (and keyless keys), household keys, spare change, credit cards and even some mobile phones. It's an essential piece of kit that's going to last for years.

32. The Stormrider Guide - Europe The Continent

The ultimate guide book for traveling boardriders looking for the best waves right across Continental Europe. From Denmark to Morocco and through the Med to Italy. Indispensable on any European surfari, and often referred to as “The Surfer’s Bible”

The ultimate guide book for traveling boardriders looking for the best waves right across Continental Europe.

From Denmark to Morocco and through the Mediterranean to Italy, this reference book is crammed full of detailed surf information, accurate maps and superb surf photos, displayed in an elegant, easy to navigate style.

Indispensable on any European surfari, this compilation of continental chapters is taken from the The Stormrider Surf Guide Europe, the most tried and trusted surf guide available and often referred to as “The Surfer’s Bible”

33. Sunscreen

An effective, reef-safe sunscreen is essential for anyone who spends several hours in the water at a time. We've tried a ton of reef-safe sunscreens and have compiled a list of our favorites below.

Unfortunately, many sunscreen companies will utilize labels such as reef-safe, reef-friendly, or ocean-friendly when they are not. Many places (including Hawaii) have banned Octinoxate and Oxybenzone because they are the most hazardous to marine life. As a result, some sunscreen manufacturers have removed these specific ingredients while keeping all others. Other chemicals are also dangerous, so avoid sunscreens that list any chemicals in the active components. Reef-safe sunscreens contain solely non-nano zinc oxide as an active component. Read more about reef-safe sunscreen here to learn more about what to look for (and what to avoid).

34. Surfline Premium Subscription

Do you know someone who is obsessed with checking the waves and locating the greatest spots? Make their lives easier by subscribing to Surfline Premium, which allows them to watch ad-free Surf Cam footage to their hearts' content.

35. Dawn Patrol App

Do you already own an Apple Watch? With the Dawn Patrol app, you can turn it into a surf watch. This software on your Apple Watch can track your wave count, distance surfed, time surfed, and even your speed. The Dawn Patrol App will even map out your surf session routes. You can connect your Surfline account to your Dawn Patrol app if you also have Surfline premium. If a Surfline cam captures one of your waves, it will make a video clip and transmit it to you as part of its Cam Rewind service. That way, you can relive all of your best rides even if your friends aren't filming you.

36. The Surfer's World Map

Ride the tidal wave wherever it takes you. This amazing animated map depicts all of the world's top surfing spots, allowing your favorite surfer to fantasize about their next big journey.

37. Car Hitch Key Storage

The Key Vault is a clever yet ingenious design that attaches to your trailer hitch to carry a spare key or other small items while remaining completely unobtrusive. For further security, your valuables will be secured by a combination lock.

38. Open Road Goods Surf Kit

This small kit contains everything a surfer requires to take their board and head to the beach. It has a key or credit card compartment, surf wax and a scraper, as well as a mini-sized sunscreen and lip balm. Let's go surfing!

39. Durable Wetsuit Changing Mat/Waterproof Dry-Bag

This changing pad is intended to keep your wetsuit sand-free, hence extending its life. To keep it clean, stand on top of it while changing and instantly seal it up with your suit (and keep your car from smelling like a wet dog).

40. Open World Stormrider Surf Guide

This book provides a thorough guide to the world's top surf places, from Hawaii's most famous beaches to the best secret coves. The surfer in your life will enjoy reading books and planning their next trip with its useful maps and recommendations.

41. The Skateboard Surf and Rail Adapter

What do all surfers require? Practice, practice, and practice some more. This adaptor transforms a skateboard into a surfboard, allowing them to practice their balance and strength at home or anywhere.

42. Finger Surfboards

This small device would be a great Christmas gift for a lifetime surfer or for young children just starting out. Simply clip it on your finger, ride shotgun, and prepare to hang five.

43. Magnetic Shark Repellent Band

Pro tip: some types of magnets can repel sharks. These bands can be wrapped around your favorite surfer's wrists or ankles to keep stingrays, sharks, and other finned predators at bay.

44. Balance Board Trainer

When your favorite surfer doesn't have access to the beach, a balance board is a fantastic method to help them work on their strength and balance, but it's also a lot of fun to play with. You won't believe how difficult it is to keep afloat!

45. Dakine Surf Cap

This quick-drying cap by Dakine is an excellent fashion item for a day at the beach or on the lake. Strap in below the chin to protect your head and neck from sun harm.

46. Poncho Changing Robe

When you're done surfing, this cotton changing robe will allow you to change out of your wetsuit and into clean clothes in complete privacy. Its thick cotton texture will quickly dry you off!

47. The History Of Surfing

Surfing is more than just hanging out and wearing puka shell necklaces! This is the ultimate history of the sport, including everything from ancient surfing legends to modern-day competition.

48. O'Neill Neoprene Beanie

This neoprene beanie is perfect for when the surfer in your life needs a little more warmth but doesn't want to wear a complete hood. Because your head loses a lot of heat, it's critical to have one of these in cold water.

49. Salt & Silver: Travel, Surf, Cook

Who wants to eat, pray, and love when you can instead travel, surf, and cook? This fantastic book to South and Central America will provide your favorite surfer with numerous options for discovering the local surfing culture.

50. Board Buddy Surfboard Carrier

With your surfboard in hand, walk, run, or skate to the beach. The Board Buddy is a small, intelligently made piece of plastic that makes it easier to grip and tougher to drop your board.

51. A Folding Wetsuit Hanger

There are few things worse than a soaked wetsuit in the back of a hot automobile. Because it opens at the push of a button, this folding hanger is specifically designed to keep the neck of your suit from straining.

52. Waterproof Sports Case

This small case packs a powerful punch. It's waterproof, shatterproof, and floats, so the surfer in your life can keep all of their belongings secure and on their person when surfing.

53. Surfboard Wax Storage Box

To a non-surfer, this small box may not appear to be much, but to your surfing buddy, it appears to be a really useful gift! It will hold their board wax and the attached wax comb, allowing them to take their most important tool with them on all of their trips.

54. Earth Pak Waterproof Dry Bag

Earth Paks are a simple method to keep your belongings secure and dry when on a water trip. They come in four different sizes, are completely airtight to keep water out, and are easy to grasp if they float out into the ocean.

55. SurfEars Ear Plugs

Don't go to obtain a terrible ear infection after catching a huge wave. These earplugs are specifically developed for surfers. They fit snugly to keep water out of your ear canal while not compromising your hearing.

56. Rash Guards

You can never have too many rash guards as a Christmas gift for a surfer. This long-sleeve top from O'Neill comes in a variety of colors and sizes to keep your favorite surfer looking beautiful while protecting their skin from the sun and waves.

57. Carver Skateboards

These stylish skateboards are intended to help you improve your surfing technique while on dry land. They come in a variety of water-inspired patterns and sizes to accommodate surfers of all ages.

58. A Surfboard Sock Cover

These "surfboard socks" serve two functions: they preserve your board from wear and tear and they keep board wax from getting all over your car's interior. They're extremely light and can be stretched to fit any size board.

59. Block Surf Universal Fit Surfboard Roof Rack

Take your keys, your board, and get on the road. This surfboard vehicle roof rack is designed to accommodate almost any make and model of car and holds 2-3 surfboards for quick and easy travels.

60. Surfboard Bicycle Rack

You don't even need a car to pack up and head to the beach with this invention. It will securely carry a surfboard up to seven feet long on the side of your bike for convenient transport and adventure.

61. IceMule Insulated Backpack Cooler

The IceMule bills itself as the coolest hands-free cooler in the world. It may be worn as a backpack and keeps ice and liquids cold for 24 hours. Furthermore, when not in use, it may be flattened and rolled up for convenient portability.

62. Phix Doctor Surfboard Instant Patch Ding Repair Tape

When your board needs a simple repair, repair tape will suffice. Even inexperienced surfers can benefit from our patches for board maintenance; simply put one on and keep riding the wave.

63. Slyde Surf Handboards

Do you know a surfer who is looking for a new challenge? Then there's body surfing. These hand boards will teach children how to ride the waves with nothing but their hands and feet between them and the wide blue sea.

64. Billabong Straw Hat

Is it even possible to call yourself a surfer if you don't own one of these traditional straw hats? They're the ideal method to protect your face and neck while looking like the trendiest bum on the beach.

65. The Endless Summer

This surfing documentary is a must-see for any fan of the sport. It follows two young surfers as they travel the world in pursuit of the ideal wave and will inspire any surfer yearning for their own Endless Summer.

66. Thule Express Surf Strap

These surf straps are essentially surfboard bungee cords. They may not appear to be the most exciting Christmas gift, but the surfer in your life will be grateful the next time they can quickly strap their board onto their car and head out for their next trip!

67. Zinka Colored Waterproof Sunblock

Zinka Nose Coat is the epitome of "surfing." This vividly colored sunscreen is waterproof and will protect the most sensitive portion of the face from harmful UV rays. Furthermore, it is an amazing surfer fashion statement!

68. Adjustable Wall Mounted Surfboard Rack

Hang ten, or should that be hang four? This adjustable wall mount can hold four boards of varying sizes, allowing you to keep your collection secure without taking up too much room.

69. GoPro Waterproof Floating Hand Grip

This floating hand hold attaches to your favorite surfer's GoPro camera, allowing them to take excellent handheld footage. But, more significantly, it floats, which will assist them avoid losing their camera in the waves!

70. O'Neill Psycho Hood

This O'Neill gear will assist your favorite surfer in making their interest a year-round sport. No matter how cold the water is, this snug hooded cap will keep your head and neck warm and safe.

71. Surfboard Fin Removal & Installation Tool

This small tool will come in handy if the surfer in your life has a board with removable fins. It allows you to quickly remove and replace fins without damaging the board.

72. Changing Poncho

A changing poncho is a handy piece of gear as it makes changing in and out of a wetsuit a little more discrete and a lot warmer than a towel. These are becoming more and more popular as they're affordable and really comfortable to wear. They're also multi-purpose; a changing poncho easily doubles as a bathrobe or as part of a wizard costume next Halloween. This is one Christmas gift that pretty much any surfer would use and appreciate.

73. Mr. Zogs Surf Wax For Warm Water

This surfboard wax, often known as Sex Wax, is specifically created for warm water situations. It will keep their board in good condition while also assisting their feet in gaining traction and stability when riding the waves.

74. O'Neill Superfreak 2mm Tropical Split Toe Booties

They're not attractive, but they're functional. O'Neill's split toe booties will keep your feet secure and warm while allowing you to move freely.

75. GoPro Surfboard Mounts

This GoPro mounting kit is only for surfboards. It can be used by the surfer in your life to capture fantastic images and movies of them riding some sick waves - or amusing footage of them crashing and burning.

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