Christmas Gifts for Tennis Players

June 27, 2022 18 min read

Do you need to discover Christmas gifts for tennis players, friends, partner, sibling, or parent? Are you stumped as to what to get them?

Then go no further; I've compiled this list of what I believe to be the top tennis presents available right now.

I've divided the items into simple groups so that you can locate the greatest tennis gifts for any occasion, whether you're shopping for a husband, wife, child, or tennis coach.

Despite the fact that the presents are classified, there is considerable overlap.

For example, while a massage gun is a great gift for a female tennis player, it's also a great gift for a man or tennis coach, so don't overlook a section just because you think it's solely for ladies; you might lose out on the perfect Christmas gifts for tennis players.

Finally, the majority of my gift choices are products that I have purchased or used myself, so you can be confident that all of the items on this list are of high quality and appropriate for a tennis fan/player at Christmas.

What Is A Good Gift For A Tennis Player? 

As someone who has purchased and received tennis gifts for others, I can say that practical gifts perform better.

Does this imply that a husband should purchase a big pack of tennis balls from Costco for his wife?

Probably not, which is why I've included a list of tennis presents for ladies below, along with some more creative ideas, but when shopping for men, practical tennis gifts fare better.

I would avoid clothing and apparel, especially when buying for a lady, because they go down like a lead balloon nine times out of ten.

I know a handful of sports business owners, and the frequency of exchanges on tennis clothing purchased as a present is out of control after Christmas.

So, unless the person you're shopping for has specifically requested it, skip the clothing. If you absolutely must, please save the receipt.

I'd also avoid gimmicky 'novelty' items, like tennis-themed cufflinks, mugs, ties, jewelry with a racket charm, and so on.

These things will undoubtedly sell, but they scream 'tack' to me and will never be utilized.

So we know what tennis presents to avoid, but what are the best? Discover more by reading on.

Tennis Gifts For Male Tennis Player

The gifts for him section are my suggestion for more male-orientated tennis gifts.

1. The Slinger Bag

The Slinger Bag is a tennis bag with a ball machine built in. It's more of a ball machine than a bag, but it will hold your racquets, shoes, accessories, and, of course, over a hundred tennis balls.

It looks like a carry-on luggage with an extended handle, but it features a fully functional ball machine that can shoot balls at speeds of up to 45 miles per hour.

While it is pricey, it is one of the greatest bang for your buck ball machines available and allows you to perform a variety of workouts.

An advanced player will be frustrated that the ball cannot be configured to use slice or underspin, only topspin. However, if you can't locate a striking partner or want to practice a single shot repeatedly, the Slinger Bag is ideal.

2. Mi Band 6

The Xiaomi Mi Band 6 is a very popular fitness band, owing to its low price. Despite its modest price, this band is well-made and records a variety of parameters, placing it on pace with rival wearables that are much more expensive.

I use the Mi Band 5, the previous generation, and it's wonderful for estimating how much of a workout you've done.

The one true disadvantage is that there is no 'tennis' training mode, so you must use 'Freestyle,' but the Mi Band 6 is a useful piece of equipment for measuring calories burned, steps taken, and heart rate.

3. Lightweight Phone Tripod + Swing Vision App

Taking a video clip of your matches or sessions to view back is one of the best ways to enhance your game.

You can examine what you're doing well and where you need to improve through video footage. You can then devise a strategy to improve it the next time you get onto the court.

Your coach can also use the footage, or you can submit it to online coaches that need it to evaluate your game.

While filming from the ground is acceptable, using a tripod allows you to obtain a more stable video from a better viewing angle.

You might also combine this Christmas gift with the Swing Vision app, which tracks all of your shots. You must have an iPhone to use this app. There is no Android version yet, but I'm looking forward to it because this is wonderful.

4. Accessories Pack

This present requires a little more effort because it entails mixing numerous low-cost components to create a tennis goody bag. We recommend grouping the following together:

  • Overgrips Pack
  • Supergrap, the greatest overgrip
  • Towel for the Court 
  • Dampener Luxilon Legacy 
  • Tape with Gamma Lead Weight 
  • Save the Strings
  • String Stencil + Ink (to match their racket brand) 
  • Natural Gut Strings Set 

This combo provides a tennis player with every attachment imaginable, as well as some new ones to test, such as lead tape to change the weight, balance, and swing weight of their racket.

5. MiStringer Stringing Machine

Anyone who is serious about tennis should consider learning to string their racquets, and the MiStringer is a great place to start.

It is the smallest and most portable stringing machine on the market, but more significantly, it does an excellent job of stringing with exact tension and has a safe mounting system to protect the frame.

The MiStringer team also has a comprehensive series of video guides on how to use the machine, allowing even the most inexperienced user to quickly grasp the procedure.

6. Axiom 9-Pack Tennis Bag

The Geau Sport Axiom 9-Pack Tennis Bag is a modern upright tennis backpack with numerous good features and a very well-designed exterior.

I chose this tennis bag above others because I believe the design and color will appeal to a wide range of players.

Other bags on the market can be rather colorful, almost tasteless, making it difficult to predict whether the receiver will love the colors, but this all-black design will appeal to the majority of people.

It has a waterproof pocket for wet stuff, as well as plenty of pockets and a modular interior divider system. It's advertised to accommodate nine racquets, but that's only if you utilize the main compartment for racquets as well.

Most players will use it to store two or four racquets in each end compartment, with the main compartment used for shoes, towels, beverages, and so on. To get a better idea of how it looks, watch the video below.

7. Tennis Socks

Socks may not seem like an unusual present, but a tennis player can never have enough of them. They quickly wear out, and if you wear white socks on clay, they quickly lose their whiteness and must be replaced. A decent pair of tennis socks will be quite thick, have some padding underfoot, and do an adequate job of wicking sweat away.

Uniqlo is my current favorite because they're the perfect thickness and have a wonderful cushioned feel, as opposed to Nike, which I believe is good on the first wear but loses that fresher sensation after a few washing cycles. Thorlo tennis socks are said to be the best on the market for American readers.

8. Gamma Ballhopper EZ Travel Cart

Tennis coaches that go from court to court may appreciate the Gamma Ballhopper EZ Travel Cart.

Because of the collapsible construction, this cart folds down to a much more manageable size that will fit into the boot of any car. It also includes a carrying case.

The Gamma Ballhopper carries up to 150 tennis balls when opened, allowing coaches to feed plenty of balls to their kids before it's time to pick them up.

9. Foam Roller and Massage Stick

A full-time tennis coach may spend up to ten hours every day on the courts, which can be taxing on the legs. They're also continually feeding balls, which causes arm fatigue.

This foam roller and massage stick are excellent for reducing tissue tension, relieving muscular tightness, increasing flexibility or range of motion, and decreasing post-workout weariness.

I also propose the massage gun I mentioned in the 'gifts for her' section further up the page.

10. Tennis Target

This velcro-attached set of two tennis targets allows the instructor to put up targets for players to hit through from the baseline or with volleys.

This is not only a fun workout for players to do, but it will also increase groundstroke accuracy, and when you are only focused on the target, you tend to forget about the net.

So, whether it's group classes or a one-on-one target competition, these tennis net targets (Amazon) are a must-have for any tennis coach's arsenal.

11. ERT Tennis Computer

The tension of the strings is an important part of how a racket plays. Most players have a preferred string tension, but strings do not retain that tension continuously. They begin to lose tension instantly and will have reduced significantly after a few striking sessions.

This ERT 300 lets you test the stringbed stiffness on your racket to see if a freshly strung racket will be to your satisfaction, and you may measure at regular intervals to see when your racket needs to be restrung. This can assist keep your level up and minimize arm and elbow pain caused by dead polyester strings. Other string tension monitoring equipment available include the MSV Mini STT Electronic Tension Measuring Device and the Tourna Stringmeter.

12. Angell Tennis Halo Strings Pack

Angell is a custom tennis racket manufacturer based in the United Kingdom that offers custom-matched frames that are popular with advanced players.

They provide a variety of tennis strings in addition to their racquets, and they have a very clever sample pack where you can acquire their whole string assortment in one package.

This sample box is a fantastic little present for a tennis fan. It lets you test out different varieties of Halo string to see which one you prefer, whether it's a strong polyester for the hard hitter or a softer arm friendly string.

13. Racquet Mag Subscription

The Racquet is a quarterly magazine dedicated to the art, philosophy, style, and culture of tennis.

The writing style, awakened agenda, and creative approach will not appeal to everyone. As a result, another choice is a magazine, one of the longest-running tennis magazines that focuses on match play and equipment.

14. Tennis TV Subscription

Tennis TV is the ATP Tour's official live video streaming service, and a subscription grants a tennis fan access to live streaming from 63 ATP Tour tournaments.

They also have replays of matches available on demand all year.

Tennis TV is available for streaming on Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Google Chromecast, Xbox One, Samsung Smart TV, LG Smart TV, Android TV, and PlayStation 5.

Check to see whether the person you're buying for already has it! Eurosport Player is another alternate streaming source; they don't have all of the ATP tournaments like Tennis TV, but they do offer Grand Slams, some ATP, and some WTA tournaments.

15. Wimbledon Center Court Print

This Wimbledon center court poster is available in A1, A2, A3, and A4 formats.

The framed variants have a high-quality metal (aluminum) frame with a 9mm border and a 21mm depth.

You can also purchase canvases or solo prints to be framed by the recipient.

16. Deck Chair

It has a head cushion and a backrest that reclines in four positions for lounging in the garden throughout the summer.

It is also epoxy coated, which means the frame of the chair is resistant to corrosion and light rain.

17. Canvas Backpack

The canvas rucksack is made of canvas with a leather base, a leather Wimbledon front patch, and a small outer front zip pocket. It's great for fans who attend live competitions and want a little backpack to hold their suncream, water bottle, jacket, and other essentials.

18. Tennis Balls

When you tear open the wrapping paper, tennis balls may not have much of a wow factor. Still, when a player realizes they haven't had to buy a pack of tennis balls in the last six months, they'll think to themself, "damn, that was a wonderful Christmas gift for tennis players," and will undoubtedly request another set for their next Christmas or birthday present.

Wilson US Open balls, for example, are marketed in quantity with three balls each can and 24 cans in a case, which will last most players many months. Boring? Maybe, but if you received this as a Christmas gift, You would be overjoyed, as would your wallet.

19. Resistance Bands Set

Tennis players' games may be improved outside of the court, and improving your general fitness/strength is a wonderful method to increase your match stamina, footwork, and shot weight.

Resistance bands are also a terrific way to warm up, and you'll see almost every pro player on the ATP and WTA tours using them before starting practice or before a match.

20. Roger Federer: The Biography

Novels are usually a good choice for a present, and there are many well-written tennis books to select from. Roger Federer: The Biography is my top pick for this year.

This biography, written by Swiss writer René Stauffer, who has been covering Roger Federer's career for nearly 25 years, depicts how the 20-time Grand Slam champion matured as a player. Stauffer exposes some of the secrets to Federer's success, from his childhood in Basel to the pinnacle of his 20th Grand Slam title, and all in between.

While it will especially appeal to Federer fans, everyone who enjoys tennis (save those with a Federer obsession) will enjoy the book. Here are some additional books to consider:

  • Brad Gilbert's Winning Ugly is a must-read for competitive players.
  • Racquets, Strings, Balls, Courts, Spin, and Bounce - for those interested in the mechanics of the sport
  • The Inner Game of Tennis: The Ultimate Guide to Peak Mental Performance

21. The Tennis Pointer

The Tennis Pointer is a brilliant tool to hone one's game. Have someone on your list that is prone to shanking the ball but constantly working on fine tuning their technique? How about a player that would benefit from improving their footwork or precision of their ball toss whilst serving? These modified rackets could be a game changer for them.

22. Tickets to professional tennis events 

Organizing an experience-based gift always goes over well - they're inherently thoughtful and the memories from the event last longer than physical presents. In the case of tennis fans, getting tickets to a pro tennis event is the ultimate present. 

Some events are more challenging to attend than others (ahem, Wimbledon!), but we have researched and documented the various avenues available to secure tickets so you don't have to spend hours undertaking that work yourself. 

23. Men Newport Polo

The Newport series of athletic polo shirts combine classic polo good looks with functional details like reinforced shoulder seams with a slight grip to keep whatever you are carrying in place. These men’s performance tops are made from breathable, quick-drying fabric and feature Anti-Odor technology, making them a valuable addition to every tennis players’ kit!

Tennis Presents for Female Tennis Player

As a male, I'd be delighted with a brand new 24 Can Case of Dunlop ATP Tennis Balls, but is it a suitable present for the lady in your life? I'd think outside the box a little more. Here are some ideas for great tennis presents for women.

24. Bob and Brad Massage Gun

You've probably seen athletes utilizing these massage guns and advertising them on social media if you watch any professional sport.

The Bob and Brad X6 Pro massage gun is my personal favorite. It has a professional-grade high torque motor that can run at 3200 rpm and has a vibration amplitude of 10 mm.

It also includes a good 2500 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can run for more than 3 hours and only takes 3.5 hours to fully charge.

There are many other massage gun options, but this one has a much better build quality than some of the cheaper Chinese equivalents on Amazon, and these are the best ones I've tested (I own the smaller, more portable Bob and Brad C2 massage gun). This present should go over well, especially once the recipient has tasted it because they do feel good.

So, if you spend a few hours a week on the court, the Bob and Brad massage gun will help you recuperate and feel brand new. You can even use it on each other for those difficult-to-reach locations, which is a win-win situation.

25. Wilson Women's Tote Bag

For a woman's present, I recommend avoiding clothing and apparel, however this Wilson Tote is a sure bet. It's a simple design, and unless the person receiving it despises the color black, it'll be well accepted.

It's functional without sacrificing flair, with a huge zippered main compartment that zips shut for all your gear and a specific area for carrying two racquets. The Wilson Tote also has a padded separator to separate your racquets from your other equipment, making it ideal for individuals who want to play tennis right after work.

26. Hydro Flask Water Bottle

Hydration is key for any sport, especially tennis, thus a good drinks bottle for your tennis bag is a must. I prefer refillable flask-style bottles because they keep the water cooler and don't get crushed in your backpack.

This flask is BPA-free, phthalate-free, stainless steel, and has a lovely powder-coated appearance. There are also different colors and sizes available; 500ml is perhaps the most frequent, but the 700ml is a wonderful alternative for someone playing matches.

27. Court Towel + Sweat Bands

A court towel and sweatbands are also vital pieces of equipment for all tennis players. If you play in a humid climate, you should bring a cooling towel.

The finest tennis towels are made of Terrycloth for absorbency, and I recommend choosing a larger size towel because it is more convenient. Microfibre is another choice, but I like cotton.

I enjoy the Babolat towels since they wash well and are soft. I recommend Nike or Uniqlo sweatbands.

28. Tecnifibre T-Rebound 298 IGA Tennis Racquet

Iga Swiatek uses the Tecnifibre T-Rebound 298 racket, which was designed for her after she won the 2020 French Open and signed with the French racket company.

I was hesitant to include a racket on a list of tennis presents because it's such a personal choice, but this is one of my favorite women's racquets right now.

It's quick through the air, has a lot of power thanks to the stiffness, and is overall a fun racket to play with. It's also a real eye-catcher on the court, thanks to the touch of turquoise on the hoop. With a few exceptions, this is a racket for intermediate to advanced players.

When strung, it weighs roughly 320g and has a high stiffness rating, requiring a particular degree of technique and fitness to operate efficiently. As a result, the T-Rebound 298 Iga is not your typical senior ladies doubles racket, but it is ideal for younger players who play frequently, former college players, and so on.

29. HOKA One One Recovery Sandals

HOKA is most known for its road and trail running shoes, but they also make a comfortable pair of sandals called recovery.

sandals. Tennis coaches are on their feet for several hours a day, often in thick, sturdy tennis shoes, so these HOKA sandals are incredibly soft, breathable, and offer enough support after a day on the courts.

30. Tennis Radar Gun

What makes serving practice more enjoyable right away? A high-speed weapon. This technology is no longer exclusive to professionals, and the Pocket Radar is a handy little device that allows you to measure the speed of serves and groundstrokes.

The gadget may then be linked to the Pocket Radar Free Companion, which provides audible speed announcements and allows you to analyze the footage, making it ideal for coaches wishing to improve their players' technique.

31. Dunlop ACC Balance Board

A balancing board is way up there in terms of specialty gifts. Most people will have no idea what this is for, but any tennis racket lover will recognize it right once. The balance board allows you to locate your racket's balance point, which indicates where the majority of the weight is placed.

You can then use it to customize your racket and ensure that if you have two of them, they have the identical specs.

Place the racket over the beam and twist the side knob until the racket is precisely balanced over the board, then take the reading to determine if it's head heavy or head light.

I have one of these, and while I don't use it every day, it comes in handy whether I'm reviewing tennis racquets, customizing my own, or checking the specs of a friend's frame.

32. Parnell Block and Parnell Pad Combo

Two pieces of leather may not seem like much of a Christmas gift, but the Parnell Block and Parnell Pad will rapidly become two indispensable elements of a racket stringer's tool box.

If they string their racquets, they'll utilize the Parnell pad and block to protect the string and racket from damage, especially when employing the Yuzuki beginning method.

If they're a total beginner stringer, they probably won't know much about the Parnell Pad or how to use it. Still, once they've gone down the rabbit hole, they'll discover a whole new universe of learning material for new ideas, stringing techniques, and tie off knots to help them become a better, more dependable stringer. Please keep in mind that you should only buy this as a Christmas gift for tennis players if you know the person you're buying for strings of their racquets.

33. Babolat Stringing Tool Kit

A racket stringer is only as good as their tools, and this Babolat Stringing Tool Kit is the best of the best.

It includes the following elements:

  • Pliers for Repair
  • Scissors for Beginning Clamp
  • Pliers for Cutting
  • Pliers
  • Tennis Awl Cleaning Brush Setting Off Awl
  • The Babolat Toolkit includes everything you need to make stringing a racket easier.

The Babolat Starting Clamp is frequently hailed as the best starting clamp available and is a must-have for serious stringers who want to maintain accurate tension. If you don't want to buy the entire tool box, the Starting Clamp alone is useful.

34. Training Aid

Have you ever wondered how the pros can strike the ball so hard while yet staying within the lines?

Topspin is the answer, and it's one of the most important aspects of the current game.

It's something that all young tennis players should learn, and the TopspinPro is the ideal training tool for doing so.

I backed the TopspinPro on Kickstarter almost seven years ago, and it has now grown into a tremendously popular product utilized by trainers all over the world.

It's a straightforward notion that works by directing the racket through the proper swing path to generate topspin by brushing up the back of the tennis ball.

This helps your youngster learn the precise biomechanics of modern topspin groundstrokes, which should lead to increased enjoyment of the game and a higher level of performance.

The Topspinpro is height adjustable and can be used anywhere - on a tennis court, in the back garden, on a driveway, or even indoors when the weather isn't cooperating for outdoor activities.

35. Touch Tennis Home Kit

Touchtennis is a variant of tennis played on a smaller court with foam balls and shorter racquets.

The game will aid in the development of a player's movement, touch, court IQ, and fitness on full-size tennis courts.

TouchTennis (Amazon) is also a lot of fun and can be put up on a driveway, in the back garden, or in a public play area.

This kit has everything you need to get started playing:

  • 4 Touchtennis Official Balls
  • GOAT Sports brand official touchtennis racquets
  • Official touchtennis net, 1 x 6 meter
  • 2 thick chalk blocks for marking roads or lawns

36. MSV Pointer Junior Training Tennis Racquet

It's not a wooden spoon; it's a piece of equipment called the Tennis Pointer.

Many coaches and tennis academies utilize the tennis pointer as a training tool to develop hand-eye coordination.

Because of the small surface, locating the sweet spot on a decent racket becomes second nature as you learn to hit consistently, resulting in better precision and cleaner shots.

The Tennis Pointer (Amazon) is first difficult to use, which means that youngsters and parents who wish to try it will like the challenge.

37. Head Coaching Starter Pack

The Head coaching beginning pack is an excellent present for a parent and their child to utilize when practicing.

I would recommend going to YouTube and copying some of the workouts that the coaches advocate, but a guide is also included in the kit to guarantee that the materials in the bag are used to their full potential.

The set contains:

  • 6 large cones
  • 12 poles, 8 clips
  • There are 12 court lines.
  • four court edges
  • 6 objectives
  • 1 transportable little bag

38. Babolat Junior Backpack

This Babolat Junior bag is the ideal size for the aspiring junior player. It's little, but it'll hold all you need for the court. It also contained a padded racket compartment for two junior rackets, as well as a main compartment for accessories. There is also a front accessory pocket for snacks, sunscreen, and other necessities. It also looks cool.

39. Tennis-themed mobile phone accessories

Mobile phone accessories make great stocking stuffers. They are the type of Christmas gift where the recipient might not have thought about buying it for themselves but would definitely get used to it. Case in point: mobile phone cases with stylish (and functional) neck straps. This item isn't necessarily meant for daily use, but if you're attending an event like a pro tennis tournament or a wedding, it's great to have your phone at your disposal rather than holding it in your hand the whole time or constantly taking it in and out of your bag / pockets.

40. iPhone case with neck strap

On the other hand, you can go for a stylish nod to the recipient's passion for tennis by buying them a new phone case. We like the timeless look of this option but there are many products along these lines to choose from, including images of star players for all those huge Fed and Nadal fans out there!

41. Tennis-themed art 

Buying some original (and reasonably priced) art is a solid option to consider. For the massive Andy Murray fans out there, you can buy an infographic of the final rally of the 2013 Wimbledon final. Conversely, you can choose a piece that is an ode to the game itself. There are a multitude of options to be found here.

42. Monogrammed tennis balls

The novelty factor of buying monogrammed or personalized tennis balls is very high. Price of Bath offers a variety of options for a one of a kind stocking stuffer.

43. Water bottles with a cause & personalized towels        

S'well bottles aren’t only stylish and environmentally friendly, they have some impressive USPs. Available in multiple sizes, shapes and numerous striking designs, they keep drinks hot for 12 hours and cold for 24. It can be a struggle to find a towel to bring on court, so carrying your own is a definite time saver. Why not up the ante and get a personalized official towel from Wimbledon? This will surely add a little inspiration for the gift recipient during the changeover.

44. Women Mid Down skirt

Another riff on a classic tennis skirt, the Midtown skirt offers style and functionality with its seamless upper-thigh-length interior short, storage pocket, and compression waistband. The quick-dry fabric keeps the wearer cool and dry, and the pleated outer skirt moves with players on court. A tennis player can never have too many tennis skirts!


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