National Free Shipping Day: Date, History, Facts & Activities

July 11, 2022 3 min read

Free Shipping Day is an annual one-day event held in mid-December. During the promotional holiday, customers can shop from both large and small e-commerce platforms offering free shipping and guaranteed delivery by Christmas Eve.

1. What Is The Date Of National Free Shipping Day? 

National Free Shipping Day falls on December 14 this year.  You can shop until you drop by ordering everything online, and there are no shipping costs. Pay only for what you buy and leave the rest to someone else. The holiday's date changes each year, so keep an eye out in mid-December.

2. National Free Shipping Day History

Free Shipping Day is a national shopping holiday and a year-round coupon website. The holiday began in 2008, and the coupon section of the site debuted in 2017 as a resource for online savings, offering shoppers vouchers and free delivery codes from top retail partners and boutique e-retailers.

Luke and Maisie Knowles, the founders of Coupon Sherpa and, created Free Shipping Day to extend the online shopping season. Even though many retailers were able to ship orders in time for the holidays, customers were concerned about receiving their packages on time and the outrageous holiday shipping fees that would accompany them. It occurred to him that a holiday event promoting free delivery and assured on-time delivery was what the holiday season lacked. Therefore, Knowles created the first event in two weeks. Several hundred merchants took part, and media interest was unusually high. In 2009, over 750 retailers took part, with over 350,000 sales made on the official website. National Free Shipping Day has become a permanent fixture in the holiday shopping calendar. More and more retailers are collaborating with Free Shipping Day to capture sales from shoppers eager to complete their holiday shopping lists in mid to late December.

3. Interesting facts about Free Shipping Day:

The following are some of the most interesting facts about this day that you should be aware of:

- The celebration lasts no more than four days in December, and retailers' special offers are usually revealed by the 16th.

- This day was created in response to a study that discovered that offering free shipping can increase sales by nearly 90%.

- The first #Freeshippingday was designed and organized in less than two weeks.

- During the first three Free Shipping Days, retailer participation nearly tenfold.

- Over the year, the day has also outperformed Black Friday in terms of revenue.

- Year over year, the holiday generated $1 billion in 2011.

- In only 24 months, the holiday became the third most popular online shopping holiday for eCommerce.

4. Activities On National Free Shipping Day

4.1. Plan Your Online Shopping Splurge

The rules for holiday shopping remain unchanged. You make a budget and work hard to stick to it. National Free Shipping Day allows you to buy everything you've been wanting all year from the comfort of your home. The simplest part is simply pulling out your credit card and making the purchase (without a shipping fee, of course).

4.2. Skype With Friends While You Shop

We are fortunate to live in an era where technology makes life easier. Celebrate National Free Shipping Day by getting together with a couple of friends and shopping via Skype or FaceTime. Do you need advice on a new outfit or are you concerned about those shoes? Make online group shopping a thing.

4.3. Cook While You Shop

National Free Shipping Day allows you to sit at home and spend hours looking at things you want to buy at significant savings. But you're not being held hostage, so multitask. Cook your favorite cookies or a gourmet meal. Then, while everything is simmering, go online and make your shipping-free purchases. Just don't get distracted.

4.4. Plan Your Shopping

Shopping as much as you want is one of the best ways to celebrate. You don't need to stick to a budget when everything is shipped for free. You can commemorate this day by shopping for anything and everything you've been thinking about all year. So begin mailing out your credit card and enjoy the lovely holiday.

4.5. Post On Social Media

Another fantastic way to celebrate is to upload images of your attire, shoes, makeup, and whatever else you buy on this day. So, prepare to be the fashion queen among your friends by uploading stunning photos on social media sites with the hashtag #freeshippingday.

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