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Best Christmas Gifts for Long Distance Best Friends

June 24, 2022 12 min read

The gift of friendship is one that cannot be purchased. But what do you do when circumstances in life force you to part ways with a friend? It is not always easy to adjust to the physical separation.

Sending thoughtful gifts to your best friend at different times throughout the year as well as during the Christmas holiday is a great way to maintain an essential bond that could otherwise be lost to the passage of time and distance. The following is a selection of one-of-a-kind Christmas gifts for long-distance pals that will assist in keeping your friendship vibrant.

There are times when the most thoughtful Christmas gifts for long distance best friends are those that have been handcrafted. Put some thought and effort into these presents to give them a more personalized feel, and then send your best friend a present that is worthy of the significance of your friendship.

1. Photo cube

Create a wooden cube using photographs, phrases, and humorous sayings to decorate each face of the cube. Choose images that hold a special meaning for the two of you, lines that you find hilarious together, or moments that you cherish the most. Your cube of friendship is a wonderful keepsake, and it doesn't matter how your friend chooses to display it.

2. Friendship bracelets

Do you have an excellent sense of color coordination and an eye for color? You might want to consider constructing matching friendship bracelets out of leather or beads made from natural stones. Add a charm or two to the bracelet to symbolize a great memory from a time when you and your friend were together.

3. Photo book

Make a photo book that includes all of your greatest photographs and memories from a certain trip that you and your loved one have taken together or a particular time in your life.

As your friend flips through the book, jot down notes and remarks that you may use to describe the story behind each photo. One of the easiest ways to express gratitude to a friend for their friendship is to recall fond memories of times spent together.

4. Book of ‘letters to open when’

Make a book with 12 letters, each to be opened under a distinct set of conditions. You might design letters to open up for each month of the year or for other scenarios such as "When you're feeling discouraged," "When you want a hug," or even "When you want to celebrate" by ordering some colorful stationery and making the letters yourself.

When it comes to deciding what to include in "open when" letters for a close friend, the possibilities are virtually endless. If you are at a complete loss for what to write in "open when" letters to your friends, all you need to do is tell them how much you care about them, how thankful you are that they are your best friend, and how much they mean to you.

5. A bespoke candle for your home

Create a candle scented with your best friend's preferred fragrance, then label it with a favorite phrase, statement, or message. Give it as a Christmas gift for long distance best friends. Your good buddy will remember you and the beautiful friendship you share with them each time they make use of it.

When friends have to part ways due to distance, certain connections require a more personal and involved touch. This is because they are more special. These presents can enable you and your friend to maintain your friendship in a particular way that is as one-of-a-kind as the bond you share.

6. Friendship bracelets

Because they are one of a kind and completely unique, these bracelets enable you and your best friend to feel as close to one another as if you were still in the same location.

You can even transmit a signal to your best friend letting her know that you are thinking about her. When you touch a specific spot on your bracelet, the matching bracelet that your best friend wears will vibrate and light up in a color that you select.

7. Friendship lamps

You are able to send an unspoken message to your closest friend through the use of a friendship lamp, which comes in a wide range of designs and configurations. No matter where you or your friend are in the world, if you touch your lamp and cause it to light up in a particular color, the lamp that belongs to your friend will glow in the same hue. This is one of the most inspiring presents you could give to your best friend forever.

8. Game played at long distances

Share a round of your go-to board game with a close friend, such as Monopoly, Life, or Scrabble, if the two of you both enjoy playing it. Take turns playing long distance. You will roll the dice every day, select an action, or come up with a word every day.

Send a text message to your closest friend detailing the activity you made throughout your turn so that she can replicate it. You and your opponent can keep score of your long-distance game by recording each other's actions and continuing to compete until one of you emerges victorious.

9. Necklace that can be personalized

Purchase a necklace that features both your state and the state where your friend lives engraved on it. Your friend will be reminded of the special bond you share with them despite the distance that separates you both every time they put it on, regardless of how far apart you are.

10. State keychains

Obtain a keychain set consisting of a puzzle piece with both your state and their state displayed on it. When the keychains are joined together, they will be able to do so without any problems.

When separated, they will each take on the appearance of the state in which they were born. You should keep the state that your closest friend is in for your own keychain, but you should give her the state that you are in. They will think of you each time they use their keys since it will be associated with you.

11. Cup with your name on it

You might add a cute saying on a mug and personalize it by saying something like "Miles apart but closest friends at heart." Make the mugs more personal by engraving them with the names of the two states in which you now reside, connected by a dashed line.

12. Personalized face pillow

Personalize a pillow with their faces for your best friend's house or apartment by printing photographs, sayings, or statements that the two of you find entertaining and placing them on the pillow.

13. BFF picture frame or stand

Buy a picture frame or stand for your best friend that says "BFF" on it. Give it to your best friend with five to ten photographs that can be changed out when they miss you. This will help your best friend feel more connected to you.

14. Customized and engraved coasters

Create Christmas gift for long distance best friends by customizing a set of coasters with photographs that are meaningful to both of you, locations that you both adore, or maps of areas you've traveled together. No matter how you decide to customize the set of coasters, you can be sure that your buddy will crack a smile each time they are used.

15. Memory box 

Personalize a memory box filled with pictures, brochures, letters, notes, and mementos from a trip you and your bestie took together.

16. Offer a weighted pillow in the shape of a heart

Offer your best buddy the next best thing if you are unable to physically be there to give them a hug. The heart-shaped weighted pillow is cuddly, fluffy, and just the right size to cuddle up with.

17. Friendship bracelets

These are about as adaptable as you can get, and you can make them out of pretty much any material you want. You may even go for something fancier and acquire matching bracelets with Swarovski crystals so that you and your partner feel even more sophisticated.

18. Subscription box

There are hundreds of different subscription boxes available, so picking one that is appropriate for your best friend won't be difficult at all. Your friend might like receiving a meal delivery service, a handicraft box, or a self-care spa day package from you. Even though you won't be able to be there to share the experience with your friend, your love will remain enclosed in the present.

19. Travel fund box

Are you already making preparations for your next exciting journey? Offer your friend a travel fund box to make it easier for them to save money for their next adventure. Include enough cash to cover your first night out on the town with your pal, whether it be supper on the town or a night out on the town. Include a list of the activities that you and your partner have planned.

20. Recipe card box

Do you find that you both like spending time together in the kitchen? Make a collection of all of your go-to recipes and store them in a box. Make some notes and suggestions for things that you currently do, such as switching out the regular milk for almond milk or reducing the amount of peanut butter and increasing the amount of almond butter. Don't allow any event to pass without you taking the time to remind your friend how much they mean to you and sharing that with others.

21. Master class

You and your closest friend have the option of enrolling in the same master class thanks to the extensive selection of courses that are offered through online platforms. Do you both enjoy preparing meals? Poetry? Acting? Art? Pick something that the two of you will enjoy doing together. Even though you have to attend the class at different times, you can still meet up on Zoom to discuss your most recent endeavors and the progress that you've made.

22. Customized bracelet

Personalize a bracelet for your best friend by engraving it with a meaningful phrase. You may share a line from an inside joke with your best friend, recite one of your favorite quotes, or you could just tell her that you love her. Some firms will even utilize your own handwriting to produce the bracelet, lending an even higher level of specialization and individualization to the present.

23. Gift card

It is possible to experience feelings of isolation if you are unable to physically be present to enjoy a holiday with a close friend. Gift certificates for activities that you and your best friend like doing together, such as attending a movie, shopping at a specific apparel store, or participating in an art night, should be bestowed upon your best friend as a thoughtful gesture.

Include a handwritten note with each gift card, explaining to the recipient the reasoning behind your selection of that particular card. If you have the room, you might want to incorporate a brief reminiscence that corresponds to each item.

24. Personalized ornament

You are looking for something to give to a best friend to make their Christmas holiday more enjoyable. Send along a personalized ornament that you've customized.

Make use of a ball made of clear glass or plastic and insert your cherished photograph, along with some confetti or glitter, and charms. Your good friend will always be reminded of the exciting times you've shared with whenever she decorates her tree, and she will think of you lovingly every time she does so.

25. Book of the month club

Do you both enjoy reading for pleasure? Sign you and your friend to receive a book each month in the mail. You can read it together regardless of where you are, and then plan to have a discussion about it in the format of a book club at the end of each month.

To make the bargain more enticing for both of you, consider subscribing to a snack box service so that you may have the whole book club experience when you hop on Zoom to discuss the book together.

26. Moving away socks

Purchase a pair of socks with both of your faces on them for her. This is also an excellent farewell gift, and she will never forget your smile!

27. “I Wish You Lived Next Door” mug 

Sometimes you wish your bestie was right next door. This photo coffee mug lets you express yourself. Aside from your initials, you can include a picture of the two of you on the mug.

28. “Never Too Far to Wine Together” glass

Do you miss your drinking sessions with your partner? This beautiful wine glass with the most applicable slogan can help you lighten your mood!

29. True friendship knows no distance custom Canvas print

You can personalize the poster by adding names and state maps. The gift's long-distance friendship quote implies that you are constantly connected, no matter where you dwell.

30. “A True Friendship Is a Journey Without an End” trinket dish

This trinket dish will come in handy for your long-distance bestie. Furthermore, the lovely quote will remind her that your friendship journey is limitless.

31. Matching promise rings

Consider purchasing matching rings for both of you to wear. The mountain-ocean pair rings are adorable, and the flexible band allows them to be worn on any finger.

32. Moon lamp

This lamp will imitate the moon's gentle light at night, making it simpler for youngsters (and adults!) to relax and feel secure. 

33. Mason jar indoor herb garden

These vintage-inspired planters allow anyone to grow their own herb garden wherever they want. Because the herbs are planted in self-watering jars, very little to no upkeep is required. Choose among basil, cilantro, mint, sage, parsley, and oregano, and then begin nurturing them.

34. Steering wheel desk

This wheel desk can be used as a tray for either working or eating, making it ideal for the mobile friend. Because it has two sides, this table allows you to eat or work while traveling because it can be utilized in either direction.

35. Overnight foot care kit

The amazing answer to the problem of dry feet. This rosemary-mint scented cream and sock pair, which, when left on overnight, leaves skin feeling very soft the next morning, is the best way to pamper someone's feet and the perfect way to pamper someone else. "Fantastic aroma, the softest socks, and a great night in," one of the reviewers said.

36. Apple watch stand 

They do not have to take the watch case off of their watch in order to charge it on this stand, which is a huge advantage that makes it not only really useful but also quite ingenious.

37. Warmies slippers

Your best friend or sibling will feel as if they are floating on cloud nine the entire time they wear these soft slippers. You can put them in the microwave for a few seconds if they want even more warmth.

38. Toaster with grilled cheese

A grilled cheese machine that makes two sandwiches at the same time? No more words.

39. Pullover hoodie

This drawstring hoodie is available in a variety of colors and is a perennial best-seller.

40. Bath salts

Gift these bath salts, which come in a variety of scents and will produce a pleasant and relaxing soak, to encourage them to unwind.

41. Fleece throw blanket

If your friends are seeking something 'luxurious' to sleep with for a low price, this blanket can't be beat.

42. Magnetic wristband

It can easily accommodate all of the nails, screws, drill bits, and small equipment he requires.

43. “Distance Means So Little” wooden coaster

Do you wish to impress upon her how important she is to you on a regular basis? Then this coaster made of wood is the perfect memento to cherish! When she uses the coaster to enjoy her beverages, she will always have a happy expression on her face.

44. Long distance BFF pillowcase

This plush pillowcase with a charming message is the perfect choice for you if you are seeking for a present idea that is not just straightforward but also meaningful. It can be customized using your names and the states in which you live.

45. Christmas headband (10 PACK)

Yes, headbands are making a huge comeback, and you'll score major points with your friends in your life once you give them this set of pretty headbands.

46. Nylon rucksack

This nylon and leather friend backpack is the ideal size for storing all of your friends' daily necessities. While this two-toned beauty won't fit your friend's laptop, its six pockets will keep your friend's books, beauty products, and accessories organized.

47. Organic blending eggs

You'll be able to assist your friends in maintaining their impeccable appearance if you give them a fresh set of blending sponges. This package comprises six, which ought to be sufficient to last among friends for an entire year.

48. Microwavable bacon grill

In today's kitchens, microwave ovens are almost indispensable appliances. It provides its users with a variety of useful advantages. Taking into account all of the convenience, it is possible that it might be a really considerate Christmas gift for long distance best friends.

49. Moon cycle art print

They will appreciate the simplicity of this boho-inspired art print, which is perfect for those who favor a more understated appearance. After making the purchase, all that is left to do is print it out.

50. Custom tea blending kit

This kit includes two base teas – Earl Gray and mint tea, to name a few favorites – as well as an assortment of florals and dried fruit to personalize your cup.

51. Chocolate cookies Christmas gift basket

For those of you chocolate fans out there, these gourmet cookies are available in a whopping 12 different varieties to choose from.

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